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Hi there guyz :)

I'm here to announce you that we have now created a official channel on Ranked Gaming Client in order for you to have a better gaming environment

The games are being hosted using  100Mbps Singapore dedicated server where Sri Lankans would get a ping of 20-30ms. Because of this you are not only limited to play in Sri Lankan room. Once you are on a decent skill level you could try and apply to APDL.MS or else APDL  where all the high skiller/all stars player playes. You would still get the same latency because the server is shared with Sri Laka /APDL.MS(Mid Skilled) and APDL

If you are unaware of how to use RGC (Ranked Gaming Client) , you could go to this link http://www.rankedgaming.com/client.html

And you could find more and more tutorial about how to use the client at

Once you download and login , please type "/j sri lanka" in the mainchat and you would be directed to the Sri Lankan channel.

All games are being hosting useing WC3 TFT version 1.26a , so please follow this link in order to download and patch
[1.26a Download Link] http://www.rgc-asia.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=67

Finally you could also download RGC from
​ ​http://cdn.rankedgaming.com/client/RGC.zip

Still if you need to know anything else , you could always pm me over Garena / RGC / gamer.lk

One of the greatest feature why i suggest RGC is  because of its RECONNECT future which it has and using hostbots. And unlike Garena you don't need to proposals and ask for a complicated platinum membership in order to stream the game.

Thank you-

Special thanks goes to noobeye for sponsoring the bots :P

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Great!!  (Y) (Y)
GOGO RGC, Best client out there...And imo.. endless help from the admins :) and no room user limit .. I wish the Sri Lankan room all the best . I would encourage everyone to play here .. superb dotaing experience :)
GreaT Job tensa
Good job :) also tell these people how to connect to the room :)
!Awsm Client !   8)   (Y)
Nice! Must make sure everyone knows about this :D
Good job :) also tell these people how to connect to the room :)
I have told in the main post already :) now i highlighted and change the color to red :)
Wow Awsm!..:D
Hey awsem man !!! GREAT ~!
Ooo Shammy Mc Chicks la :D
i shared this on the SL dota FB page

TY, Great client! I'm lovin it!  (Y)
Hope it gets all the necessary updates along with new bug-fixes if it is to keep going. ;)

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Played few games in new sl room ping nd everything is great (Y) no lag ,less leavers, very few rmks. Client got new really useful features as well which we didnt have in garena.Like to see more and more sl players using this new sl room
this is a good thing for dota