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Handheld Consoles / Sony PSP 2000 for Sale
« on: September 01, 2021, 06:47:00 am »
Used Sony PSP 2000 for Sale !

Device is in good condition.
Piano Black color.
Running with Custom firmware version 5.50GEN-D
Able to play many games without UMD
CSO and ISO formats supported.
2GB Memory Card
with charger and audio adapter.
Whatsapp - 0777164819

Rs. 11000/=

Game Lounge / After the break...
« on: August 30, 2019, 01:57:34 am »

Oh my...

I logged on.... After how many years... IDK
I feel I'm so old  ;D ;D ;D

Be careful, Last models which sony released (psp200) are with new MoBo which is difficult to put normal psp 200 CFW. Please check your MoBo version and put correct CFW.

eg - Madden NFL bundled PSP 2000  :yawn: o.0

Handheld Consoles / Re: Dark-AleX end of days...
« on: January 05, 2010, 02:05:24 pm »
Not for PSP GO but for PSP 3000 it's possible to put CFW without brickin' your device  ;)

Handheld Consoles / Re: Dark-AleX end of days...
« on: January 04, 2010, 10:01:34 pm »
Team GEN releasing most trusted CFW for PSP after Dark Alex.
They released GEN-A to GEN-D2 including newest decrypter for games released after Soul Caliber, Dirt 2, Gran Tourismo.....


Handheld Consoles / Re: Hacking the PSP?
« on: December 25, 2009, 09:14:50 pm »
It's hard to find pandora in Sri Lanka market try from Dubai or Malaysia
(even it's hard to find here in Doha)

Handheld Consoles / Re: Hacking the PSP?
« on: December 25, 2009, 09:12:00 pm »
Get GEN CFW,(Gen B upwards) It'll give option to pandorize battery, I never tested this option use it at your own risk.  o.0

Handheld Consoles / Re: Dark-AleX end of days...
« on: December 14, 2009, 07:36:49 pm »
When one Gladiator goes down another one will rise up  8)  GEN team continuous....

Handheld Consoles / Re: Hacking the PSP?
« on: November 20, 2009, 06:13:05 pm »
Use CFW 5.5x GEN D2  ;D

« on: November 20, 2009, 06:05:58 pm »
need more details,
CFW Version , Any plug-ins installed? , recently updated?


Handheld Consoles / Dark-AleX end of days...
« on: September 25, 2009, 11:58:28 am »

Alek, administrator of the Dark-Alex.org forums, has put up a forum closure announcement due to several reasons, after a year of service to the PSP community. Although this is sad to see, it does not appear that he is leaving for good, as some members have pointed out he says, "little time for relax and so we can study whats next," and finally ends with a hopeful message saying, "as after all this is not a "goodbye", but a "cya" ;-)."

Official post below:

Within the following announcement, we announce the closure of Dark-AleX.org forum, after one year of working, more than 50,000 users, more than
170,000 messages, and more than 15,000 threads. With those statistics, that have gone generally within more than 450 messages, 40 threads and 130
new users per day, we are more than just satisfied about the results and about what we have reached.

There are many reasons. The forum, by itself, has been a challenge. A challenge that, without any doubt, has exceeded all of our expectatives, and
a challenge that now, after all that we have been through, we find ourselves happy and proud of having gone this far. However, its, professionally
speaking, a moment for evolving and taking ourselves a little time for relax and so we can study whats next.

Since the beginning, the people' answer has been something amazing and indescribable, something that we won't have enough grateful words, and that
fills us of satisfaction. This support has been so huge that we have found ourselves overwhelmed, and when we wanted to give the deserved service
for each user, we have gone into problems and we have got to take this hard but consistent decition; that, the same way as we wield a smile when all
this was starting, this last decition makes us sad, but we know that is the best choice at the moment.

Again, thanks to all, to our moderators, to our friends, to our old and new partners, to the English Zone and their help to this project, and everyone
of you that have helped us on any terms.

Lastly, if any user is interested on recovering any part or any thread of the forum, please contact with the following e-mail: [email protected]
so we can deliver what you need.

And remember, you always have to your disposal our IRC as a place in where you can chat, you can laugh with us, and as a cool reason to make a reunion
and remember old times, as after all this is not a "goodbye", but a "cya" ;-)


Admin and Webmaster of Dark-AleX.org

Games released after Soul Caliber needs OFW 5.5.  :\ cause when starting those games it search for some decryption from psp FW. Currently only OFW 5.5 havin that decryption. Sorry guys we have to wait n see  :(

Handheld Consoles / Re: Hacking the PSP?
« on: September 18, 2009, 11:00:10 am »
Nooooo, Always use traditional meathod.

No Game Zone / Re: Is Prabhakaran Captured?
« on: May 19, 2009, 04:27:59 pm »

Close Range Headshot... Best treatment for Blood Sniffer


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