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Classifieds / Re: {SELLING} PC Parts for sale
« Last post by x_treame_blak on Today at 09:22:46 pm »
PM me the price last price of following items

Team Elite DDR4 8GB @ 2400MHz single stick
Corsair Raptor K40 Keyboard
Asus ROG Gladius
Corsair VS650 PSU

Plz mention the warranty if available and discounted best price possible.

Hi Guys,

Glad to be back after a long while. A lot has changed as it seems.

So as the topic says selling following items

Dell 22" E2219HN Full HD black Monitor, 17k expected and a bit negotiable and warranty available until 5/2021

Palit GTX 950 2GB with all packaging and in superb condition 12k, expected and a bit negotiable and no warranty

Cooler Master Elite 430 black mid tower casing in superb condition with two blue LED 120mm fans(Silverstone and Coolermaster) 7k expected and a bit negotiable and no warranty

Please PM me with your offers

Thanks in advance
Classifieds / Re: [BUYING ] PC Casing
« Last post by x_treame_blak on Today at 08:11:31 pm »
Cooler Master Elite 430 black in Superb condition with a couple of branded 120mm blue LED fans (Silverstone and Cooler Master). PM me if interested
Classifieds / Re: (SELLING) Gigabyte G1 GTX 1060 6GB 38K
« Last post by x_treame_blak on Today at 08:09:17 pm »
Do you consider exchanges? PM me if interested  ;D
Communal Assistance / Re: PC destroyed by mice. Need help rebuilding
« Last post by Zer0 on Today at 10:13:31 am »

Please bring over your PSU to have it tested before you plug it in. A damaged PSU could be a fire hazard. We'll do the initial testing for you.

You can do a lot with a 50k budget. If the card still works, it'll carry atleast 15k in resale value, if not more. With 65k to work with, you can get yourself a GTX 1660, a small SSD and a decent case. You should be able to comfortably play current games at near max settings with that setup.
Classifieds / Re: Selling credit note from REDLINE FOR 51.5k
« Last post by Zer0 on Today at 10:02:45 am »
if I remember correctly there were a few guys from redline in this forum. wonder why they haven't weighed in on this from their point of view?
GLK is a dead platform, so I don't hang around much

A credit note for a warranty is only offered if no other agreeable solution is available, and is an expedited solution provided on our end on behalf the manufacturer.

A credit note is always one of many options, which generally include,
- waiting until the manufacturer replaces the faulty product
- an equivalent product from a different manufacturer or brand (which might come at an additional cost)
- the option to pay for an upgrade
- a completely different product for the equivalent market value of the product

A credit note is basically a time extended version of the final option, should the customer choose to take it. I believe atleast one of these options had been offered to you alongside the credit note.

Just to let you know, what RLT did is illegal. Whatever the circumstance it may be, they are bound to return you the money. NOT CREDIT NOTE.!
No it isn't. The only legal standing that you can request a refund is if you are sold a product that is non functional or not fit for intended purpose. Under warranty, you're only entitled to a replacement product.

Once I got a refund from Redline for headphone even without going to consumer protection authority, just by claiming I would. These sellers know that they are breaking the law. As soon as they realise you know your rights, they will comply.
Dealing with certain parties isn't worth a wasted afternoon. Nothing to do with consumer rights.
Classifieds / Re: [Selling] Seagate 1TB Internal HDD
« Last post by JYSATA on Today at 07:25:09 am »
Classifieds / (BUYING) Sleeved extension cables
« Last post by jabbois on Yesterday at 11:43:07 pm »
contact me via dm or 0771156810 if you have some.
Classifieds / Re: {SELLING} PC Parts for sale
« Last post by luv4gadgets on Yesterday at 09:17:59 pm »

Asked for price - pls respond to my request
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