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Season 1 / Re: GCDL Round 2 - T0X1C vs. WDF
« on: October 17, 2008, 02:27:21 pm »

oh btw images dont get the 30 IAS or the +30 damage

Sorry at work so I can't always pin point and address every bit of detail. Yes, you're right the +30 raw damage does not benefit the images but the +30 from AGI does convert to damage and I'm pretty sure the 30 IAS does too. Will need to double check that during the weekend. Thanks for the correction.

thats about 15 damage in addition to the base damage. thats nothing compared to the 35 aoe damage given by the radiance.

FYI the 35 AoE damage doesn't stack either. Now here's the good news..

-Theoretically, assuming 2 illusions are next you you, the TB gets...
[(AoE Burn/sec*) + (Hero +Dmg) = Total ] (35) + (60) = 95 unmitigated damage ONLY in a 400 radius!

*It would be amazing IF everyone would just come dance around you in melee range wondering what those sparklies are? Fairies? I hope so -_-


-Theoretically, assuming 2 illusions are next you you, the TB gets...
[(30 AGI=30 DMG: 30*55%= 16.5 x 2)  + (Hero +Dmg + AGI:Dmg) = Total ] (33) + (30 + 30) = 93* unmitigated damage even at MAX range!

*I'm not even considering the base 30% Increased attack speed bonus, Armor & the IAS received from the AGI multiplier.. lol

the images dont need damage. wat they need is hp so butter/radiance will not really matter against aoe damage.

1.What in the world makes you say images don't need damage when 55%x2 = 110% Damage = +1 hero!!!
TB isn't meant to tank all 5 heroes, he needs to kill fast before they get close and disable him. Please stop referring to games that take over 1-2 hours to finish where you end up filling all 6 slots with Lvl 4-5 items. Tournament games (especially US and Euro) are fast paced and very intense, you'd be lucky if you manage to secure more than 1 Lvl 4 item!

You must be forgetting about Cleaving? Physical Melee & Range AoE damage (Medusa, Juggernaut etc.)? If you want to talk about "Survivability".. Butterfly gives an amazing 30% evasion compared to the measly 8% you get from Radiance which does not even stack!

So here's my argument;

Radiance can be a very solid item on TB, IF you have all the time in the world to farm the other items unnoticed then ride in with your 5 'L33t Imb4' items to solo all 5 and finish it off?!?! Well that wasn't the case as we witnessed in this game yar? TB was basically non-existent!!! Radiance is nothing but a Neutral grinder. After you get a few more damage items? What does it provide you with for all that cash you spent on it? A non-stackable evasion, short AoE burn that doesn't do jack when in Meta form, and +60 damage only on main hero. Lolfactor!

Where as Butter will give you just as good farming potential and you can do some amazing damage when needed to kill/push, plus the weapon scales with the other items you get like EoS, Buriz, 2x butter etc.

If you got the time, there was a video up sometime ago on some DotA forum. Portal or Allstars? I'm guessing. In order to put the famous "Rad vs Butter" argument to rest, they pit 2 players on a 1v1 MM. TB with Radiance/EoS (RE) vs TB with Butter/EoS (BE) + 2 conjured images for each.

(RE) farmed faster, but after a few minutes when (BE) finished off (RE) 1v1 even faster it wasn't even funny.

Anyways my lunch break is over so got to run off plus I've got nothing else to say on this topic.

I would like to wish T0X1C & G|hut good luck for tonight. Will be awaiting the replays. Btw anyone know what has happened to Mumble and His reviews? :(


Season 1 / Re: GCDL Round 2 - T0X1C vs. WDF
« on: October 16, 2008, 01:48:13 pm »
It has always been radiance skadi and then butter as a luxury item. Terror blade is mostly a hero who farms with his images. Radiance serves this purpose way better than any other item out there so theres no way its a waste of space.

The best terrorblades in the world LightofHeaven, H4nni, chu etc go radiance on terrorblade and own with it.

So i dont see how u can criticize this build on terrorblade.

When you decided to spit out random names and call them the "Best TB players in the world", just cos they play for MYM, VP and other big teams.. That alone makes your argument moot.You need to back it up with facts! Because I can name just as many players that are as good or much better that don't have the luxury of playing for MYM,SK OR past DotA legends.... that DO NOT use Radiance.

So let's compare shall we..

Radiance (5,325)

400 Radius, 35 Damage/sec Immolation (Useless in Meta form unless he wants to tank and eat all those lovely nukes vs a good team)
+60 damage (The +damage doesn't even transfer over to the Images)
8% evasion (Doesn't stack with butter)

Butterfly (6,000)

+30 Agi = +30 damage+%Armour+%IAS etc
+30 Damage
+30% Evasion
+30% IAS
Images inherit all!! The damage boost and survivability you get for just 675 more which can be purchased in 3 parts (safety) is far greater compared to the +35damage/sec burn from Radiance late game LOL...! Ever seen a TB farm with just Butter and PTs with his images? 'nuff said.

