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Battlefield / GamerLK Official Battlefield Platoon
« on: October 28, 2013, 11:02:49 am »
Ola Fellow Soldiers  ;D.
Welcome to the new GLK Battlefield Section.
GamerLK has its own Platoon(s) up and running. Currently we only have the platoon on Battlefield 3 . But we'll be migrating to Battlefield 4 and so on in the near future.
So we invite you to come and join us and make this community bigger and better.

More soon to come.  ;)

- Fluffysauruss

First Person Shooters / Re: Any one playing Arma 3?
« on: October 06, 2013, 05:37:49 am »
ARMA is based on CO-OP Multiplayer but there are Single player missions as well.
Custom player made missions are available as well in steam workshop.
If you don't have the legit version you can find missions/addons at http://www.armaholic.com/ 

ARMA 3 Specifically the Singleplayer campaign is added as FREE DLC's in the near future.

Gameplay Videos / Re: [Movie]Incarnation
« on: August 08, 2012, 11:02:17 pm »
as expected ;) gjgj


wadak ne munta kiyala me yakkunta molayak nathi harak
If that was supposed to be anonymous  , i don't see any point explaining any further to you bounzer.

However there are only few players that can act as referees and they were chosen accordingly.
there are no players or members who can do the job as a referee but neutral. each and everyone belongs to a clan and we have to work with that.
We have to manage as it is and they have their personal lives as well. if one cannot make it we put in another in the place of the absentee whomever it is except from the parties that are playing the match..
       We cannot assign referees after a season has started.If you think you have the dedication and the time to spend on this please go ahead raise your hand and say "yeah i can do that." Then you'll see how tough its to be a referee in a match for 2/3 maps.

Anyway GG MAX and DC Wp both parties.

Gameplay Videos / ACL Frag Highlights - Shocker
« on: March 11, 2012, 11:46:12 am »

General / Re: Get nAiled 12 : Call of Duty 4 LAN tournament
« on: March 01, 2012, 04:21:19 am »
I'm going to hammer someone! Dirk!

First Person Shooters / Re: Battlefield 3
« on: November 11, 2011, 11:34:27 pm »
Idk Whats going around here. but this is MW vs BF as far as i saw at the moment.
I am a Call of Duty vet and i know how Each Multiplayer works better than anyone in this topic at the moment but cannot say for Battlefield sadly because i only played BF2/MP once and BFBC2 Legit +Now Battlefield 3 Legit.
in my POV the AI is Much better in Battlefield 3 at least our guys wont run past like 10 enemies and wait for us to come to the objective and here we think " hey its clear that's why they moved. i should go too" BAM. I am dead. This happened to me continues times over and over again. Continues times getting shot by a Ghost where hes not even in the map.yes literally!
In BF3 Atleast they wait until the area is clear so if they doesn't proceed we know that somewhere someguy is not dead.
Every Game is Scripted AI Objects Actions Cut scenes Everything.but the % of screwing up is what matters.
Call of Duty Franchise Got Ruined After Call of Duty 4 with the release of MW2 Blackops and now MW3 and will get ruined again in the future with Soon to come code named "Blackops 2" .
Single Player experience was way better in Battlefield 3 yeah the story has some mistakes here and there but they made the game so beautiful so we forget those mistakes.
on the other hand MW3 has the same Engine as MW2 Same Sounds except some new Gun sounds and they have a good Story line which Started from MW.But after the Companies broke up (A.vision) all that they got left is the Story it self. and that alone they tried to build the game (MW2 /MW3) and with that alone MW3 /MW 2 got somewhat a respect from the players.
But Battlefield Series didn't have a Single Player in BF2 afaik and this was the first time they introduced the SP Campaign for the Series. So its new to them. not like Activision. so They built from scratch and they succeeded in that.
Simply Hands down BF MP is the best of the genre and i don't think anything will beat it till battlefield 4 comes out which was mentioned with a EA press release.
as for Call of Duty  MW2 /MW3 /Blackops Multiplayer is the worst Multiplayer of its series and I Loved call of duty 4 and still loving every bit of it to date still.

Personally i dont HATE MW3 But I hate the same Graphics Same Engine Same AI Same Sounds each and every year. year by year people want something new better graphics better game play better interactivity.
Story wise MW3 is bit better thanks to the old Call of Duty Devs whos in EA at the moment ( I enjoyed the different interactions with vehicles and such in BF3 much more so i vote BF3 )
Game play and Experience wise Battlefield 3 is Much better
Multiplayer BF just Murders MW3 simply
the Sales Went Up Because of So Many MW Fan Boys who buy the game nevertheless what Publisher provides.MW Community Grew over the years with each new game but BF didn't.it only had somewhat respectively fair amount of players so its not bad but its not the best either but its growing as we speak.
Quote From a Pro Call of Duty Player " So far This game is Giving me a headache and hit detection is Really bad.over all the game is utter s__t." his own words from a Live [email protected]
Anyhow Every game has its own bugs in different ways.we just have to suck it up and play
BF3 Won my heart over MW3 in a simple mil second.
To be honest what MW Devs did was So sad about the meta critic score.

and I know people who says " BF3 Whore" Please buy the damn game before speaking(yeah i got the game as a gift form EA, bite me!).
i wont be replying here again because i will be playing either Skyrim or BF3 with my EA +Dice dev friends and i rly cba with arguments in GLK lol.

