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Classifieds / [selling] PS3 games
« on: October 07, 2010, 11:48:42 am »
Ps3 games for sale (used) :-


Naruto ultimate ninja storm=4500LKR

Dragon ball Z burst limit=4500LKR

prices fixed and in excellent condition  :).

prefer being contacted directly,if interested please call or text 0772926153

 this is a post from a friend of gladiators.

Classifieds / [selling] Xbox 360 wireless controller (black)
« on: May 27, 2010, 05:48:11 pm »
in good condition

expecting price around Rs.3.5k (negotiable)

pm me if interested  (Y)

selling full set 2 months used good condition
expected price Rs.6k negotiable
discount for anyone who buys before Feb 26th  :bye:

"According to readmore, the famous German LAN event  has been cancelled by the organisation following a controversial decision by local authorities."
"However, it has now been confirmed that the event has been cancelled after the local authorities decided not to allow the so-called 'killer games' Counter-Strike: 1.6 and Warcraft III to be played at the LAN party. Since the organisation had no way to control this, it ultimately decided to cancel the whole event.

This decision follows Germany's strict rules on violent videogames after the school shooting in Weinnenden in March, which cost the lives of 16 people."
source www.hltv.org

one thing i know, if 1 sri lankan hardcore gamer ends up killing someone, that will be end of SL gaming. i mean it the end!
knowing these politicans to get praise from the parents who also believe that gaming is unnecessary push the laws to the utmost extreme. should we push the government to consider the age rating laws to reduce such occurences? but germany was a country that had tight laws for gaming and this incident anyway happened.any ideas,thoughts?

Funnies / Sunsilk Liquid Shampoo Order NOW!
« on: June 30, 2009, 01:51:49 am »
Are you sick of life?
Do you need a new look?

Are You Sick Of Looking In The Mirror
And Seeing Your Ugly Face Every Morning?
Try out our new shampoo as tested by intdr
ONLY $9.99
Quote from: intdr
Sunsilk Liquid Shampoo helps me aim for the head


Funnies / gobb from mouz live game epic poses rofl
« on: March 29, 2009, 10:38:36 pm »

source www.readmore.de
oh and rofl :P

hey i'm capable of getting down any sort of gaming hardware that can be conveniently transported, i am trying to get myself
steelseries i**** optical since my mx518 is dying and not capable of handling polling rates of 1000hz

steelseries siberia neckband headset since it is also has the capability to be fixed on xbox360

steelseries qck+

my brother is coming from US on 23rd march, i am capable of getting some stuff for you if you are interested any sort of thing as i said above as long as it can be packed, i will have a small mark up for myself to try to cover the cost of my stuff,there is of course limited amount of weight for him to bring.
i will take orders on first pay money then get stuff,the more orders i get the lesser the price is gonna be cos my main purpose is to at least cover the cost of my stuff.
so if anyone is interested let me know,post here or pm me whatever,

First Person Shooters / CPL mousefix + usbmrs11 another pen drive hack LOL
« on: December 22, 2008, 09:10:14 am »
CPL Mousefix
The CPL Mouse Fix allows Windows XP users to counter-act the effects if locked mouse acceleration in Windows XP. This registry file is designed to fix only the problem associated with Windows XP.

many pro gamers use this, want proof?

This is mym neo's in-game settins


resolution 640
sensitivity 2.4
windows sens 6/11
zoom sens 0.8
xhair size ___LARGE___
xhair trans 0
mousefix on
launch options
m_filter 0
mouse dpi/hz/whatever default
righthand 1

im not sure how badly it effects gameplay. comon a once best player in the world cant be wrong right?
i havent tested this out yet, shawns says removing this shit is a headache, cos its in the registry. so keep the mouse fix remover also


This one is used to overclock your mouse :D
i have used this few times, it works like a  babe. the refresh rate of the mouse can be increased using this application. i overclocked from 125HZ to 1000HZ and wow, mouse movement became so much smoother, but my mouse got stuck few times which freaked me out, so recommended amount is 500HZ this is also used by pro gamers. example= fnatic f0rest

Mouse HZ:500

This is the program to make your mouse reach 1ms, thus faster and more precise.(For Windows XP/2k3)
After you opened it and clicked "Patch" (SAFE MODE RECOMMENDED)
You will see your current mouserate, which should be 125.
You will be asked the following:
Enforce a polling rate of 250 Hz/4 ms? (Y/N)

