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Hardware / Peripherals / Re: Post details of your rig in here
« on: October 23, 2008, 10:52:18 pm »
hey  can u post some pics of that codegen sever casing and how much was it and also if i want one where can i get it

what do u think abt this 1

nice rig (Y)

i am using a PSU imported from us rated 680watts

can u tell me ur pcs' specs

what abt this foxconn casings i have done some builds using them their quality is really good

my budget is limited i always go for quality than money ( but i am out of cash coz i bougt a new stuff for my new system )

i surfed the for those diy casings prob is time / tools and material needed, theses e-globe gys have codegen casings what do u think of them? and how much was ur vento ? i know this other asus casing in epsi tags over 14000

i omit the delux due 2 their poor qulity coz as a hardware tech i enconterd lots of deluxe casings and there build qulity is not that good
i am considering a foxconn casing like TLA 667 i think ( i will post the link later) it has 120mm front and rear fan options and i think of hacking the drive cage and putting a custom drive cage there but do u know any other places i can find one ............. thanks 4 ur reply

Hardware / Peripherals / Re: Post details of your rig in here
« on: October 21, 2008, 01:02:25 pm »
this is my stuff

Intel core2duo E8500 3.16GHz
G-skill DDR2 4GB(2x2) PC8000
EVGA 9800 GT 512MB DDR3
Asus P5Q-SE\R
Arctic cooler Freezer 7 pro
Leadtek 680Watt SLI power supply
Smasung 2253BW LCD
Seagate 160*2(for games)
Seagate 80GB for (win Xp Sp2 and Vista 64 Bit Business edition all registered and Original )
Creative SBS 2.1 sound system(old model- 11RMS)
Hope fully creative Audgy 5.1 sound
no casing yet need help to find one in here

Communal Assistance / Need help to geta decent pc casing for my new build
« on: October 21, 2008, 12:49:27 pm »
Hey guys/gals i am looking for a new casing for my new rig,  in between RS 3000-5000 it should be able to hold a 9800GT VGA without touching my hard drives and also have some decent looks and cooling capability . any help would be appreciated coz i am out of options  .......

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