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Hardware / Peripherals / Need help with my next pc
« on: October 19, 2010, 10:38:56 am »
Hi   ;D

This will be my 1st post on this forum,but lets cut the crap and go to topic

I'm planing to upgrade my pc to these,
Processor-Intel Core i5 760
Mobo-Intel DH55HC (well I'm not planing to oc my pc and this mobo does what all I need from a mobo,and this is what I can find in kandy for cheapest :P )
Ram-2GB Kingston 1333MHz
HDD-500GB samsung
Monitor-Samsung E2220X 22" LCD
DVD RW/CD RW drive

How much will these cost me to by from SL ? Can someone gimme some idea and will appreciate lot :)

And nope I'm not gonna buy these main parts from internet,I already got fed up last year claiming warranty for my 9600GT from SLMega  :\

And I'm gonna keep my 9600GT for a while(till I finish my A/L's 2nd time next year :P  :\  ??? ),160GB samsung HDD,Atrix casing.
also will this PSU be enough for my system ?(and can i find this psu in sl shops? )

Thanks all :)

edit-hope I'm in the correct section,mods forgive me if I'm not

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