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General / Re: Top 5 Cs 1.6 The Best Awper [Sri Lanka]
« on: January 21, 2010, 12:44:42 am »
lol somke is noob
yup exon go edit it n put joker cz hez pro dan me :D

General / Re: Top 5 Cs 1.6 The Best Awper [Sri Lanka]
« on: January 19, 2010, 10:52:09 pm »

Holy wtf? 2 cars O_O

Note the 2 different number plates of photos OP and xearon have posted.

well bro! dose r garage number plates so we cn use ny garage number plates n it. it dsnt want to b da same

you ppl do knw dat hummer was bankrupt and was bought over by a Chinese company rite . the models must be cheap but not 3.5 mil cheap . am thinking may be like 9mil - 11mil
well yeah, evntho chinese company bought GM dey hv to keep maintaining DA production n USA till 2011. so DA quality, machinery ND also DA labour will be the same ryt. So Bcoz f Dese reasons dare r no price changes till 2011.  nyway 2009 hummer H2 will be cost nearly $70 000 n USA. so when it comes to our country gettin a hummer  for 9mil or 11mill b a dream :D cos 350% tax + conversion fees

How did this car end up here anyways ?
actually still dis car s with edirisinghe brothers. hu convert left hnd vehicles n to ryt hand. so dese ppl have orderd dis vehicle frm dey r mny nd going to sell it here or if nt dey will export it to ausi or india. cos only edirisinghe bros hv da proper license and technology to do da converions. so evn indians mst come to SL to buy hummers. example: Dhoni nd harbajan.

xD have to agree that sounded pretty dumb. ;D

So what i was tryin to say was you can own a Hummer in SL for cheap even if its not the exact original. I think the mistake i made in the post was sayin that the '09 hummer' is cheap. My bad. (Y)

well yeah you cn buy da fake 1 but ppl hu know about hummers cn  identify dem easily so it wll b lyk waste f money.hehe

Dude 24 mil without tax is just insane. That's BMW 5 series money with tax. Even if it's taxed 500% wouldn't cost much more than 15 mil.

Btw, the 09 Hummer is dirt cheap. Saw a reconditioned one at Kohuwala a cpl of months ago for 3.5 mil and a family friend of mine got one recently for around 4.5 mil.

 lol x dis is really funny yar!! 3.5 mil hummer 4.5mil? may b ur missin 1 infrnt f 3.5(13.5 ) lol
nd btw camero is 240 with tax  and also without tax n USA dis same exact car cost around $50 000 :D.. btw we mst b really proud cs dis is da 472 or 423 (as i cn remember)  car out f 1000 cars. so as a sri lankan we mst b proud f t. BTW bro evn a toyota smart cab(hilux) costs more dan 3.5 million. So jst think b4 u comment :D chillax!!

btw i wanna kno y u telling 09 hummer s dirt cheap?? hv u evr  compared it to earlier versions??

sesky shit yar!!! hehe awsme ride i hv ever scen  :D

gg well played BM2 :D

ade shal v play dota?? :P hehehehe

Nai kai da roast paan? api kanawooo

lol i mean we gonna gt rape :| plz smoke dont kill apple.....miniha paw >.>
bt u can kill othrz OK
<3 SmOkE
haha nyc joke Thish :P we didnt practise nything hehe lets play dust2 k?? den we cn use  sme  basic strats :D

GL! <3 Ice  ;D

Officially rape!!  ::)
offcially rape omg :O sahena case ade lets play dust2 :D

gg! 5ds nice over cum gg wMy
nice over CUM??? errrr hahaha

Wow! nt 5Ds that was some awsome comeback! Keep pawning!
and as for WMY nice work <3
hehe ty bro :D it ws a nyc game nd lrnt lotta stuff :D Shade ta moko wune?? shik we missed him soo much lol
5DS. SUmana Paala

good match :D hehe

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