3,800 (Relic) initial neutral farm with a TB without dying might work when you play a PuG. Whereas the guy that played for T0X1C was having a horrible time trying to farm it even with the other 4 team members on insane assist/ganking sprees covering his butt until he farmed which by the time he did, the game was won already.

DotA is a team game! Although majority of it depends on individual and co-ordination skills, item builds do play a part as well (especially when playing in tournaments). Can you imagine what would've happened that game if the ShadowF had a Dagon instead of Hex? Sven Fury, MoM instead of BKB?

I do agree with you that TB can be played effectively with Radiance.. However Is it the best build to use in a Tournament when Butter is better? :) Unless T0X1C was playing for fun (end game looked like it where Sven's Rambo mode made me giggle a bit)


Season 1 / Re: GCDL Round 2 - T0X1C vs. WDF
« on: October 16, 2008, 10:36:44 am »
Radiance used to be the core item for terrorblade for along time. after s&y buff ppl started making that the core item. radiance helps the images farm faster also counters dagger when chasing. he mostly bought it for the farm part i guess, and u still get 60 damage for the main hero.

Correction; Butterfly/Skadi has always been the "core" items for TB. Radiance is a waste of space, time and money. S&Y is not required, just the Yasha for MS and straight off Butter with some HP and TB is almost godlike. Also getting Radiance to cancel blink? Ehm... :)

WDF keep practicing and you guys have the potential to be a top team! DotA is growing and it won't be long before it becomes really huge in SL as well ( future WCG event? :hint hint: :P ).I myself was pretty surprised to see so many spectators for DotA at SLCG, pretty much the same or more of an audience compared to CS.


Season 1 / Re: GCDL Round 2 - T0X1C vs. WDF
« on: October 15, 2008, 05:39:19 pm »
Very entertaining!!!

The individual level of skill, especially the Spectre, Juggernaut and Centaur was very high and they played a good team game. WDF started off really well  and it just seemed to go downhill afterward as opposed to T0X1C who picked up the tempo after a few blunders early and the game was pretty much decided. Sad to see WDF out before the semis :s

Well what can I say about T0X1C...Hmm... Lovely to watch as always, although this time early game was a bit of a mess for bottom lane as opposed to top and mid. Also I still don't understand why TB would make Radiance since it gives no attribute bonuses to your images except the short aoe burn and hardly any damage or survivability difference considering the price and TBs meta form? Game could have ended much earlier.. Alas, a fairly good improvement from BIATCH ( I still love that name for some odd reason :D )

GL for your next game T0X1C and well done WDF better luck next time!


Season 1 / Re: GCDL Round 1 - T0X1C vs. D4Rk
« on: October 10, 2008, 09:07:01 am »
Great to hear that Hollow-Point!

Btw I'm still waiting on Mumbles review?! always a pleasure to read :)


Season 1 / Re: GCDL Round 1 - T0X1C vs. D4Rk
« on: October 09, 2008, 01:33:16 pm »

So... I've been a DotA addict for years now.. I play whenever time allows it with my buds in India and I also attended the last few DotA tourneys here in SL to observe. In short, for me there's nothing better than a good game/replay, a cup of coffee and some cake to relax and write a few guides or just discuss DotA :)

Anyways, I've been a guest here on Gamer.lk for ages and I've been following this GCDL tournament & replays closely with friends...

Never thought I'd see talent like this in SL... So I felt that I just had to make an account and comment.

In short, after watching the last replay -> T0X1C vs. D4Rk <- it just made me say "Woah S@#T!! That's one sick DotA team!!"

Especially the 2 guys that played Juggernaut & Chen... AMAZING!!! Right from the start their co-ordination, timing, assists and hero killing skills were near perfect. Maybe the team they were up against weren't well organized OR it's just that T0X1C played so well that they made the other team look like newbz???

However, I'm hoping to see more replays of T0X1C vs other teams that will offer a better challenge!

My advice::: If you guys in T0X1C can iron out the tiny little issues, you lot might want to think about going international :P Anyways it's too early to judge yet so let's wait and see how this tournament unfolds!

A special mention goes out to the Vengeful who did a really good job, was pretty unselfish and played a big part in the game!
Although the Siren aka BIATCH ( Super name and it's stuck in my head now =[ ) & ShadowF did their part with some good farming skills.. They might want to be more alert and responsive earlier/throughout the game?!


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