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Season 10 / Re: GCWL S10 Match 70 :ROGUE vs TM|Team EcHo FOX
« on: February 19, 2018, 09:52:52 pm »
ROGUE wins the match against TM|Team EcHo FOX with Maps 2-0

First Map Cross 13-4

Second Map 13-7

Noxious Lycans Pack-A win the match against Matrix Gaming silent killers

1st Map 13-10 to Noxious Lycans Pack-A

2nd Map  to Noxious Lycans Pack-A

Season 10 / GCWL S10 Match 3 : Maximum Team 5Kings vs Oxigen
« on: January 31, 2018, 11:47:20 pm »
Maximum Team 5Kings
Leader   :Ganster
Player 2 :Wolverine
Player 3 :Deadshot
Player 4 :Kiwi
Player 5 :wiki

Leader   :GGBoys
Player 2 :Dzyre
Player 3 :Batti<3
Player 4 :Aza
Player 5 :Blaster

Time : Feb 02  at 10:00 PM

Refrees :GLK|Oops & GLK|Shadow


Both teams are expected to be in Gamer.LK Public TeamSpeak 3 Server (ts.gamer.lk) 15 minutes prior to match start. It is COMPULSORY for all teams to be on TeamSpeak and any team failing to comply will forfeit their match automatically.

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