Counter Strike 1.6 - How to Mod?
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This thread has opened up to let you guys know and discuss about making of counter strike 1.6 maps and do all sorts of other modifications. If there are people who would like to take a shot at making your own maps, mods and be a proud GLK member and also be a proud sri lankan gamer, game developer, then this is the thread you've been waiting for. For the start this will be focused on counter strike 1.6 but with time we will get on to other games as well.

So to start off with counter strike mapping the basic thing you need is Valve Hammer Editor.

It's available for free to download on many game developer and modification web sites. There are several other tools that will be needed in order to create your own stuff but for now grab a copy of Valve Hammer Editor 3.4 from here and see if you all can read and understand what it says in the Valve Hammer Editor User's guide. Don't give up and get headaches thinking too much of the stuff, just read through it... :D I will give you directions on how to get on with CS map making relatively in a more understandable way, although I must say that I'm still learning the stuff too. :D
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Re: Counter Strike 1.6 - How to Mod?
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*slams head* this is confuzzling shit, why does the saved map come in form .map and .bsp :/

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Re: Counter Strike 1.6 - How to Mod?
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Hmm, AFAIK, .map is like a psd file is to images. .bsp is like a JPG :D
Re: Counter Strike 1.6 - How to Mod?
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lol.. i think its because my cs is not getting detected, in my map type bar it says "halflife/tfc" :/ ???????????????

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Re: Counter Strike 1.6 - How to Mod?
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Everything you need. I'm pouring through it right now.
Re: Counter Strike 1.6 - How to Mod?
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i hate reading ;_; but will get started , thx
Re: Counter Strike 1.6 - How to Mod?
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hey xear please tell me how to convert map files to bsp
Re: Counter Strike 1.6 - How to Mod?
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:D To convert the .map file into a .bsp file you're gonna have to compile it. Make the map you want in Hammer Editor  and then hit F9 to compile it.
Counter Strike 1.6 - How to Mod? - Key Binding
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Apart from making maps there are lot more that one can do to modify CS. So until there are more questions regarding how to make maps (there are lots to be discussed :D)  here is a very simple but a very useful modification that most of you don't use. It's called key binding. What it does is when you press a certain pre-assigned key, the console will execute whatever the messages that are pre-assigned to it. Confused?... ::)

Let's say you have assigned the key . to buy secondary ammo through the in-game options menu. When you actually press the . key what it does is send the message secammo to the console. You can check this buy joining a game, going to a buy zone and typing secammo in the console and pressing Enter. All of the stuff that one can do within the game are done this way, it's as same as you type connect xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxxx and joining a server though since buying ammo is more frequently used in the game the message is binded to a key and when it's pressed the binded message is sent to the console.

Now here is the useful part for the players. When you join a game you have to go through the buy menu in order to buy weapons and equipments. Let's say you join CT and wanna buy an M4A1, the usual procedure is type b 4 3 as fast as you can. Here's the thing, the last option you select (3) is what matters to you the most cause that's the option that will send the message to the console saying "Hey... buy me an M4A1". We can avoid all the other unnecessary messages and send only the one we want to the console but it can't be done through the in-game options menu.

There is a .cfg file named config in your cstrike folder. It contains the current key bindings for your game. Open It up with notepad and have a look at it. You may see lines like these bind "TAB" "+showscores". What it says is bind message +showscores to the button TAB.

// The available buy aliases and their names as shown on the buy menu are:
// (Many weapons have more than one buy alias)
// galil   - IDF Defender
// defender   - IDF Defender
// ak47      - CV-47
// cv47      - CV-47
// scout   - Schmidt Scout
// sg552   - Krieg 552
// krieg552   - Krieg 552
// awp      - Magnum Sniper Rifle
// magnum   - Magnum Sniper Rifle
// g3sg1   - D3/AU1
// d3au1   - D3/AU1
// famas   - Clarion 5.56
// clarion   - Clarion 5.56
// m4a1      - Maverick M4A1 Carbine
// aug      - Bullpup
// bullpup   - Bullpup
// sg550   - Krieg 550 Commando
// krieg550   - Krieg 550 Commando
// glock   - 9x19mm Sidearm
// 9x19mm   - 9x19mm Sidearm
// usp      - KM .45 Tactical
// km45      - KM .45 Tactical
// p228      - 228 Compact
// 228compact   - 228 Compact
// deagle   - Night Hawk .50C
// nighthawk   - Night Hawk .50C
// elites   - .40 Dual Elites
// fn57      - ES Five-Seven
// fiveseven   - ES Five-Seven
// m3      - Leone 12 Gauge Super
// 12gauge   - Leone 12 Gauge Super
// xm1014   - Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun
// autoshotgun   - Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun
// mac10   - Ingram MAC-10
// tmp      - Schmidt Machine Pistol
// mp      - Schmidt Machine Pistol
// mp5      - KM Sub-Machine Gun
// smg      - KM Sub-Machine Gun
// ump45   - KM UMP45
// p90      - ES C90
// c90      - ES C90
// m249      - M249
// primammo   - Primary Ammo
// secammo   - Secondary Ammo
// vest      - Kevlar
// vesthelm   - Kevlar+Helmet
// flash   - Flashbang
// hegren   - HE Grenade
// sgren   - Smoke Grenade
// nvgs      - Nightvision
// defuser   - Defusal Kit
// shield   - Tactical Shield

