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The 7th Season of GCCL went official as it opened for registrations on the 3rd April 2012 and the draw was published on the 29th of April 2012 at Gamer.LK. The Season concluded on 23rd June 2012 with the Grand Finals between Social Network VS Team Encore.Fragness. Social Network reached the finals through the winner’s bracket meanwhile Team Encore.Fragness made their way through the lower bracket. The grand final was the second time the two teams encountered each other this season. Social Network won the match 2 points to 0.

Tuscan: Final Score 16-10(fh: 9-6 to social)
Train: Final Score 16-4(fh: 14-1 to social)


Result Sheet

Gamer.LK spoke to Ishan Rakitha of team Social Network on his thoughts about his team’s performance this season:

GLK: Congratulations on winning Season 7 of GCCL. How do you feel about your achievement?
Ishan: It feels really good to be champions of GCCL S7.

GLK: Reveal the true identity of Social Network and players?
Ishan: Well there isn’t anything to reveal about social network. Linkedin - Robinson, g+ - Krishna, Hi5 - Nadin, Facebook - Gobi, my5 - Safran & last but not least Tw!tter - Ishan.

GLK: You’ll remain an unbeaten side at the end of the tourney, how does that feel?
Ishan: It feels really good. And we will continue the consistent victory.

GLK: What were the teams thoughts when you'll started this season?
Ishan: Simple. Just wanted to be the No.1

GLK: If you had to choose an MVP (most valuable player) who would it be?
Ishan: It’s really hard to pick the best from the best.

GLK: What was your best match of this season?
Ishan: The finals vs. Team Encore Fragness. It was enjoyable and quick.

GLK: What do you believe the main factor behind your consistent success?
Ishan: I believe it’s the team spirit and individuals belief that we can do the undoable.

GLK: Any thoughts you want to leave us with till the next tournament?
Ishan: Learn counter strike the right way, because shortcuts will end at a point. Winning or Losing does not matter. You need to take rebounds.

Quote from: Geeshan Jaya ( Player Team Encore )
“Well organised, matches were on time, referees were open minded. Thank you Ishan, Warchief, Wasim and all other admins, Thank You Gamer.LK. Looking forward for the next season.”

Quote from: Organiser
“Thank you everyone who helped to make this a success. It did bring some good talent out. This was facinating to watch. Special thanks to Gamer.LK Crew Ramesh Liyanage, Saumya Nuwanka, Wasim Amsal, Akram Mutaliph, Pasan De Silva, Gayan De Silva, Vihanga Dayananda, Krishna Pathmanathan, Robinson Shakthivel, Chamath Piumal. It was simply great. Again thank you all who supported and participated.”

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Re: Champions of Sri Lankan Counter-Strike 1.6
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Congrtz Team _xZtint !!

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Congrats Pals!!!

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CongraTZ  well deserved!
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Congratz TM!!!
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Congratz TM  (Team _xZtint) WP
congraztz TM!!! (Y)
thanx guys ;) (Y)
CongraZt  xZtint  (Y)
Congrats :)

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congrtZ :)
Congrats guys! :>