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Purchasing 'stuff' online
« on: September 16, 2013, 10:58:46 am »
Hey guys,
I've recently moved to Lanka and am still getting used to things around here. So far so good with the whole gaming community and I'd like to turn to y'all for some help.

I'm not so familiar with how cards work here and stuff but if at all I plan on ordering stuff from ebay/amazon which bank should I go through and what card should I get? ( Plus something I can use it on sites like Anything.lk )
In addition to that I'd like to use it for Steam as well.
Not looking for a credit card that i'll end up paying quite alot for but something that's low priced and convenient.

Another thing, I have some old sata hard disk I've salvaged from my laptop... would Unity Plaza be the ideal place to get the required materials I need to recover it or are there any other places near Kandana?

Lastly, does Sri Lanka have those gift cards yet where you can buy them from a store and use it online depending how much you paid for the card sorta thing?

I hope what i'm asking makes some sorta sense and hope you guys kinda get what I mean.

Would really appreciate the help... thanks!

PS: Hope the subject wasn't misleading  :P :P and sorry for the long post
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