Here is the list of all stuff that could be bought for both of the teams with the alias (what I referred to as message) in front of their real name. By binding the relevant message (alias) to a key and pressing it when you're in the game you can buy it without going through the buy menu. How to bind?...

bind " the_key_you_want_to_assign " " the_alias (message) "
EX. bind "F1" "vesthelm" - this will buy a vest and a helmet

The beauty of it?... you can bind multiple messages to one key... :)

EX. bind "F1" "vesthelm; primammo; secammo; hegren; flash; sgren" - this will buy you a vest, max primary and secondary ammo, 1 HE grenade, 1 FLASH grenade, 1 SMOKE grenade... in just one key press

As far as I know this is allowed to be used by CS players in any major league and it is said that the server can however replace your customized config.cfg file although I haven't come across such a situation. (Y)
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Re: Counter Strike 1.6 - How to Mod?
« Reply #9 on: February 06, 2008, 12:57:46 pm »
EX. bind "F1" "vesthelm; primammo; secammo; hegren; flash; sgren" - this will buy you a vest, max primary and secondary ammo, 1 HE grenade, 1 FLASH grenade, 1 SMOKE grenade... in just one key press

good stuff...
thnz dude... : )
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Learn to make cs maps
« Reply #10 on: February 13, 2008, 05:00:14 pm »
This is fo people who donno how to create a cs map......


Check out the website its really simple to understand and create a map.....
Re: Learn to make cs maps
« Reply #11 on: February 13, 2008, 05:42:57 pm »
Use this thread regarding CS map making.

EDIT :  Don't click the link :P. The topics were merged.
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Counter Strike 1.6 - How to Mod? - Hammer Editor configuration
« Reply #12 on: February 21, 2008, 04:00:43 pm »
In this post I will be providing you guys the details on how to configure your Hammer Editor and what's going on in each step in order to start making maps of your own and get a better understanding of the editor environment. Hammer Editor is used to create maps for HL itself, HL : Counter Strike, HL : Opposing Force and HL : Team Fortress. For each of these mods the Hammer Editor has to be configured in a different way and the concentration here would be on Counter Strike.

Once you have installed Hammer Editor and run it for the first time you will be prompted whether to use their guide in order to configure your installation, if it's too technical or you just did what they said or you have no idea what you're going to do refer this post as I will describe the things as much as I can in a very simple way. To start off with the configuration go to Tools > Options

You will get the Configure Valve Hammer Editor window. In that click Game Configurations tab.

Since my installation is already configured you will see the values that I have entered into each input fields. As I have mentioned earlier for each mod there is a different configuration set, so for Counter Strike 1.6 I have created a new configuration set named Counter Strike 1.6. To create a new configuration set all you have to do is click Edit > Add and then enter whatever name you like and press OK. The purpose of  this setting is that when you want to create maps for different mods just by clicking the drop down list and selecting the relevant configuration set name the Hammer Editor will be ready to make maps for that particular mod instantaneously. (of course you should have defined the configuration sets first)

The next configuration Game Data Files is where you define which .fgd to use in order to create maps. This .fgd file is the backbone for making maps for that particular mod, each mod have their own .fgds. It's where all the functions, entity types and etc. is defined and from time to time a new .fgd version is released with modifications and additions. The .fgd I'm having (counter-strike-SP.fgd) is the latest to this date, the one which you will have by default with Hammer Editor installation would be halflife-cs.fgd which would be in ..\Valve Hammer Editor\fgd\counter-strike directory, so click Add  and browse to that folder and select it.

