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How to setup wolf et and connect to the sl server. (English)
« on: August 21, 2014, 08:26:30 pm »

First Download The Setup File From This Link.!
(220 MB ONLY)
For the Windows - http://filebase.trackbase.net/et/full/WolfET_2_60b_custom.exe
For the MacOs - http://filebase.trackbase.net/et/full/WolfET.2.60d.dmg
For the Linux - http://filebase.trackbase.net/et/full/et260b.x86_full.zip

Run the setup and install normally!

Then Download this patch - http://goo.gl/60r95O (5 MB only)

Run the patch as administrator..! if it show you any message click on the OK button

Now Download the Punkbuster - http://goo.gl/K8rWqm

Extract and install the punkbuster (Wolfet need a etkey , so etkey automatically genarate with this pb install)

Now we have to connect to the server  ;D

So open the game  > Play online > connect to the ip

Insert this IP -

and insert the password - ඊ ටී එස් එල් insert this password in english we are not posting our password publicly because this server is only for the sri lankans not for the worldwide hacker.!

Thank You.! join to the battle..!

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Re: How to setup wolf et and connect to the sl server. (English)
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2014, 07:27:31 pm »
Indeed.. Thanks Neo.

Guys now a days server is little less crowded. But it will pick up soon when SLCG is announced.

Usually Weekend nights are the best time to play with many players coming in. Weekdays will have less number of players but will increase soon.