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Ministry of Defense / Admins Leaving !!
« on: August 31, 2009, 04:16:46 pm »
Hey team MoD & GLK folks :(

Some of you may have already known that me (Arrow) & Punisher have left the clan due to unavoidable circumstances and personal reasons not due to any confilcts with you guys  (Y) after all its only a game  :)

So i ll be saying goodbye :bye2: to u guys on behalf of Punisher as well. Since we both have taken this decision together. </3

It dosnt mean that MoD is closing down, just that two playes will be out &  :idea: New Admins will be Coolche & Breaker, these guys will deal with all the up coming tournys & ladders  :)  :)

We brought the clan to some stage now its ur opportunity to continue it all the way.  :yes:
MoD players can contact us if u all need any help & all best to MoD.... FTW !!!  (Y)
If MoD team thinks its a let down we are sorry  :\  :(

Best Regards

ArrowVII & Punisher !! :bye2:  :bye2:   

Ministry of Defense / MoD| TEAM
« on: June 16, 2009, 12:56:53 pm »
These are the members of MoD  :>: According to their ranks

MoD| 13lack Arrow VII -
MoD| Punisher

MoD| Sandman

MoD| PhrozenBot
MoD| Kill3r
MoD| rANdoM   

MoD| Notorious
MoD| Cima Boy
MoD| Ganja Farmer
MoD| WarHead

Junior Members
MoD| Avenger
MoD| Reaper
MoD| Arosh
MoD| Feraligator
MoD| Bravo

We are trying to specialize in COD 4 ONLY!!!! (Y) & we play with Good team spirit  :)

Any player (new or experienced) is welcome to MoD other than hackers and Cheaters :D However they will be consulted before joining the clan.

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