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Classifieds / Re: {SELLING} PC Parts for sale
« on: April 21, 2019, 09:17:59 pm »

Asked for price - pls respond to my request

Classifieds / Re: {SELLING} PC Parts for sale
« on: April 14, 2019, 11:10:16 pm »
Are the following still available ?
And in what condition are they ?
Is there a warranty still remaining ?

Samsung SE-208 External DVD Writter
Prolink 650VA UPS

Is it avlbl still ?
What is the condition of the UPS ?
Will it work with just a battery replacement ?
Why is it looking all dusty ? Have you not used it ?

Classifieds / Re: Kingston SSD - 480GB A400
« on: April 11, 2019, 09:41:48 pm »
Brand new with 3 year warranty goes for 14.5k now.

So why not buy one brand new without salivating over what I have for sale ?
Cant be too cheap if you want premium!
FYI this is made for the UK market - if u know any better each SSD comes with a model number that includes the market it is made for. You are getting the same thing as bnew sans the warranty and unlike traditional hard drives you dont need a warranty for SSDs unless you want to have it inside a server << FYI

Classifieds / [SOLD] Kingston SSD - 480GB A400
« on: April 06, 2019, 10:50:45 pm »
I have with me a Kingston SSD - 480GB A400 (brand new with seal)
This was bought in UK and received as a gift.
Selling cos I dont need 2 SSDs.

Price - 12k

SMS/Whatsapp - 0779024092

Normally donlges and phone(5s) getting around 10Mbps~13Mbps and 3372 goes 17Mbps~20Mbps. Not the speed test, just plain download speeds.

For the record I'm getting ~20Mbps at night with 3372.
Daytime hovering around 10-12Mbps. Even to 15Mbps sometimes.inside dongle it doesn't says it getting dc just only says 3G. but I guess it is. Another very common 21Mbps dongle one of my friend have very closer to my home, also a huawei, only achieve around 7to 10Mbps at night. Lower at day time.
I'm living far away from you. In kegalle. 😂😂

Wow that's hella lotta speed. For me it's only 1 to 2.4 Mb(its)ps :(. You wouldn't believe how close to the city I live. I live in Mount Lavinia, supposedly between 2 towers, one in Mount junction and the other in Attidiya junction. I tested this on speedtest using both my dongle(e173) and phone(s5). Torrent download averages around 200 to 415kB(ytes)ps. Speed doesnt change much depending on day or night. However in Kolpetty, speedtest using my phone(s5) gives ~10Mb(its)ps almost any day. I have set my phone to use only 3G/HSPA+ and not 4G/LTE. Donno if it has DC-HSPA+ (i doubt it).

Anyways I've found a seller (yaathra computers) who's selling e3372 with DC-HSPA+ support and 4G support for dialog. I will buy one from them once holiday is over and let ull know if there's any improvement in speed where I live.

thanks all.

I had this model, kind of later it broken from where it rotate. later opted for 3372 and still serving for the money. It also support almost every band

So that means any dongle with DC-HSPA+ will give good download speeds ? Im jus clueless why everyone is after e3276 when there are other DC-HSPA+ dongles/routers out there.

..There's a whole bunch of shops in Unity Plaza that sell this. Pay a visit there and ask around. However they might have no idea if you ask for the Huawei e3276 dongle. Just tell them to show you the box of any Huawei dongle they have. You can see for yourself if it's the e3276......I bought two e3276 dongles from unity plaza quite some time ago. I'll check if I still have their warranty papers. If so, I'll mention the shop names here.

Thanks for this. Looking forward to the infor.

Please Note...

so before you schedule make sure the day is good., My advice is if you can borrow one from someone test it out. Also where do you live?

As mentioned somewhere before I live in Mount Lavinia. I think if mount junction has a tower and Attidiya has a tower, then Im situated right in the center of the 2. But Im not sure where the towers are.

I have switched to 4G as well since using a dongle at daytime sometimes is unbearable, Most downloads I use the night time Data, but when it comes to huge downloads I go with the KBB50 Using an E353s (Huawei) dongle,

IMO any dongle with over 21Mbps or 42Mbps speeds as mentioned in the model gives better performance over the 7.2 or 14.4, but its not an easy task.,

Since not everyday you get good speeds and the best time is after 1am till about 6am after that you are back to dial up speeds., so you have to check the speeds before you use em, since there is no point if the speeds are at 200, also note some days they do system updates so activating kbb 50 does not work after midnight on those days.

like I said its not easy...

the way I do it is activate 3 consecutive kbb50 before midnight., check speeds from like 12-12.30 if speeds are promising I let it go on till morning., 6 hours should give you close to 20-25gb of download with good speeds (15-20 Average).

also note even you are staying close to the tower the another factor that effect speed is the number of users on that tower pulling data, I am assuming the dongle connections are proxied through their servers so we are probably sharing a limited amount of bandwidth.

p.s. I buy local dongles from any local computer store, and I upgrade the dashboard with huawei's default Mobile Partner, and updated firmware if available.

if you are unsure of doing so you can always install the default dashboard and not touch the setup inside the dongle....but you will be presented with a nagging message at the beginning to install.

