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idoits.... Stop mourning about COD MW2 and play some other game dirk.,... COD MW2 MP is a epic failure.. Face the facts.. They just need more $$$ and they can't have enough of it.. pure *sadness*

Game Lounge / Re: EA Games for cheap! (Rs. 1,000 etc)
« on: November 04, 2009, 07:38:13 pm »
yes it is in indian rupees.

Price is in India Rupee

999.00 INR   
2,443.97 LKR (04th November 2009)

even so... it is cheaper than in america right?

General / Re: game survey
« on: November 02, 2009, 06:38:14 pm »
1)   what is your opinion of a game?
2)   why do you play game?
3)   where do you like to play games?
4)   do you think we donít have enough places where we can play games?
5)   Do you think we donít have enough competitions or enough chances to game with a group?
6)   Any other problems?
7)   Do you think gaming should be more prominent in Sri Lanka?

8)   If there is a convention on games with a tournament will you come for it or volunteer?
9)   Why would you come for it?

(don't take the the last two questions seriously)

Machan if this is for a project might i suggest to be more specific in your questions and put more effert in coming up with a set of questions that'll make your project worthwhile. As far as i can see these you haven't given much thought before coming up with these questions..
And do please say more about y u need this answers for? If this is the A/L project or uni project state it. otherwise we won't know for what u r doing this for.
Anyways here is my answers,

1) My opinion of a game is a some activity that has a set of rules and regulations and at the end there will be a winner.
2) I play games for stress relief, enjoyment etc.
3) I play games mainly @ my home, I play in college too @ times. I hardly play in cafes.
4) Well, if you are taking about computer games, there are enough places to play in colombo but there should be more. But when it comes the out station there isn't much places.
5) Yes there are plenty of tournaments these days.
6) Hmm.. Well, there is this problem where people try to be the first @ everything since competitive gaming is just beginning in SL but it is all good.
7) yes gaming should be more prominent in SL.
8 ) If I have the time I will help out.
9) I would defa come cuz gaming is my interest.

machan.. navin_rox... this server has been there for a while. you don't need any password to connect to it.. Just need the game counter strike and type in the console (~ button) connect cs.gamer.lk. this may be full most times so add it to your favorites then once the player count reaches 30 u will be able to join the server, since one slot is reserved for admins.

Game Lounge / Re: Hot Strippers or Counter Strike? CS wins! [NSFW]
« on: November 02, 2009, 01:14:10 am »
OMG! are those guys gay! how the in the world can you concentrate when strippers are dancing around u! Either those guys are gay or these pics are edited... xD and also ctrl, alt, del I love those keys... xD

Season 3 / Re: GCCL S3 Div A | Round 2 : Liquid Vs Living Legends
« on: October 29, 2009, 12:07:02 am »
this should be EPIC
ya... this will be a cool match, but even though LL is a very good team they some how don't perform well with liquid... well, RD gave a good fight to liquid in de_dust2 @ wcg... but LL seem to loose really bad to Liquid... Well, this time they might be able to turn the tables. who knows what will happen. Everyday is a new day. GL to both teams.

No Game Zone / Re: High Quality Movies @ ~300MB [Updating Daily]
« on: October 27, 2009, 03:20:03 am »
And is there anyone in this world who has read harry potter and doesnt find the movie to be one of the biggest fails in hstory?
This is soo true... Harry potter movies really suck.. The Last one was just sad... Well, I can't say the same to the LotR movies cuz they are really cool. I find the books boring may be becuz i couldn't understand the bloddy english and I read it when i was doing my A/l's or something.

on nuke I saw prince getting stuck going for that boost near the truck... It was pretty funny :) well, is that jump legal in matches? cuz one step in that jump is on an invisible block... just asking....

First Person Shooters / Re: Modern Warfare 2 = FAIL!!
« on: October 25, 2009, 03:33:17 pm »
Unfortunately podiman dont think any of the cod4 folks will go play CS tbh from what i know they will be moving to Battlefield Bad Company 2(not confirmed :P ), if MW2 really really epic fails xD
I know men... They will never come to play CS cuz the engines and the graphics are totally different I was just kidding.. xD Well, Battlefield might be a good option to go to if MW2 is and epic fail. Cuz the engines and the gameplay are some what same.. Well, GL with it.. from the that Buster postedd seems like there is a bit of hope that they will do something about this matter...

