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Game Lounge / Re: Origin Vault
« on: November 12, 2016, 02:40:13 pm »
Vault is good, not bad for the price you pay, you get a discount on purchases as well, and some new titles you get trial access for 6/10 hours, including early access to the game. For Example like Mirrors Edge Catalyst, NFS and BF1

- the vault currently gives you unlimited access to 40 Games including some of the good titles like BF3, BF4 Premium, Hardline , NFS Deluxe, Unravel, PVZ GW and GW2 , Fifa 15/16, titanfall and more

Game Lounge / Re: Game Deals - Steam, GreenManGaming, Amazon, Origin...
« on: September 08, 2016, 12:43:01 am »

Crew free with all DLC from September 14 to October 14 through Ubi Club as a part of their Ubi30 celebrations


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Omg countless sleepless hours on this trying to get it to read and trying to install Mountain Lion on Virtual Box and failing., the most simplest solution I ended up doind was to just Run a Ubuntu Live Disk and copy them files to a fat formatted pen Drive .... sheeeeeesh

this is probably a stupid thing to say, but try scanning with data recovery suites. like easeus.

anyway, just "researching" gave this to me, don't know if this method need a mac


that is formating, and yes they do mention using HFS explorer to extract the data, that does not work in my case., so far my only option still is using VirtualBox and installing Mac to my PC but I need to wait till midnight to download the two ISOs. so hoping for a faster solution before I go there.

Guys, need some help with this one.

I have a Mac formated pen drive which a 196MB EFI partion shows up when pluged in.

I tried mediafour MacDrive 10
and HFS Explorer which did not work.. any other ideas. I need to get the data out of the pen drive.

Screenshots attached


To celebrate Ubisoft's 30th anniversary, The Ubisoft Club is offering you seven digital PC games. Every month a new game will be revealed and free to download. Then it is yours to keep! Hurry up, the game is available for a limited time. Just register here with your Uplay account.

POP - Sands of Time

Communal Assistance / Asus P553M (bing-sx518b)
« on: June 30, 2016, 07:58:47 pm »
why does this laptop only appear in Sri Lankan Sites, no support whatsoever from asus?

Disabling CSM boots the laptop into the BIOS, enabling it detects no HDD's, has anyone come across this problem before?

Communal Assistance / Clone Display option missing in Windows 10?
« on: June 10, 2016, 09:32:32 pm »
one of my cuzin has a DELL XPS 15 notebook, recently I installed windows 10 into it and now after plugin in the HDMI to the TV I can only extend or use either one, bit not clone which I was able to before windows 10

what I noticed today was that the laptop display is using the Intel HD Graphics and HDMI is on nVidia, so both relevant vendor settings panel (intel and nVidia) only shows there is one display connected.

Windows detects 2 but no cloning. Anyway I can overcome this and clone?

damn... so many stronghold lovers... :D and here I thought I was the only one.

Forum Suggestions/Help / Re: GLK e-mail notification issue
« on: June 08, 2016, 10:48:47 pm »
Anyone here facing e-mail notification issue?

What's the issue?

I gave a WD 1TB to the technical, it had around 300GB of steam backups :D

edit : i have more with me on my other drive, Ill try and bring them over to you next time. if that is what's expected of me, else you will need to come to Mattegoda to get the files ;D (and if so pls bring a USB 3.0 Portable or a laptop HDD - convenient)

edit 2: screenshot attatched - do not laugh most of them the junior plays

edit 3: have the new Unreal Tournament Pre Alpha files, Witcher 3 GOG (everything - close to 60GB) and a few origin games as well

Communal Assistance / Re: Origin App Authenticator
« on: June 03, 2016, 08:07:15 am »
Thank You was struggling for past hour trying to find out how to get in

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