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Scooby aiye Autograph ekak  :D  :P

Classifieds / Re: Sapphire HD 7770 1GB GDDR5 |price updated|
« on: April 20, 2015, 01:32:12 pm »
pm me ur last price

Classifieds / [Selling] SteelSeries Rivel Special Edition
« on: March 25, 2015, 09:54:21 pm »
SteelSeries Rivel Special Edition with Box...

8 month used(warranty remaining Red Line)


Contact 0770066943 (Sajith)

Call of Duty 4 (COD4) / Re: How to do this in COD4
« on: January 06, 2015, 01:14:17 pm »
Lahiru kasun right? don't accuse me of things that I wasn't proven guilty of. It was just a mislead noob accusation by jackal and glk refs checked and everything was clean. I made my f***ing team you moon. twice..... So don't talk shit that you know nothing of. And you're not even worth my time. I don't even remember seeing you guys at lan.. and one more thing. find the meaning in anyway you can

faber est suae quisque fortunae....
that's for the destiny bullshit you said.

@blackwidow (Thuder Malli) Yes ur right. Who knows jackal (u was in DC ones upon a time) & the other refs (cynide?) are checked ur config. I found ur configs from SLCG 2014. Then how u prove refs are checked ur config if those binds in there ? Don't get my clan in to this.

the architect of his own fortune (these days google so nice) :-D

Call of Duty 4 (COD4) / Re: How to do this in COD4
« on: January 06, 2015, 11:17:03 am »
says that to the two times national champion and the player of the year...... and you? not even a title ? shit son

Yh @blackwidow I know but after seen this u decide who is shit ok ?  :D ah and u talk about titles, it was not written in my destiny :sick:

Call of Duty 4 (COD4) / Re: How to do this in COD4
« on: January 05, 2015, 12:45:35 pm »

Call of Duty 4 (COD4) / Re: How to do this in COD4
« on: January 03, 2015, 03:09:44 pm »
Ban this bugger for wait binds. Noob.

Maximum Thunder th wait bind use kara eke owanam monawada @KauBoy

Assassin Creed Unity ?


pm'd  ::)

do u have call of duty advanced warfare ?

Season 6 / Re: GCWL S6 : Xtreme Warriors vs Ganjaboys
« on: September 16, 2014, 07:29:04 am »
Ahuwoth practise. Gahuwoth paradai (c) Madhatter ;D


Classifieds / Logitech G9x For sale
« on: September 13, 2014, 09:26:32 am »
Mint condition. Slightly used.
full set with box, CD, Manual, weights set, extra grip.
Price : Rs. 7000
Selling cuz I got razer deathadder 2013  :)

call or leave a message

Season 6 / Re: GCWL S6 : WolfGang Team WreckingWolves vs team-MACHAN
« on: September 06, 2014, 02:31:13 pm »

ath3nA wa kapuwada ???

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