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Dota 2 Update - Reborn Beta - July 28, 2015
« on: July 29, 2015, 11:17:02 am »
A 182.1 MB update was released for the Dota 2 Reborn Client. This update does not affect the Dota 2 Main Client in any way. Any ingame previews or videos related to this update will be added to this thread.


  • Added support for recycling.
  • Fixed a case where framerate could hitch while loading resources.
  • Fixed a bug with shadow demon's shadow poison not hitting disrupted units properly.
  • Fixed El Gato flying courier
  • Ward dispensers now clone state onto illusions correctly.
  • Changed the default fps_max to 120 to match source1 dota.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with Ember Spirit's Remnant.
  • Fixed a bug where on closing the join chat channel popup, focus went back to the page rather than to chat.
  • Fixed console spew with Bristleback's Immortal item.
  • Mac: Improved frame rate on HD 5000 cards.
  • Mac/Linux: Fixed performance problems in the settings menu.

  • UI Example: Added a display of buffs to the example HUD.
  • Panorama: Added new 'Buffs' global panorama API that refers to buffs using entity index + buff serial number.
  • Panorama: Added APIs Entities.GetNumBuffs(), Entities.GetBuff(), Players.BuffClicked().
  • Panorama: Added new tooltip type: DOTATooltipBuff, and events to show a buff tooltip: DOTAShowBuffTooltip/DOTAHideBuffTooltip

  • Hammer: Fixed bug where editing a tile set and then switching to a map using it got progressively slower with each update.
  • Particle Editor: Fix for hitboxes when setting, clearing the setting a new model.
  • SFM: Added a context menu in the viewport to control map layer visibility.

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