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I took the price Palit Geforce GTX 1060 Dual 3GB in redline pricelist. Dont know if they still have those. Otherwise go with the 970. Think its more powerful than a 1050ti.

But always do your own research before buying, dont rely only on other's opinion.

I see Palit are cheap. But is the brand good or will it get damaged sooner than other brands. Hmm ya i checked and it is indeed more powerful than 1050ti. So is the R9 380 not good then? If not I may go for 970 or 1060 if i cant save the money soon lol.

Yeah I also didn't have much idea when I bought my first PC. Thankfully I found this site before and bought a balanced PC that served me well for 5+ years.

Anyway you have a good PC, that extra money spent on MB could have been used for GPU as other people mentioned.

You can get this 970, have 2 years warranty left also,35540.0.html
But I suggest getting a extra 5k and going with 1060 3GB

True that I should have done more research. The 1060 is better than 970 right and are u sure the 1060 is only 5k more? If that is the case I am going 1060 all day long.

For Gaming or non Gaming buying a Z270 may be a kill with the i7 processor still If u think it has better features then fine now that u hv bought nothing can be done, but had u gone with B or H series u could hv had a 1060 vga for the same money u spent.

This is what he was trying 2 tell in his style of lang.

However if u plan to do Video editing rendering then this is fine.

Hmm yes nothing can be undone and what he said makes more sense to me now. Would have had a higher budget for GPU then. This is my first build so I am not experienced in it sadly. Yes I plan on editing and gaming too.

Don't worry about it now, It's a good build and will serve you well :)

What is your budget for the GPU?

Yes I am enjoying the build so far. Well i think i can go max 35k since i spent more on RAM without realizing that RAM prices have gone up. I plan on brand new 1050ti and if not I can settle with a second hand GPU i guess.

A non-k processor with a unlocked motherboard.

I wish people just ask for some opinion before making a huge purchase like that.

Hmm. Well I asked a guy and he said nothing about it. I asked if its better for 7700k but he said that it's not necessary so I went with this. The price difference wasn't much higher either ffs. -_- Now i am annoyed. I just found out about this site 2 days ago so i had no idea.

Damn, someone sold you a terrible build.

Why is that? Is something wrong with the build?

Hi. I recently built a PC and I still can't make my decision on the VGA cards. My specs are-
Intel Core i7-7700 3.6Ghz
ASUS STRIX Z270F Gaming Motherboard
G-Skill Ripjaws V 16GB DDR4 2800MHz RAM
Thermaltake TR2 80Plus 550W PSU

So assuming these components won't be a problem while gaming, which VGA card should I buy. Nvidia GTX 1050Ti or AMD R9 380 4GB. Hope to get help soon. Been waiting for a week and can't decide. You guys are my last hope. :P

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