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Classifieds / WANTED a GAMING PC
« on: August 20, 2016, 11:31:57 am »
Wanted a gaming PC


4th gen I5
At least 8gb DDR3 RAM
Decent motherboard (prefer ASUS)
Capable power supply to handle a 970
With or without VGA
With or without accessories
Good gaming casing
With warranty preferred..

Pls drop me with offers with clear configuration of the respective PCs
Call or text-0778906424

I just put down the facts from my experiences of using both cards. I am not a tech expert like you..also I do not have time to google and read about graphics cards cause I have far more better things to do.. :P :P anyway we will wait and see how pascal will turn out to be..and for that matter polaris..you see some like oranges and some like apples right?  :P

as a user of both red & green I would say i am better off with the green team. AMD basically matched the performance of the Maxwell architecture with their R9 series. so better to go with the green team..Pascal architecture will be a bombardment for the Red team. the only reason to buy a red one is if you have a soft pocket.furthermore in my experience I do not think that memory management will do much of a difference in gaming performance.and if the rumors are true Pascal will be 10x faster than Maxwell..

Redline Technologies / Re: Redline Customer Service Complaints
« on: February 24, 2016, 03:15:29 pm »
I'm sure there are myriad costs that go into getting stuff down , especially in commercial quantities. Our market is still underdeveloped. I get stuff down from the US only because there are some specific items no one ever seems to stock here. If one shops around here though, from online to physical store there's a reasonable amount of choice.

Having said that I just ordered a 480GB SSD off Amazon for 21K when it costs 35k+ locally but that's just how it is. Other things are surprisingly well priced though - a 12 pack of Eneloop Pro batteries costs just over 10k with duty to bring down from the US but locally the same darn thing costs even less! The same went for my Canon 6D camera - 6 dollars cheaper than in the US! And I just bought a Dell Inspiron 13 7000 for 118K when I see some poor chap selling his on Ikman.lk for 140k from Singapore...there are some pretty decent deals in the local market.

I am an avid Gamer, So I am only interested in Gaming components. yeah you could be right when it comes to some products. I will share you my example so you will have a better understanding. I bought the following .

Intel Core i7 6700K+Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero bundle - 580dollars
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 2666MHz -83dollars
Corsair RM750i 750W 80+ Gold -113dollars
Evga GTX 980 ti FTW edition-639 dollars.

Total-1415 dollars ( around 210000 Rupees)

If I bought the same from locally that would cost me around 275000Rs

So basically I saved a huge amount so that I can invest them in another component in future.
so what i am saying is when it comes to High end stuff the local market is just ridiculous..
seriously i never had problems about the warranty.I don't even care. cause I know those stuff will just do fine.unless of course lighting strikes me.. :P :P :P

Redline Technologies / Re: Redline Customer Service Complaints
« on: February 24, 2016, 11:12:01 am »
Dude just think of it, they are doing business here, not a social service. There are many places to buy computer stuffs these days. Do they have competition out there. Because of that they are trying to reduce prices as well but keep it in your mind they have to keep their profit margin. If some one taking more profit as usual we can ignore him from our business but blaming all the others are not helping here. It something is $100 in US can't be priced at Rs.14500 here. That's hilarious if says.! I'm also buying lots of stuff from US and many more stores from worldwide. But we have to support our local stores for what they offer as a service. Just saying...

Yep,I agree with you..but the fact is I am not willing to throw a huge sum of money at local shops just because they provide warranty. for an example I got my corsair vengeance lpx 16gb 2666MHz Kit for just 83dollars. same bloody thing is 22000 in Redline..how do you justify that for a profit? just because warranty? I do not think so..

Redline Technologies / Re: Redline Customer Service Complaints
« on: February 24, 2016, 02:27:07 am »
f*** Redline,EGS & other cheap shops in unity Plaza..I got all my Gaming pc components from US for much more cheaper. I don't care about the warranty though..he he he...

The Gamer Magazine / Re: [POLL] PC Game of the Year 2015
« on: December 06, 2015, 02:20:35 am »
Witcher 3-GOTY
Phantom Pain -a very close second
Fallout 4 -yet to play

Game Lounge / Re: Your Favourite Games Of 2015
« on: November 08, 2015, 01:44:24 am »

1. Metal gear solid 5 Phantom Pain ( arguably one of the best of my 15 years of gaming.The game with Near perfection)
 2. Witcher 3 Wild Hunt- ( didn't play the first 2 games.but boy i got leave from work just to play this)
 3. GTA 5 ( probably the best game of 2015. but overlooked by the above masterpieces)
 4. Fallout 4 (finally the wait is over)

Classifieds / Re: Ultra Gaming Pc
« on: September 01, 2015, 08:23:38 pm »
Ultra?? This would have been ultra in Stone Age..sry for the comment dude..to be honest my VGA worth more that your PC itself...btw good luck with your sale..👍👍

Great service Alucard..much appreciated..keep up the good work bro..cheerz..

Classifieds / Re: (selling) EVGA GTX 970 FTW ACX 2.0 Sealed Box
« on: July 03, 2015, 01:53:54 pm »
Card is Brand new UNBOXED..actual pictures attached. anyone interested PM with your offers..no local warranty..looking for a quick sale..


Classifieds / Re: (Buying) GTX 970 or 980
« on: June 27, 2015, 10:55:47 pm »
yep..not interested iin 700 series..

Classifieds / (Buying) GTX 970 or 980
« on: June 26, 2015, 10:02:19 am »
topic says it all..anyone willing to sell, pm me with details.

Classifieds / Buying-A good gaming casing
« on: June 20, 2015, 09:45:02 pm »
In need of a good gaming casing..budget around 8k..pm me with offers if available..tks..(pls attach pics)

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