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Ministry of Defense / A challange by Maximum Gamers
« on: June 25, 2009, 02:09:14 am »
Today we were challgened by another top reputed clan in Sri Lanka called Maximum Gamers,
As usual we played the scrim in our server
Maximum Gamers or MAX chosed mp_crossfire after winning the knife round and defened first
Score - MoD| :  2
            MAX' : 13

An unexpected Wallbanging, we need to improve on planting and avoiding noobish wallbanging

Next we played mp_Crash, MAX won the knife round and choose defend (nb- MAX CJ got 5 knife kills, pretty good butcher  ;D)
Score - MoD| : 13
            MAX' :  9

Sorry guyz this was what i could provide atmost..... cauz nobody has taken screen shots through xfire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as we won 1 map and they won 1 we aggreed to go for a tie breaker Tommorow which is eventually today cauz its allready 2.53 am
good name MAX, hope we will win the tie breaker

Ministry of Defense / MoD| vs iL6>
« on: June 24, 2009, 12:08:09 am »
Another scrim took place today, Ministry of Defence was challenged for a scrim by an India clan called iL6

As usual knifed for maps and sides, Knife round won by MoDz and we invited iL6 to choose their map;

They chose mp_Crash, We played the first map in Ministry of Defence server
Score -  MoD| : 13
             iL6>  :  4

After loosing the map, they wanted to play in their own server complaing they cant play in high ping servers, so we played our map in their server,

We chose mp_Crossfire
Score -  MoD| : 13
              iL6> :  7

OMG my ping was around 450 and 500 but still manged to get few kills

June 21st - MoD| vs =dA=
                 9:30 pm - Ministry of Defence server

We Chose the Map Crash after wining the knife rounds and Defended:
Score: MoD| : 13
          =dA= :  1

They chose Vacant as their map:
Score: MoD| :  9
          =dA= : 13

As we both won each map we decided to go for a Extra map which was Crossfire
Score: MoD| : 12
          =dA= : 12  Round draw

 June 22nd: MoD| vs -nA-  (this was a very firendly match;) (Y)

               9:30 pm played in Ministry of defence server  (N)
( High ping server,,, but fair to all players i suppose cause 3 players playing from abroad in if we played in SL server their ping would be 300 and our like 30)

We invited -nA- to choose their map, which was Backlot and we Defended First;
Score: MoD| :  6
          -nA-   : 13

next was our map which was Crash, we Attacked first
Score: MoD| :  8
          -nA-   : 13

*nb: -nA- the runners up in GCWL 2009 held recently*

good game all of u guyz, now we need to learn from our Mistakes, (Y)

Ministry of Defense / First Clan Match After Registering in GAMER.lk
« on: June 14, 2009, 07:57:02 pm »
MoDz are to play their official first clan match against well known The AGENTS Corp.

Date: Tuesday 16th June 2009
Time: 21:00hrs
(The match will be played in either Ministry of defence server or in the home server of the agents....)

Player Line up by MoDz
MoD| The Punisher
MoD| Sandman
MoD| Coolche
MoD| PhrozenBot  :o--- big time noob---    (N)

sub :- MoD| 13lack Arrow VII

AGENTS chose Map- Backlot and defended First
Score: AGENTS: 19
             MoD| : 05

PS- AGENT Deadmeat left the game when he was low scoreing and came back in about 29 sec saying "current giya"

AGNETS won Knife round chose DEFEND on Crash
Score: AGENTS: 14
             MoD| : 10

Total score
MoD|    : 15

GG overall guyz....
I guess only poential player in the Agents is AGENT Wolverine - nice playing with you, it was the first time- When i was playing for Agents u never showed up for a match  :no:
anyway GG guyz,

****After the Fisrt Defeat Against The AGENTS Corp. we played a Friendly match Today ie*****,
July 9th, Thursday @ 10.00pm

MoD| Line Up :
    MoD| 13lack Arrow VII
    MoD| The Punisher
    MoD| Sandman
    MoD| Coolche
    MoD| PhrozenBot  (N) NooB  (N)

The AGENTS Line Up:
    AGENT Hitler
    AGENT huub
    AGENT Kazza
    AGENT joonoob
    AGENT Kevin

1st map- Backlot
    AGENTS - 13
    MoD|     -  8

nb- MoD| deathspown played the first map and was replaced by Arrow in the next map - he did well being a junior member of our team,
am glad to see the improvements

2nd Map- Crash
    AGENTS - 13
    MoD|     -  7

Total score:
    AGENTS - 15
    MoD|     - 26

It was Payback time, we played without Kill3r and random, they played without Somapala & Ninfan

Ministry of Defense / Best Sniper in MoD
« on: June 12, 2009, 05:14:44 pm »
Feel Free to vote

Ministry of Defense / Official Web Site of Ministry Of Defence is up
« on: June 12, 2009, 01:05:34 pm »
Guyz You can access the Ministry Of Defence Website by the following Link

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