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Dota 2 Update - Reborn Beta - June 18, 2015
« on: June 19, 2015, 09:45:39 am »
A 170.4 MB update was released a few hours ago for the Dota 2 Reborn Client. Valve also released a changelog which will be updated for future updates as well. Any ingame previews or videos related to this update will be added to this thread.


- Fixed illusions being able to manipulate and sell items
- Fixed various bugs with Render Quality setting
- Fixed Huskar causing significant framerate loss
- Fixed various crashes when joining lobbies
- Fixed Armlet causing you to lose too much HP when toggling
- Updated many areas of the Terrain
- Fixed various bugs with hero abilities in Demo Mode
- Fixed various lobby bugs (including games often not launching when full, more lobby fixes to come here)
- Fixed being able to escape the map in Demo Mode
- Fixed Decay not manipulating HP properly
- Fixed a crash when using Charms
- Fixed Custom Game panel sometimes not showing games
- Fixed various bugs when gaining item drops
- Fixed some old Arcanas not working properly
- Fixed being able to ward in the Roshan pit
- Fixed Terrain texture quality bugs
- Added a new netgraph vconsole subtool. Launch Vconsole2.exe and select the netgraph icon.
- Fixed an issue with how we update the beta that caused existing downloads to restart when updates started (fixed for updates after this one)
- Fixed being unable to play private bot games when in a party
- Fixed enemy seeing Necro units on minimap
- Fixed sometimes being unable to see the game name when you join a lobby
- Fixed a crash when dire or radiant ancients were destroyed
- Fixed bugs with Truesight
- Fixed disconnect button not working while connected to a custom game
- Fixed some heroes having incorrect voice filters
- Fixed Windranger spawn line
- Fixed Necrophos voice and spawn lines
- Fixed all chat not working sometimes
- Fixed various bugs with screen resolutions
- Fixed automatic region detection not working
- Fixed sometimes not being able to see which custom game your friend is playing
- Fixed some areas where player IPs were discoverable
- Profile now shows the same stats as the ones you select for your miniprofile
- Added Australia and Brazil regions for Reborn beta
- Fixed text formatting carrying through incorrectly in the friends feed
- Fixed Acid Spray from blocking neutrals
- Fixed "Chat with player" not grabbing focus
- Fixed some crashes when using chat commands
- Fixed losing some sound settings if they were changed while playing a custom game
- Fixed not being able to start game under Windows N
- Fixed a crash related to various source1 command lines (-enable_addons, -novid, -dxlevel)
- Fixed match disabled label in play tab not going away when match disabled time expires
- Solo bot match when in a party now starts a lobby game and connects, instead of playing a local match
- Fixed "Kick from lobby team" showing up at the wrong times in player context menu
- Fixed ApplyDataDrivenModifier causing an error when setting duration in script
- Fixed the reconnect button behavior when in custom games
- Fixed Lone Druid bear not animating sometimes

  • Australian Servers have now been added to matchmaking on the beta client.

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Courtesy of SirBelvedere, crimson589 and wykrhm. Credits to SteamDB (which is powered by SteamKit).