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Good morning CS geeks.

Current match is against Team encore vs Team elements - map de_dust2. GL


16 - 7 to FragMakerz

16 - 3 to FragMakerz

MEGA-DEATH VS Frag MakerzZ (Loser Bracket Round 2) starting now.

16 - 5 to Team Element.

.N| Bravo VS Frag MakerzZ (Loser Bracket 1 st Match) starting now :)


Click for larger view

Hi there fellow Counter Strike players... Street Level Tournament is back again, this time its Season 3.
It will commence on the 26th and 27th of May, get your gear ready, coz its time to take it to the Streets.

Registrations - 2000/= per team
[Registration Fee to be made at Street Level Gaming Cafe on or before the 26th or to the respective people below]

Make your registrations online and book your places

Winning price

Champions - 6000/=
Runners-up - 3000/=


Including players from the top 5 teams:

Living Legends
Reservoir Dogs
Above n Beyond


Nadin - 0772246647
Krishna - 0773821013
Prem - 0773527893

We Just Take it to the Streets,
Battle it Out @ Street Level Gaming Cafe

Updates of Street Level Tournament Season 2

Teams Participated :

Intellectual Gaming
Frag Makers
Infinity. Fugitives
Infinity. TinyNinjaGirafees

Day 1

Started off a little bit late, due to lack of punctuality of some teams.

Round 1

Match 1

Commenced with Elements facing Death Company, playing De_Inferno after a brief Veto choice, ended off with a score of 16-5 to Elements, sending DC to loser brackets. DC had some catching up due to some players who hadn't been playing for awhile.

Match 2

DC [OFF] faced Infinity.Fugitives on the sandy grounds of De_Dust2. Ending the match with a score of 16-5. Nice try Inf.Fugitives, 1st lan and 1st lan tournament, they still gave a small fight.

Match 3

The Defending Champions Intellectual Gaming Faced off with new rookies Execration in De_Dust2, Intel gamers won the match with a score of 16-9.
The new rookies gave a good fight against the Defending Champions.

Match 4

Frag Makers Met off against Inf.TinyNinjaGirafees ending Round 1 with a score of 16-2. Too bad for Inf.TNG, due to players being absent, 3 of the spectators had to join in for the match.

Loser Brackets

Match 1

Death Company faced Inf.Fugitives in De_nuke beating Inf.Fugitives to a score of 16-0. Pretty Hard Striking from DC, they just got used to the pcs' n started their onslaught. Inf.Fugitives, good try, hope to see a better improvement at the next season.

Match 2

Execration faced the 2nd team of Infinty, TinyNinjaGirafees in De_train and after a good battle against the defending champions, they held their grounds pretty much against their opponents, ending the match with a score of 16-4. Hope this gives a message to their teams to make presence during the match.

Death Company n Execration moved on to Round 2

Round 2

Match 1

Elements faced off against their Home Brothers Frag Makers in De_nuke. Elements proved their strength by holding on and warding off all the opponents attacks with a great game play. Ending with a score of 16-0 Frag Makers were sent out.

Match 2

DC [OFF] Faced against Intellectual Gaming in De_train, DC [OFF] gave a pretty good fight but it wasn't enough for Intellectual Gaming, they were rampaged by them ending the match with a score of 16-9. Nice try DC [OFF], Good Game.

Match 3

Death Company faced off against Execration, giving a good well fought rounds of 16-9 to DC. Execration had a good game and good strats given off by their captains but they were confused by their loss of teammates. Still some players had their game on. Good Game.

Thus Elements, Intel Gaming and DC Moved on to Round 3 and second chance was given to the teams who lost, based on the scores they had taken, the team with the highest score moved on to Round 3, and that team was Execration. A rare second chance was given to the rookies for another fight to attain recognition.

Round 3 (Semi-Finals)

The Semi-finalists are:

Intellectual Gaming

Match 1

First up, another Facing Of DC and Execration, with passion to play, Execration pulled off a stunning play against DC in De_nuke. Strong n yet crude but effective playing performed by Execration, DC on the other hand, had its ups n downs still did not give up without a fighting. The match finally ended with a score of 16-11 to DC. Well Played by both sides.

Day 2

Match 2

2 Strong teams, each meant to beat the other, gave off a splendid and Elusive game-play, Intellectual Gaming and Elements, facing each other in De_inferno. Defending Champions vs the Onslaughts. Spectacular play in T-side by Elements gaining an upper hand in the first-half by 10-5, but ct proved somewhat crude for some players in the second-half. Stuck on 13-5, Intel Gamers proved they are the Defending Champions by playing a series of strats and gaining the upper hand. and ending the second half 15-15. Splendid play. Over Time Commenced With Elements playing Terrorists and gaining 2 rounds, and Intel Gamers 1, but the Second-half Intel Gamers Got the upper Hand and Ending the Semi-Finals with a total Score of about 19-17.


