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GCDL Round 1 - G|Hut vs. AudaciA [match review]
« on: October 05, 2008, 08:49:31 am »
GCDL Round 1 - 1 Match 1
G|HuT vs AudaciA
Match review

G|Hut won the toss and decided to pick 1st.
Hero bans were; Juggernaut, Omniknight, Shadow Fiend, Tidehunter, Magnus, Troll warlord, Mortred and TP

The first match of the GCDL, G|HuT vs AudaciA was concluded yesterday. In the end, it proved to be a somewhat one-sided affair, with G|HuT winning comfortably by 50 kills to 16 in just over 45 minutes.


-G|HuT- Wado        : Lich
-G|HuT- Ozora        : Axe
-G|HuT- GRIM         : Drow Ranger
-G|HuT- LollipOp     : Earthshaker
-G|HuT- June          : Nerubian Assassin

Budvin                    : Skeleton King
JuicEWeaseL           : Moon Rider
=DawN=                 : Priestess Of The Moon
^JOKER                  : Vengeful Spirit
OMGitsRoveN          : Prophet


Top/Left lane:
G|HuT Ozora (Axe) and G|HuT Wado (Lich)
Budvin (Skeleton King) and JuicEWeaseL (Moon Rider)

Mid lane:
G|HuT GRIM (Drow ranger)
=DawN= (Priestess Of The Moon)

Bottom/right lane:
G|HuT June and G|HuT LollipOp
OMGitsRoveN  (Prophet) and ^JOKER (Vengeful Spirit)

First Blood (3:48):
G|HuT Drew first blood very early in the game.
G|HuT Wado (Lich), with the help of G|HuT Ozora (Axe) drew first blood on JuicEWeaseL (Moon Rider).

A combination of Lich's frost nova and Axe's berserker's call was too much for the low HP'ed agility hero. Afterwards, AudaciA and G|HuT traded blows a few times.

AudaciA were well organized as a team, and attempted to carry out a few early ganks. However, The G|HuT Players' individual skill proved to be too much for Audacia, and G|HuT pulled ahead, maintaing double their opponents' score. Within the 25 minute mark, G|HuT Ozora completed a godlike spree, including a double kill. This proved to be one of the most decisive acts of the game.

However, good things always come to an end. The image shows a strong 3 man gank ending his streak

G|HuT managed to gain a lead in terms of level and gold in this period. Unfortunately, AudaciA were never able to catch up. While G|HuT adopted the more usual 2-1-2 lane strategy, AudaciA were forced to use 3 or 4 heroes to push a single lane at a time. This allowed the G|HuT players to push and farm unchallenged. G|HuT gradgually increaed their lead as AudaciA saw long dry spells.

AudaciA definitely did not go down without a fight. They attempted to use one of their strong points (and possibly one of G|HuT's weak points), teamplay, to even out the score. However G|HuT, with their superior individual skills, managed to survive most ganks and often counter ganked.

A typical counter gank:

Axe runs around vengeful spirit and priestess of the moon, through the scourge forest, and into the center river.

Within moments, Earthshaker is on the scene. The perfect fissure trapped Vengeful Spirit and made her see stars while Earthshaker showed no mercy in slaying her.

Later on, with heroes like earthshaker and axe equiped with blink daggers, G|HuT were able to attack with lightning speed. Also, the DPS of of G|HuT's 2 agility heroes and the great support offered by Lich posed a challenge that AudaciA were simply unable to overcome. G|HuT seemed to be killing and pushing at will and were never really challenged throughout the rest of the game.

The last moment worth mentioning was in the dying moments of the game, when G|HuT GRIM completed a triple kill (the only one of the match) to complete a 10 kill beyond godlike spree (the longest of the match).

Result: G|HuT win 50-16 in 45 minutes.

It was a decent match overall, GG all.


mumble and dsrt_eagle of the Gamer.lk eSports coverage team.
All information in the above article is confirmed to be factual.
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GCDL Round 1 - G|Hut vs. AudaciA [match review]
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2008, 09:54:42 am »
man mumble ..ur awesome :D
GCDL Round 1 - G|Hut vs. AudaciA [match review]
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2008, 11:33:26 am »
small request to dsrteagle99 pls put your dota map in the maps> download folder. Thanks

also nice analysis gj mumble :D
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Hartt : ado shanaka malak gahamuda??
shanaka: Konde ??
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Re: GCDL Round 1 - G|Hut vs. AudaciA [match review]
« Reply #3 on: October 07, 2008, 05:38:37 pm »
Whoa, great review, mumble, are you a reporter
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