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Dota 2 Update - Reborn Beta - June 30, 2015
« on: July 01, 2015, 10:20:37 am »
A 179.1 MB update was released a few hours ago for the Dota 2 Reborn Client. This update does not affect the Dota 2 Main Client in any way. Any ingame previews or videos related to this update will be added to this thread.


- Fixed various memory issues leading to crashes on 32-bit operating systems
- Fixed the game not launching on older nVidia video cards circa 2005/2006
- Automatically-created custom game lobbies will now choose a host based on hardware specifications
- Fixed bug in animation blending where the bone position wasn't always being blended properly
- Added a ConVar "dota_chat_enable_whispers" which lets you disable receiving Steam messages as whispers
- Adjusted various juke paths in the Dota map
- Fixed bug where fog of war did not display correctly for some trees in the dire base
- Fixed various hard-coded English strings to be properly localizable
- Fixed a bug where the Watch button would be visible for unwatchable games
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't accept a match in certain scenarios
- Fixed a performance problem relating to Tinker's Immortal and March of the Machines
- Fixed an additional case where cheats could be enabled in public Custom Game lobbies
- Added a -vconsole command line parameter that determines whether the game connects to VConsole
- Fixed a tools mode crash on Windows N machines
- Fixed various bugs around the "Friends ready to play" feature
- Updated the processing on Slark's voice, including a pitch fix
- Fixed a bug where the Anti-Mage immortal Basher Blades bundle appeared as a checkerboard in the armory
- Fixed issue where the camera starts in the middle of the map for a few seconds upon initial connect when spectating
- Fixed various visual bugs relating to the chat window
- Fixed a bug where Nyx Assassin wouldn't play splash effects when using burrow and unburrow in the water
- Fixed bot-controlled units (such as pets) not playing their swimming animations in the river
- Fixed bug where selection glows didn't appear when the 'Additive Light Pass' option in the video settings was disabled
- Fixed a visual bug where Visage's teeth were not animating
- Fixed non-maxed-out abilities not transferring after using Equip New item in Hero Demo mode
- Fixed bad camera view bounds being displayed in the minimap when using the showcase camera
- Mac/Linux: Fixed a bug where the minimap would go invisible after changing resolution
- Mac/Linux: Added a "Default Device" option to the list of sound devices
- Mac/Linux: Fixed a crash when trying to play videos on systems that are currently missing support
- Mac: Fixed a bug with Command+C/Command+V cut/paste
- Panorama: Enabled tooltips, popups, and context menus in Custom Game UI
- Panorama: Added a new panel type for ability images: DOTAAbilityImage
- Panorama: Added Abilities.ExecuteAbility() which attempts to execute the specified ability
- Panorama: Added Abilities.PingAbility() which pings the specified ability
- Panorama: Added Player.GetLocalPlayerPortraitUnit() which returns the local player's current portrait unit
- Panorama: Exposed ABILITY_TYPES and SPELL_IMMUNITY_TYPES enums to Javascript
- Panorama: Added the ability to create client-side console commands via Javascript
- Panorama: Added a monospaced numbers/symbols variant of the Radiance font, used by adding the MonoNumbersFont class to any label
- Panorama: Fixed bug where 'cl_panorama_script_help' would print all enums in addition to whatever you asked for
- Panorama: Fixed a crash when Panorama APIs expecting a function were called with a different type
- Panorama: Added Game.PrepareUnitOrders() which issues orders on behalf of the local player (see dotaunitorder_t)
- Panorama: Added Abilities.CreateDoubleTapCastOrder() which attempts to self-cast/double-tap the specified ability
- Panorama: Added Abilities.GetKeybind() which returns the keybind for the specified ability
- Panorama: Exposed PlayerOrderIssuer_t enum to Javascript
- Panorama: Added support for pseudo-selector ":enabled"
- Custom Games: Fixed fOriginalDamage being empty in events other than OnTakeDamage
- Custom Games: Exposed C_DOTA_Item to client Lua scripts, and added more client and server item script bindings
- Custom Games: Added GetRespawnsDisabled/SetRespawnsDisabled to disable respawning of the hero through script
- Custom Games: Added an enum corresponding to Dota item and stash slots, named DOTAScriptInventorySlot_t
- Custom Games: Added a function SwapItems on Dota NPCs, allowing you to swap the contents of any two item slots
- Custom Games: Added two functions, CanSellItems, and SetCanSellItems, for controlling whether NPCs can sell items
- Custom Games: OnUnequip no longer gets called when items are removed from the stash
- Custom Games: MODIFIER_PROPERTY_ABILITY_LAYOUT now works with data-driven modifiers
- Custom Games: Fixed a bug causing ability layout to not refresh properly until the unit was re-selected
- Custom Games: Added FindAllModifiers/FindAllModifiersByName/FindModifierByNameAndCaster to the NPC Lua API
- Custom Games: Fixed a bug causing ability_lua to not refresh intrinsic modifiers properly
- Custom Games: Fixed a non-multiple modifier bug in the case where the modifier is provided by a data-driven item
- Custom Games: ShowRecent now properly cycles back to your forced selection if one is set
- Custom Games: Added CastFilterRejectCaster to data driven items and abilities, to automatically filter out the caster
- Custom Games: Custom games now only auto surrender when all real players are disconnected
- Custom Games: Setting the selection override entity now prevents querying units
- Custom Games: An OnEndTouch event will now be generated if a npc dies while touching a trigger
- Custom Games: Fixed custom loading screens not displaying on the first load of a custom game when in tools mode
- Custom Games: Added ApplyDataDrivenThinker for ability_datadriven and item_datadriven
- Custom Games: Script DamageFilter now passes in the Dota damage type instead of the deprecated damagebits value
- SFM: Fixed bug where Set Color Tint was making translucent and alpha-tested models invisible
- SFM: Improved SFM bone groupings for many heroes
- SFM: Warn if the userís graphics card or render settings arenít high enough for SFM lighting

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