Thanks Rameez for suggesting that a new dongle can increase speed. I think I can stick with the night time packages cos I hate to lose sleep over downloads. I schedule my downloads and let it run from 12-8 AM and am mostly pleased with this setup. Im not trying to achieve the max speed and get the most downloaded here. All I wanna know is if I can get better speeds with a newer dongle so that Im not losing out on any bandwidth I can achieve. I know kbb50 pkg is the most cost effective but it doesnt workout for me as I also want convenience. I guess the only thing I need to do now is to buy a dongle.
But I wish ppl would just name me some places to buy a dongle cheap.

What were the prices of Huawei K4606 and e3276? There shouldn't be huge price difference between them. And both support DC-HSPA+.

I bought my e3276 for about 3k. It's the STC one and got it from a shop in Unity Plaza. It had a one year warranty period. Been using it for years without any issues.

I can download about 25GB using the nighttime package, and I don't even get HSPA+. Past midnight, download speeds are around 9-10 Mbps. That's a bit more than 1MB/s.

You must be living close to a tower cos with my current setup (e173 on a ZTE MF10 router) I can only get 400kB(ytes)ps at best with 200kBps being average as opposed to your 1 or 1.5 MBps. Overall I get close to 8 GBs downloaded in 8 hours from 12 - 8AM. My primary question now before I spend money is, would a new dongle with DC-HSPA+ increase my speed ? FYI I live in Mount Lavinia - as per my approximations, in between 2 towers, 1 in junction and the other in Attidiya - Im placed right in the center of these 2 towers.

The e3276(STC one) costs 4750/= from yaathra computers and k4606 is 2700/= from dongle.lk. And EGS (if thats the ONLY Unity Plaza shop), dont sell e3276 anymore :(

So I have delayed buying the dongle until I get better feedback or find a seller with lower price.

Well my dongle broke. So I'm using my Xperia z3 tab with usb tethering to download. As silver night mentioned speed mostly depends on which time you download. I get around 2-3 MBps during morning times. After 12pm speed begins to drop and its super slow during night time. Below 1 MBps. So I don't use night time package instead I use Kbb 50 (2 hour).

As for the dongle I dont remember the exact model it had that STC or something on it. I bought it off ikman, got it delivered to my house. I think anything with DC-HSPA+ will do, think 25+ Mbps is the speed.

Btw where do you live? Do you get DC-HSPA+ signal? You better test that before buying a dongle.

I live in Mount. Just found out, judging by running speedtest from my phone without enabling LTE, in Kolpetty and in Mount, that unfortunately speed differs a lot :(. In Kolpetty I got 12 - 16 Mbps with speedtest over HSPA+ and this too by around noon or afternoon(I dont think my phone, S5, supports DC-HSPA+) and in Mount the speed stuck at 2 Mbps in the eve as usual. So Im guessing that either the signal strength is strong in Kolpetty or that my phone has HSPA+ which the dongle(e173) doesnt have.

Anyways I've decided to purchase a dongle as I might need HSPA+ in order to get a slight speed bump. I dont think DC-HSPA+ is effective out of Colombo so not going after that.

Im looking at Huawei K4606 which has DC-HSPA+ and HSPA+ and costs much less than e3276.
Are there significant other advantages than DC-HSPA+ from gettin e3276 ?

I think you can any thing with hspa+ i have two dongles and one is the e3276 and a 4g one both give good speeds. Well dialog does noy give a night time package only off oeak data

Where can I find an e3276 dongle ? I heard there are 2 types - the one from Dubai(STC) and the one from dialog, with the dialog being better. It would be great if someone can point me to a place / dealer where I can buy a good dongle from.


Get the e3276. Speeds are good. With HSPA+ you can get around 1.5 MBps to 2MBps. At least that i got.  But i switched to Dialog 4G now

Is it e3276 that I need, or any dongle with DC-HSPA+ mode ? Is e3276 still the king, cos it's very hard to find this on sale.. But I can see several other 4G LTE dongles / routers that support both 4g and 3g and also has support for DC-HSPA+.
I know Dialog 4G is fast but they dont allow night time download on that connection, or do they ?

Hi, Im using an old dongle (Huawei e173 issued from dialog) to connect to Dialog with nighttime package for downloads and internet, but I cant seem to exceed 400 kBps (average is 150 kB(ytes)ps). With speedtest, the highest I have hit is 2.2 Mb(its)ps. I connect the dongle to a 3g router (ZTE MF10) rather than directly to PC, but the performance remains the same. I know some users here have posted that they can connect with a much higher speed. I would like to get such speed too. I dont think proximity to tower is an issue here as I get plenty of signal. I think my old dongle is the issue here.

2 options I have in mind are to buy the Huawei b683 or the Huawei e3276 (which is recommended from posts here).

Can you recommend a good router/dongle based on your experiences ?
Also note what average speed you get when downloading or with speedtest, from such a device.


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