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Dota 2 Update - Reborn Beta - July 2, 2015
« on: July 03, 2015, 04:20:39 pm »
A 543.6 MB update was released a few hours ago for the Dota 2 Reborn Client. This update does not affect the Dota 2 Main Client in any way. Any ingame previews or videos related to this update will be added to this thread.


- Fixed a crash when equipping taunts in the in-game hero loadout screen
- Fixed the wrong games being selected in the Watch Live panel when you'd loaded more games
- Fixed some games being stuck on "Waiting for Game Data" in the Watch Live panel
- Taskbar will now flash on Match Ready
- Fixed problems with mod2x shaders on SM3 hardware [nVidia 6000 + 7000 series, for example] which made the textures look like bright squares
- Fixed many particles not appearing on shader model 3 cards [for example, nVidia 6000 and 7000 series].
- Fixed a bug wherein-game portraits weren't updating correctly when selecting new units on low-end graphic settings and low framerates
- Fixed bug where cutting down a tree did not properly update fog of war rendering on the client
- Ember Spirit's Sleight of Fist, Juggernaut's Omnislash and Zeus' Thundergod's Wrath will now damage invisible units that have been revealed
- Fixed client side replay recording. They are recorded with the 'record <filename>' console command
- Fix bug causing connect/disconnect button to show as “reconnect” immediately after connection attempt starts, until initial communication is received from gameserver
- Added and updated several language localizations
- Fixed a bunch of issues in 5:4 aspect ratios (1280x1024)
- Sounds in hero loadout now immediately stop when switching away to another hero or item set
- Fixed various terrain issues
- Custom Games: Exposed GameUI.GetClickBehaviors() to get the modal state of the mouse
- Custom Games: AddedGameUI.SelectUnit( int nEntityIndex, bool bAddToGroup ) to the Panorama exposedAPIs
- Custom Games: Game.PrepareUnitOrders() now may take a ShowEffects boolean that can be used to hide the interaction effectsof the order
- Custom Games: Fixed bug where SetCustomGameForceHero() did not work correctly for players assigned to custom teams
- Custom Games: Added GameUI.SetMouseCallback( func ) to allow filtering of mouse commands before the main game window eats them
- Custom Games: Added Abilities.IsDisplayedAbility() whether the ability shows up on the action bar
- Custom Games: Abilities.GetKeybind() now works for items
- Custom Games: Added Items.ShouldDisplayCharges()
- Custom Games: Added Items.ShowSecondaryCharges()
- Custom Games: Added Items.GetSecondaryCharges()
- Custom Games: Added Game.DropItemAtCursor() which creates a 'drop item' command
- Custom Games: Fixed bug where incorrect ability keybinds would be reported for abilities beyond the first 6
- Custom Games: Fixed bug where towers assigned to custom teams would not attack unless "TeamCount" was specified in the addonInfo.txt of the game game
- Custom Games: "TeamCount" no longer needs to be specified in the addonInfo.txt file of a custom game that wants to use more than 2 teams
- Custom Games: Fixed a problem with dropping Datadriven items that have passive modifiers with MODIFIER_ATTRIBUTE_MULTIPLE
- Custom Games: Exposed BaseNPC's GetAggroTarget and SetAggroTarget functions to Lua script
- Panorama: Added new UI example implementing some inventory functionality in - Panorama, and demonstrating drag and drop
- Panorama: New panel type: DOTAItemImage
- Panorama: Added Panel2D.SetDraggable() and IsDraggable()
- Panorama: DOTAAbilityImage panel supports the ability itself as context entity
- SFM: fixed multi-second hang when dragging manipulator along surface
- SFM: fixed particle systems not updating when their control points are manipulated or their visibility is toggled
- SFM: fixed hang during simulation of particles that perform ray traces (for example, Tusk's Snowball particle effect)
- SFM: Auto-Attach Rig is now more robust

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