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Communal Assistance / Re: buykorea.lk reliable?
« on: December 22, 2017, 12:52:40 am »
i see ok then I will do that and can you keep me updated just in case if something comes up with the GPU? That would be great help :)

Communal Assistance / Re: buykorea.lk reliable?
« on: December 21, 2017, 07:34:43 pm »
Thanks a lot man. I needed to know that, but don't they deliver it to my place cause I can't go to Colombo twice. I have classes starting too. I used to live in Colombo but now moved to Kandy. So do they deliver if I tell them?

Yes it may affect games that use DX12, but what I've heard is that GTX970 fully supports DX12

Oh thanks a lot buddy :)

here is a link to the best source when it comes to get h/w. for this instance this is there GPU hierarchy.


if you are going for 970 (which is btw is a very good card that only lacks DX12 support and can handle all AAA games @ FHD resolution )its on the 4th row. your PSU is more than enough for this card so you are fully covered. what i don't know is that who is selling a GTX 970 with 3 years of warranty among the local vendors.

Hmm i see i got a lot of replies saying 970 so I am going for it but u said lack of DirectX12 support. Does that affect gaming in any way. And if so by how much, is it in terms of FPS or gameplay overall?

Communal Assistance / Re: buykorea.lk reliable?
« on: December 20, 2017, 09:08:01 pm »
https://buykorea.lk/ that's the site. Selling it for 27,500/-.. sound too good to be true...but could be legit as they say 3 months warranty  :\

Ya that price is cause it's used and it is a very good brand with the best overclockable GPU's. But not recognised like ASUS or MSI and all. Also they say warranty so yeah maybe legit and some people here say they have bought it but i wanna know if they paid before delivery or paid at their shop

Communal Assistance / Re: buykorea.lk reliable?
« on: December 20, 2017, 09:06:18 pm »
Better than the last one, but still something doesn't look right. Imho if they are legit they should have the option to pay on delivery. Since the address is there why don't you pay them a visit. How much is the 970 anyway?

Yes the address is there so they said I can come and pay but it will take 10 days since they order it from Korea and it's us ed that is why it is 27500.

Communal Assistance / Re: buylanka.lk reliable?
« on: December 20, 2017, 11:36:59 am »
Doesn't look legit. I can't even find any domain registration information  :no:

Oh crap sorry wrong website...mistake. it's buykorea.lk I'm an idiot

Communal Assistance / buykorea.lk reliable?
« on: December 20, 2017, 10:47:15 am »
I found GTX 970 for a good price there but they say if i want it delivered I have to deposit the amount to them. But are they trustworthy I mean depositing the whole amount and what if they trick me. Has anyone ordered from them to know how they are. And has anyone encountered any issues with their items.

Classifieds / [BUYING] GTX1050Ti or GTX 1060 or GTX970 or RX380
« on: December 19, 2017, 09:09:40 pm »
The GTX 1060 I would like to see if anyone has an offer at 35000 or somewhere there. The others I hope to go lower than that. Under 30k would be ideal since I am tight on budget right now. Please PM me or reply to this thread if you have what i am looking for. We can sort out the price after that if you can give it at or somewhere around my price. Thanks.

I took the price Palit Geforce GTX 1060 Dual 3GB in redline pricelist. Dont know if they still have those. Otherwise go with the 970. Think its more powerful than a 1050ti.

But always do your own research before buying, dont rely only on other's opinion.

I see Palit are cheap. But is the brand good or will it get damaged sooner than other brands. Hmm ya i checked and it is indeed more powerful than 1050ti. So is the R9 380 not good then? If not I may go for 970 or 1060 if i cant save the money soon lol.

Yeah I also didn't have much idea when I bought my first PC. Thankfully I found this site before and bought a balanced PC that served me well for 5+ years.

Anyway you have a good PC, that extra money spent on MB could have been used for GPU as other people mentioned.

You can get this 970, have 2 years warranty left also
But I suggest getting a extra 5k and going with 1060 3GB

True that I should have done more research. The 1060 is better than 970 right and are u sure the 1060 is only 5k more? If that is the case I am going 1060 all day long.

For Gaming or non Gaming buying a Z270 may be a kill with the i7 processor still If u think it has better features then fine now that u hv bought nothing can be done, but had u gone with B or H series u could hv had a 1060 vga for the same money u spent.

This is what he was trying 2 tell in his style of lang.

However if u plan to do Video editing rendering then this is fine.

Hmm yes nothing can be undone and what he said makes more sense to me now. Would have had a higher budget for GPU then. This is my first build so I am not experienced in it sadly. Yes I plan on editing and gaming too.

Don't worry about it now, It's a good build and will serve you well :)

What is your budget for the GPU?

Yes I am enjoying the build so far. Well i think i can go max 35k since i spent more on RAM without realizing that RAM prices have gone up. I plan on brand new 1050ti and if not I can settle with a second hand GPU i guess.

A non-k processor with a unlocked motherboard.

I wish people just ask for some opinion before making a huge purchase like that.

Hmm. Well I asked a guy and he said nothing about it. I asked if its better for 7700k but he said that it's not necessary so I went with this. The price difference wasn't much higher either ffs. -_- Now i am annoyed. I just found out about this site 2 days ago so i had no idea.

Damn, someone sold you a terrible build.

Why is that? Is something wrong with the build?

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