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Dota 2 Update - Reborn Beta - July 23, 2015
« on: July 24, 2015, 10:21:59 am »
A 337.4 MB update was released for the Dota 2 Reborn Client. This update does not affect the Dota 2 Main Client in any way. Any ingame previews or videos related to this update will be added to this thread.


  • Fixed network settings resetting at startup
  • Fixed a case of inconsistent framerate on some video drivers in DX9
  • Earth Spirit will now walk into range to cast Boulder Smash.
  • Fixed an issue when Treant Protector's Eyes in the Forest was not being detected with truesight correctly.
  • Fixed an interaction between enter to accept a match and alt+tabbing.
  • Fixed TI5 Music pack not respecting the music volume slider
  • Radiant towers now attack at the correct speed.
  • Fixed Visage Familiars being able to use items
  • Fixed Bat Rider mount - The Rough Rider of Yama Raskav not animating in game view

  • Fixed a memory leak with GridNav:GetAllTreesAroundPoint.
  • HUD error messages do not display when effects are disabled for orders submitted using PrepareUnitOrders.
  • Fixed a crash when using SetContextThink on Abilities.
  • Added the Lua function GetEntityIndexForTreeId to convert from a TreeID to an entity index.
  • Lina's Fireball is castable in rpg_example.
  • Fixed a number of Lua errors with the items in rpg_example.
  • Fixed a bug where in some custom games using a tango or quelling blade on a tree would cause remote clients to run to a different tree
  • Added script function GetEntityIndexForTreeId() which can be used to correctly convert the "entindex_target" value when implementing a FilterExecuteOrder() for an order of type DOTA_UNIT_ORDER_CAST_TARGET_TREE

  • Added new CSS properties: saturation (0 = desaturated, 1 = normal, > 1 is oversaturated), hue-rotation, brightness and contrast.
  • Desaturation will be removed in the next update, please update your CSS to use the saturation property instead.

  • SFM: Fixed crash in character picker
  • Fixed a case where the tools would fail to start for certain addons with an erroneous panorama override message.

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