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GCDL Semi-final1 - Reigning Repulsion vs. G|Hut 1

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Reigning Repulsion
Leader : PhoBIA
Player2 : SlayeR
Player3 : DooM
Player4 : EyE
Player5 : Aces
Substitute : Chaos

G|Hut 1
Leader : Wado
Player2 : Ozora
Player3 : June
Player4 : GRIM
Player5 : Lollipop

Match starting tonight at 7.30pm. Team leaders, please round up your team members at least half an hour before the match
Instructions to setup:
Start up Garena> In the lobby click on the 'leagues' tab on the left pane> War3 RPG> Gamer.LK DOTA Tournament Room.
Password will be given to team leaders. Please don't expose the password. Add 'TenSa-ZengetSu' and 'dsrteagle999' to your friends list.
Results <G|Hut moves to Finals with 2 game wins>

RR forfeits game. Ghut wins.
Score 20/19

Ghut wins and moves to finals.

Have fun all :D

yeah ..:D....ghut 1 are favourites going in...but we'll see..maybe rr can pull something off :) :P

Live updates

GHut bans 1st: ES | NA | TIDE | MAG | OMNI | JUG | TREANT | AXE

RR picks 1st: Luna | SF & Lion | BM & DK | Sven & Troll | Warlock & Lich | Sniper

Ghut draws first blood

Score ATM Ghut 17/16 RR

RR forfeits game 1. Ghut wins 1/3

Game 2
RR bans 1st: SF | Omni | Leshrac | Tide | ES | NA | Pugna

Ghut picks 1st: Luna | Warlock & Meepo | POTM & Jugger | Necrolyte & Necrolic | KOTL & Gondar | Chen

GHut wins 2/3


The game was over when we forfieted, Top and bot gone so no point wasting time.

Nice KOTL pick for the 2nd game. i forgot about him when banning :(. we couldnt do a decent push with him there.

Anyways nice game guys. Good Luck in the finals :D


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