Intellectual Gaming Vs Death Company faced themselves in the finals of Street Level Tournament, facing off in De_inferno both sides had their game on. not much to say as I was M.I.A at that moment :P.
Regardless of that, I was informed that the first map was given to the hands of Intellectual Gaming with a score of

DC with Rage in their Hearts Faced against Intellectual Gaming in De_nuke. Splendid Play and spectacular. Neither Side giving a chance. but DC managed to pull it off, ending the map with a score of 16-12, DC proved to them that no one messes with them in their turf.

1-1 each, Intel Gamers with frustration on their mind, faced off against DC in the last map, De_train. Intel Gamers held their grounds hard, while DC gave a good fight, though it was not enough. Intel Gamers held out a stunning play in Defensive state in Counter Terrorist, ending off the Finals with a score of 16-9.

Intellectual Gaming Stills Holds the Title as the Champions, for the second time.

Congratulations Intellectual Gaming as the Champions, and Death Company as the Runners-up, and not forgetting all the other teams, thank you for participating and making this event as successful as the previous season. No matter who wins and who falls, hope this gives a good experience to all players who participated.

Thank You.

Street Level Gaming / STREET LEVEL GAMING - Amateurs Tournament Season 2
« on: February 25, 2012, 10:35:44 pm »
Hey guys... Sorry for the late reply. Amateurs Tournament Season 2 will commence on the 10th and 11th of March.. This date is finalized, so please take heed and make preparations...

Registrations - 2000/= per team
[Registration Fee to be made at Street Level Gaming Cafe on or before the 10th or to the respective people below]

Make your registrations online and book your places

Winning price

Champions - 6000/=
Runners-up - 3000/=



Nadin - 0772246647
Krishna - 0773821013
Prem - 0773527893

Cheerz  (Y)

Street Level Gaming / Re: Counter Strike 1.6 Tournament
« on: December 16, 2011, 07:50:06 pm »
Sorry guys to inform you that, the tournament will be postponed. Event date not yet confirmed. Will keep you guys posted about that. Spread this to all your friend.

Its all about you :P [ guess it some companies slogan hahahhah ] 

Cheerz n Peace

Street Level Gaming / STREET LEVEL GAMING - Amateurs Tournament Season 1
« on: December 09, 2011, 12:51:16 am »
CS 1.6 Amateurs Tournament

Do you think you deserve another chance?
Then this is your time..

17th and 18th December
@ Street Level Gaming

Registrations - 2000/= per team

Winning price -
Champions - 10000/=
Runners-up - 5000/=


[Registration Fee to be made at Street Level Gaming Cafe on or before the 16th or to the respective people below]

Nadin - 0772246647
Krishna - 0773821013
Prem - 0773527839
Robinson - 0776345269
Gobi - 0779967140

Cheerz (Y)

General / Re: ICBT Counter Strike 1.6 Tournament 2011 July
« on: July 13, 2011, 11:24:05 pm »

Winners of Round 2 will be ranked according to the points they win by during Round 2 matches.
The top three teams will be accordingly ranked based on the points with which they win each Round 2 match.
These three teams will go through to the semi-finals.

The fourth and fifth teams will play a match to determine the winner. In this match, points do not count.
The winner of the match between the fourth and fifth place teams will decide the final team who will reach the semis.
The map for this match will be a veto choice.

Once the four teams are selected for the semi finals matches will be played out as follows:

due to time issues ICBT organizers have decided to reduce the round limit into 11 rounds for round 1 and 2 both, Organizers have also planed to finish this tounament today itself..........
So teams who are playing in round 1 and 2 please make it on time ( before 10 am)

Thank you,
ICBT organizers

General / ICBT Counter Strike 1.6 Tournament 2011 July
« on: July 08, 2011, 10:59:20 pm »
Hi Counter Striker's,

Once again we proudly present to you the Cyber Game Competition, organized by Presteeders batch 45 , No15, ICBT City Campus Col-4.

Event will take place on  - 14th July 2011
Location                          - Street Level Gaming, 15/B K.B.Christy Perera Mw, Col-13 (Close to Kochchikade Church)
Time                                - 8.00 AM onwards.
Registration                     - Rs. 1500/=  per team.
Spectator space              - Available

Winners will be presented with Rs. 7000/=


  • Team should be present at the venue at least 20mins before their match.
  • If a the team doesn't show up within the given time, 5 penalty points will be awarded to the opposing team.
  • Communicating with your team after you are dead, will be allowed only once.
  • Use of gay guns is not allowed. (1 penalty point will be awarded to the opposing team)
  • Use of shields is prohibited.
  • Illegal boosts are not allowed.

Are you ready for the challenge?
If more than the anticipated number of teams register, the cash prize awarded to the winners will stand to increase.  

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