Since you don't have much options with Texture Format keep WAD3 (HalfLife / TFC) as it is and the map type also to HalfLife / TFC

Setting up the Default PointEntity Class is not a very important configuration but make it info_player_start or info_player_deathmatch cause whatever the PointEntities you don't use in your map at least one info_player_start (CT spawn point) or info_player_deathmatch (Terrorist spawn point) MUST be there in the map in order to play it. As you move on with map making you will realize that this is only a time saving device. To explain about what a PointEntity is, it's where you define a certain point in your map for an entity which basically stays in one place without moving. (Don't confuse this with player movement)

Setting up Default SolidEntity Class would as same as setting up Default PointEntity Class. The preferred setting is func_wall. A SolidEntity is an entity which you could define on your own creation (brush). (More explained in a later post)

Browse Game Executable Directory to where your HL.exe is, NOT TO HL.EXE ITSELF. This is where Hammer Editor will look for HL.exe.

Since we are configuring the Hammer Editor to make CS maps Browse Mod Directory to ..\Valve\cstrike. This is where the Hammer Editor will look for all the necessary files to execute that particular mod.

Gamer Directory is where all the required files are stored in order to execute HL.exe successfully. This would be ..\Valve\valve

RMF Directory is where the Hammer Editor will save the .rmf and the .map versions of the maps you are making by default. The maps  folder ..\Valve Hammer Editor\maps created when Hammer Editor installed is preferred for this.
After you done with entering all the necessary values into the input fields make sure you click Apply.

Next go to the Build Programs tab. If you have done everything stated above correctly you should be able to select Counter Strike 1.6 from the Configuration drop down list. Here what we are doing is setting up all the necessary compiler programs in order to compile the maps we create in Hammer Editor.

Browse Game Executable to your HL.exe

In the compiling process of a Half Life map there are several different stages. Four stages mainly. In each stage a file of a certain format is written and the next compiler tool will take it in and write another file format and so on and so forth, the end result will be a .bsp file. There are several compiler tools out there in order to compile Half Life maps. The defaults would do fine for beginners. The tools I have used are called Zoner's Half Life compiler tools, these provide a great deal of information regarding your map compilation, but to understand them you should be a little familiar with the compilation process of the default compiler tools. So to get on with the configuration of Hammer Editor, point each input field to these compiler tools in the order they appear.

CSG executable - ..\Valve Hammer Editor\tools\qcsg.exe - Constructive Solid Geometry (in this step all the geometry reated to the map will be calculated) - read
BSP executable - ..\Valve Hammer Editor\tools\qbsp2.exe - Binary Space Partitioning (in this step all the shapes you have in your map will be broken  down to smaller parts) - read
VIS executable - ..\Valve Hammer Editor\tools\vis.exe - (in this step the compiler will check all posible point that a player can reach and the view angles. usually this step takes the longest to calculate)
RAD executable - ..\Valve Hammer Editor\tools\qrad.exe - (in this step the comiler will calculate all the light levels and shadows)

Point the last input field to the maps folder of the mod that you are making the maps for. In this case ..\Valve Hammer Editor\cstrike\maps

Finally goto the Textures tab, click Add WAD and browse to what ever the .wad files you need for the map. You can have one or several .wad files in here according to your requirement. That's it! you have now successfully completed configuring your Hammer Editor to create Counter Strike maps. :)
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Re: Counter Strike 1.6 - How to Mod? - Making custom textures
« Reply #13 on: July 09, 2008, 05:47:44 pm »
This post will be about how to create your own .wad files. For this purpose we need the software Wally. Once the software is installed go to File->New and select Half-Life Package [wad3][.wad] as the Type in the Create new texture dialog box and press OK.

The new .wad pack will be created. All that needs to be done now is drag and drop the textures needed to be added to the .wad pack in to the gallery. Wally will handle the rest.

NOTE The width and the height of all textures MUST be divisible by 16 without any remainders and no texture must be larger than 256x256 pixels. Any .wad file which contains textures that violate these two conditions and associate with a map will be rejected by the HL engine causing the game to crash during the map loading process.

All .wad files MUST be saved in the path ..\Valve\cstrike. Failing to do so will also cause the game to crash if when any map associated with that .wad file is loaded.

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Re: Counter Strike 1.6 - How to Mod?
« Reply #14 on: July 09, 2008, 05:51:30 pm »
I'm gonna give it a try ! :)