Here you can choose if you want 250,500 or 1000.Choose no to the first one(250) to get to 500 or 1000. You can try 500 first and see if you like it or try right away 1000. Some people experience stability problems with 1000 hertz though, I don't know why but it's really worth trying it out, the feeling is undescribable." from http://www.overclock.net/computer-peripherals/138972-overclock-your-mouse.html

to download

Here comes the tricky part
theres simply no use in using these unless it gets allowed thats why i aint using any

Group A

Romania The Elder Gods
Slovenia Mamut.si
Sweden SK Gaming
China wNv
Bangladesh XLungiz
Canada NoPression

Group B:

Georgia Spininn
Greece Greece
Australia Team Immunity
Portugal Defining Stars
Norway Gamewire
United Kingdom Dignitas

Group C:

South Korea e-STRO
Poland Meet Your Makers
Estonia sYnck
Slovakia fu.sk
New Zealand tsw.mc
Brazil Made in Brazil
Hong Kong extremeplayers

Group D:

Kazakhstan k23
Denmark Denmark
Croatia GuerillaMethod
Serbia and Montenegro neWave
India India
Germany Alternate

Group E:

Malaysia [TeamLZ]
Finland roccat
Pakistan Pakistan
Macedonia SimpleX
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
Taiwan HiNet-UMX

Group F:

United States USA
Indonesia Nextlevel
Yugoslavia Selectad
Uzbekistan Just
Sri Lanka Liquid
Singapore ExsequoR

Group G:

Switzerland Switzerland
Russia Putb
France eSport-Eu
Spain x6tence e-Sports Club
Azerbaijan F.azer.Z
Austria Austria

Group H:

Belarus K29.
Argentina Argentina
Belgium Belgium
Philippines -HoA-
Ukraine DTS
Vietnam 1st.vn

So Sri Lanka is placed in group F.

I was searching for demos of Selectad,Just,nextlevel couldnt find any :(
if you find any please post here.
There were few of xqR and nextlevel, EG of course its all over the place.

The thing we need to be really happy is that 1st round Dust2 is played which we kick ass at :D
Also the fact that USA team EG sucks at dust2 :D

I did a little research in Team xqR
They won against CPL finalist lunatic-hai which is not a good sign :P

"Lastly and not least, we are proud to announce the most exciting news, prior to Germany we will be going to Stockholm, Sweden for a 10 day bootcamp with Europe's elite. This is made possible by our sponsors and of course the teams hard work and dedication"
did we actually play against these guys once? because i remember blaze,shawn,mk and few others played against some sinaporean team.

Like they do why dont we host some 1 day cups at elements ? prizes based on registration fees. :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:

General / Halo3 and Halo2 Gaming Night FFA and TS
« on: July 22, 2008, 05:00:06 pm »
entrance rs.50, 250  :P

This friday 3pm onwards at Grond Zero, Millenium park.

call tis b***h shihan 2669351

winners price rs.4000 for Free For All.
Team slayer not sure.

thats all i know,

Armoured Punks / Battle Requests
« on: June 27, 2008, 11:47:30 am »
Clan war requests can be made in this post, if approved the 'organiser's thread' will be carried out separately

We are currently inactive as clan,so this thread will be locked until we are ready.

Thank you

Armoured Punks / Soldiers of the Battalion
« on: June 27, 2008, 11:43:31 am »
Armoured Punks Crew

We went through a few more changes and are happy to welcome Gamer5610 as our newest soldier  :) (Y)

Random order
J | D3V!L

Sub- Da Humble Killa

This thread is only to show the members of our clan so will be locked

Price 45k
1 wireless black controller
Hdmi cable
no RROD problems at all
non modified
no games
region 3

pm me for details.

No Game Zone / Birds,dont know the difference between glass and air
« on: June 09, 2008, 07:59:30 pm »
 ;D ;D

well this is one scene that happened in my home,thought you guys might be interested in reading as well

this bird got stuck near the glass roof, it was friggin stuck there for one day,we tried chasing it back down, it just didnt budge was too afraid,but after one day of trying i kept it some food and water( didnt realize i could keep food up there)
it started eating and all,finally it came down to the position shown in this picture and although it was fully capable of fleeing away from the windows down there,it just stayed there for a long time,hehe gained its trust didnt we? :D
interesting story? :D

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