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Multiplayer / Steam Crack (HL+CS) Working!!
« on: January 07, 2009, 04:44:09 pm »
First of all i tested this my self and all files are clean and 100% working!!. This guide will lead you through all downloading, installing and cracking + i went into almost every detail to make this noob proof. In the end, you will get a single Steam installation with games ready to play with both legit and crack support.Please be patient when steam runs for the first time as it hogs a lot of resources specially if you running steam on a low spec rig.

Download these, but don't install any of them:
Valve's Steam Installer: http://storefront.steampowered.com/download/SteamInstall.msi
SteamUp! v1.41: http://rapidshare.com/files/225290122/Steamup__v1_4_1.rar
Half-Life GCF's: http://rapidshare.com/files/180623782/Half-Life_GCF.rar (Password:www.sil3ntkillaz.net76.net)
CF Toolbox 1.0.9: http://rapidshare.com/files/225300423/CFToolboxSetup.rar
eSTEAMATiON.v1.9.RC1-ViTYAN: http://rs458.rapidshare.com/files/180666758/eSTEAMATiON.v1.9.RC1-ViTYAN.rar

Half-Life Engine V53: http://rapidshare.com/files/225294031/half-life_engine.51_to_53.update.rar
Half-Life Engine V54: http://rapidshare.com/files/235203586/Half-Life_Engine_V54.rar

Installing Steam
Open "SteamInstall.msi". After a little wait, you will see this window:

Click "Next" and now you will see this:

Before agreeing, you should know that Valve can close your account anytime they want. We want to play games so we will agree all agreements. Now click "I accept the license agreement..." and then "Next". Installer will now ask us our connection speed:

Choose the option that closest to your speed or keep it like that if you don't know your connection speed. After (not) choosing your connection speed, click "Next" to see a list of languages:

You may want to choose your mother tongue, but I'll continue in English so be sure you will understand the guide if you are going to change the language. Do what you prefer and click "Next" and prepare yourself for this:

We have the same situation here. I will continue like you installed Steam in "C:\Program Files\Steam\", but if you want to change it click "Browse" and choose a new directory to install. I recommend you not to. Now click "Install" and wait until you see this window:

It may look like you finished installing, but you're not! After you click "Finish" wait until you see this:

This means Steam is installed and it's updating itself. After the updating, you will see this:

Click "Create new account" to create a blank account. A blank account means an account without subscriptions (in other words without anything paid) in it. You will now see this useless page:

Click "Next" and continue. You will have to agree the "Steam Subscription Agreement":

We talked about agreements before, so just click "I Agree". You will now have to choose a username and a password.
Enter a username "Account Name" and a password in "Password" and "Retype password" then click "Next". In the next page, you will be asked for your e-mail address.Enter your e-mail address in "Contact email address" and "Confirm mail address". After that click "Next" and wait until this window disappears:

After steam stops "working", you will see a new page. Choose a question from "Secret question", enter an answer in "Answer" and click "Next". As Steam says, your account will now be created:

After the creation of your account, you will see details of your account.
Click "Next" to proceed to:

Now click "Finish" and wait until Steam connects to your account.
After the connection established and the lastest updates are done, you will see the main interface of Steam.
Now the installation is done so we can exit Steam and crack it.

Cracking Steam

Now we installed Steam and created a account. Before installing games, we should crack Steam so it will think that we own all games. To begin cracking you must first extract "SteamUp! v1.41". After the extraction, open the folder you extracted files to. Open Steamup!_v1_4_1 folder:

and you will see these files in it:

Now (without closing the old window) open "C:\Program Files\Steam\". It should have most of the files listed here:

Now you will have to copy contents of the Steamup!_v1_4_1 folder(all 4 files) to the Steam folder.

Now you will have those files in the Steam folder:

When you open "SteamUp!.exe" cracked Steam will be launched and when you open "Steam.exe" legit Steam will be launched. Make sure to change shortcuts paths to run "SteamUp!.exe" (eg:"C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamUp!.exe") otherwise "Steam.exe" will be launched which is legit Steam. Now open "SteamUp!.exe" and wait until Steam opens. Now you will see the main interface of Steam, again:

Now click to "My games" to see a list of games:

Notice anything? Yes, "it looks like" you own all games now. We have finished cracking Steam so you can close it now and start downloading Counter-Strike and Half-Life.

Downloading & Installing
Counter-Strike and Half-Life

You can't download games from Steam like normal users, because Valve's servers will still know that you didn't buy the game. All you need is the GCF(Game Cache File) files of the game in order to fool steam.

You have to place files in the "steamapps" folder which is located at "C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/" it should look like this:

Now Extract the "Half-Life GCF.rar". After the extraction, open the folder you extracted files to.
You will have to copy contents of the Half-Life_GCF folder(all 3 files) to the "steamapps" folder in your steam installation directory.

After you copy GCF's you should restart Steam (by running "SteamUp!.exe" in your steam folder) and simply go to "my games" tab select and install Half-Life and do the same for Counter-Strike.Then the game will download and install automatically make sure you download half-life first!!. After valve released thier update on April 20th 09 some of the GCF's failed to update through the steam client, i will cover updating steam GCF's in the next topic.

Updating GCF's

Now you should have HL + CS Steam!!
Info. Sources: cs.rin.ru

ATTENTION: There are NO cracks which let you play on VAC2 secured servers, and the "Steam Validation Rejected"-Error, as well as the "Server-Busy-Error", which appears when trying to download some games(not with HL + CS(Source..etc)), CANNOT, and WILL NOT be fixed!

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