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Season 1 / Re: GCDL Round 2 - T0X1C vs. WDF
« on: October 13, 2008, 08:20:49 pm »
Good Luck both teams, and have fun. I'm sure this will be one of the most competitive games to be seen in this tourny.  (Y)

Season 1 / Re: GCDL Round 1 - nXt vs. -The-
« on: October 09, 2008, 08:32:19 pm »
wtf i didnt drop 2 times.. i only dropped once.. that was a because of a PC restart.... and that drop was also in the beginning when the game started.. so link get ur facts correct next time..

Oops. Sorry for the mistake sirsinister.

Then the second time it may be another team-mate might have dropped. Actually without a replay, it is hard to find exact facts like which player dropped 'cos people tend to forget who exactly dropped at which point. Anyways, I apologize for the mistake. Why don't you shed some light to the situation and tell us who dropped second time? :)

Season 1 / Re: GCDL Round 1 - nXt vs. -The-
« on: October 08, 2008, 12:58:29 pm »
Hmm, true RED.  :yes:

  • "It is allowed to use a disconnected hero, but it is not allowed to give his items to other players or buy any item for the hero. His Item should be remained on himself only."

But -the- team asked from referees if its ok before taking the items. And referees said its ok.

But if there's a rule change, it should be published in the Rules and Regulations as you suggested, and teams should be informed, and I believe none of this has happened  ???.

Season 1 / Re: GCDL Round 1 - nXt vs. -The-
« on: October 08, 2008, 10:55:59 am »
What happened is little complicated. ;)

When the game started (ban / pick phase), Suniya dropped about 3 times, resulting in remaking 3 times. Finally, when the game started (suniya played on 'stupidnaps's account), sirsinister dropped, so again remake. -The- team was warned that the game will be continued 4v5 if another player drops.

This time, the game was played (beyond the creep spawn stage at last, around 10 PM i guess). However, during mid game, again sirsinister dropped (just beyond a save point luckily). Since -The- team dropped over four times, nXt was asked whether to continue 4v5 or allow to reload. As nXt agreed to reload from save point, game was reloaded.

But unluckily, CrazyHomey was not able to join the game due to some saving problem. And game was again resumed from the save point, where two more -the- players dropped. So, it was decided by the admins to disqualify the -the- team, resulting a walkover for nXt.

But at the request of -the- team, nXt agreed to give another chance and to reload the game from save point again. The admins agreed on condition that the final result of the match will be decided later on after admin discussion, in case if -the- teams wins.

So the game was played 5v4, and after some brutal, (suicidal ?) successive pushes, nXt managed to destroy the throne and to win the game. The defense of -the- team was superb, with a razor who was hitting and killing like there's no tomorrow. The final result was  nXt 36/ 40 -the-, with win to nXt. Total play time was about 2.5 hours  :P

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