First Person Shooters / Re: Modern Warfare 2 = FAIL!!
« on: October 25, 2009, 12:45:11 pm »
dirk... stop whining about MW2 how bad the IW people are how they are sooo business minded and all, and come play CS... for once acknowledge that CS is the best multiplayer game out there :P and come play CS! :P :P

Well, on a more serious note... this is like CS:S it was bad even though it had good graphics and a new engine and people still play CS 1.6. COD 4 will be like CS 1.6 even though MW2 comes out people will still prefer to play COD 4 as their main multiplayer game and MW2 will be ignored.. :)

Funnies / Re: Group Photo | After Puging!
« on: October 25, 2009, 09:42:43 am »
hahahhaha ur signature is soo pervy.
That should be daelin's awesome work.. He makes some awesome signatures.. goes well, with the "Queen of Hearts" xD You guys pug @ 3am in the morning :O anyways nice pix.. :D

WCG Sri Lanka / WCG SL 2009 qualifiers: issues
« on: October 24, 2009, 10:06:55 pm »
wow.. this is a really hot topic.. well, the matter now is that y leon is representing SL when he clearly wasn't the 2nd runners up in the WCG qualifiers right??? well, here's my two cents on this matter. originally we were informed that only one person is going to represent SL and now they have 2 more openings... Brilliant... More people representing SL the better. I think we all agree that fact that the Flashbullet and Ifiboy is fit to represent SL since they came 1st and 2nd place respectively.
Now the other person that LKeS is has choosen to send is Leon who wasn't the 3rd place winner of the WCG tournament but he represented SL @ WCG asia...
Just because he had a bad game @ WCG Sri Lanka doesn't mean that he isn't capable of performing... so had a bad game.. so what we all have our bad days... also he became 1st @ SLCG if i'm  not mistaken. So y is it unfair to send him to WCG china instead of the 3rd place winner, based on his past performances? Clearly i don't see y not... I don't know if the 3rd place winner has won any other competitions if so i don't it is fair sending Leon instead of him.

Last time also we had a problem where unfortunately Shawn couldn't get the visa to travel to germany to represent SL, and therefor we had to player one man short (Blade sure doesn't count for one person @ that level of competition). So this time around can't we just think of country before self and do what's best for the country!! I say that Leon is the best person to represent SL as the 3rd person if the 2nd runner up has no other competition wins under his belt.

That's my 2 cents...

Remember people think... "Country Before Self"
Thank you.

Game Lounge / Re: In need to become a Admin in CounterStrike Guys
« on: October 21, 2009, 09:11:26 am »
At last bought a public 32 SLOT SERVER. Thanx guyz for ur info.
so.. what is the ip???

Are you serious? Defence.LK is a website. We're not voting against the men and women who fought for us, please don't mix up the two podiman :S.
well, what i meant by that was that cuz of the website the information about the war was quickly given to the public in a convenient manner. That helped public in knowing what was going on there in the north. Thus making the public aware of the situation hence finishing the war was made easier. I don't mind anybody not voting it as your favorite website since it is your choice. but practically laughing at a website that helped in a certain way in defeating terrorism in a thread like "ROFL of the day" is not a done thing.

The nerve. Defence.lk doesn't come close to GLK >_>
lawl. Should start a thread called Flame war of the day.

Someguys are quite funny ;)
Well, anyways that is my point of view. it's ultimately u who is gonna vote and it's your decision. may be this "Hound" person was just trying to remind u in saying there was this site which was very famous at the time we were @ war should be become the fav website of SL. i dunno about u guys but it certainly reminded me that i used to visit this site every morning @ work.

:O this is surprising... when i was doing my internship i saw almost all of the people going into defence.lk to check out the war situation in our country. That was the first thing that they did early in the morning when they came to work along with checking out the morning paper and checking mail. :) This clearly is an indication that one of sri lanka's favourite website is defence.lk
Well, for sri lankan gamers this might be the best web site but as sri lankans we should also appreciate the fact that one reason that the war ended so quickly was the fact that people were informed about the latest progress of the war through the defence.lk website.
well, guys even if you disagree with me keep this thread civil unlike the flame baits from this "someguy" who has just 3 posts under his name.

I should say that it's sad that people very quickly forget the fact that there was a war from the day that we were born and when it is finished finally, everyone acts as if it never happened. 

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