Clans / Re: Team Lordz coming out soon
« on: September 09, 2011, 08:57:03 pm »
Are you ready kids  :stupid:  "Aye Aye WIIIWIIII!"
I Can't hear you "AYE AYE WIIIWIII"
Who Charges 1500 for C. Strike game
"Wiiwiibob wiiwiipants"
Absorbant and black and porous is he
"Wiiwiibob wiiwiipants"
If complete broke  nonsense be something you wish
"Wiiwiibob wiiwiipants"
Then pay up and join he ,are  u mad ?
""Wiiwiibob wiiwiipants""
Wiiwiibob wiiwiipants!
Wiiwiibob wiiwiipants!
Wiiwiibob wiiwiipants!

"Wiiwiibob wiiwiipants"!! AH AHH AHH

PS I love you  o.0

Clans / Re: Team Lordz coming out soon
« on: September 09, 2011, 08:49:06 pm »
Rupiyal 100 madiyey maye deyiyo ?

General / Re: Hacker Caught - Call of Duty 4
« on: September 08, 2011, 03:19:31 pm »
Oh this is not new to Sri Lankan COD lol

International Scene / Re: ICGC '11 update - day 2
« on: August 27, 2011, 05:47:47 pm »
that table space is crap lol who can play like that :S

Gameplay Videos / Re: gamergirl ace
« on: July 17, 2011, 11:55:06 am »
This is exactly why we lock threads. Simply because most of you can't stick to the topic. Just *ucking say something about the video and be done with it. Most people who have posted on this thread thinking they are speaking on this girl's behalf are the ones actually forcing mods to lock the thread. So quit *ucking yapping about how the previous thread got locked before this goes down the same road as well.

No matter what the topic is if people go off topic then it's GG and locked. Those are GLK rules, do not expect us making exceptions and you dare say GLK wants this girl to be removed from the scene? Son, you should remember how GLK came to be what it is today, nA came to be what it is today, as a matter of fact what you have come to be with the support of GLK and nA.

Not Gonna even try to answer this cba same thing over again

Every few years we have this situation and the people involved are like deer in headlights at the reaction of the community.

It's fairly simple: If you want to show off your COD4 skills with videos, then that is what you should bring emphasis to. Bringing attention to the fact that you are female shifts attention from your COD4 video to the fact that "OMG ITS A GIRL". It is when discussion shifts from gaming related topics to immature gender related topics that we, as administrators/moderators, step in to stop the absurd discussion that takes place.

So here's a pointer based on very similar situations over the years, for when you post your next video: make it about the video, not your gender. You seem to have talent - that's all you need to get attention.

Rav be a love and show me the Section which mods are talking about . So we don't get this kinda "silly" incidents in the future.

Gameplay Videos / Re: gamergirl ace
« on: July 17, 2011, 10:38:20 am »
I have to agree with him. Making a new thread is a bit silly. There are threads out there for frag vids. Just make sure you search before you post.

I just Searched Whole GLK  Keyword : "Frag Videos" and only This Thread came up.
Wanna Shed some light on the matter ? " there are threads out there for frag vids" Bcuz there isnt a thread or a Section dedicated for this at all being the biggest gaming Supportive Site in Sri Lanka. (unless it magically popped up in the forums with a help of a magical unicorn.. o.0 ) and yet you say Search before you post .. . . .

Like Link it here so she can post it there ?
If there is a thread , I'll apologize behalf of her and you guys can keep on doing w/e u guys do to these kinda "useless" topics  8)

nice vid (Y). can't wait to hear what the mods have to say haha!

It is not like GLK hates new comers or try to stomp down on those who try to enter competitive gaming and make a name for themselves. There are different reasons for different actions taken by mods and posting videos of your kills is certainly not one of them. I hope you understand the difference.

About the video, unless you got all the kills in one round it's nothing super impressive except fragzt0r's kill. Do you do editing your self?

I agree with Xearon posting a whole new thread for this is useless.

So You both are saying Expressing Skills in the forum of the largest gaming community in Sri Lanka is prohibited ??
and  "try to stomp down on those who try to enter competitive gaming and make a name for themselves"
This is what you guys exactly did on both threads.
she got so frustrated and "epa una" GLK and yet still she  posted becuz she loves gaming.

I know this discussion will get this topic locked (like before) but I really need to see that Section for "Frag Videos"

and I don't know why like this thread(s) doesn't even have like crap tons of replies.or a big fuss saying yada yada yada and so on" I Don't know what the mods will say" its been there fore 4 years!  o.0

and i thought tek9 was worse...  ???  o.0

Ok this is a bit silly. So a cod4 player posts one of her youtube clips on GLK and people criticize...that's understandable. I would just like to point out that Mystique is uploading videos as a hobby AND I think they are pretty decent by any standards.  If anyone has "Better" frags they should simply record them and make a frag movie of their own if needed. Comparing frag movies is fine, but please don't bluntly state that there are "Better" movies out there since that statement just belongs to a whole different context. If you have better frags yourself then please post them on your own thread or  relevant forum.
My statement- If you don't have anything constructive to contribute, you are not contributing anything.

And yes, moderators could make a new thread for players to post frag movies if they want- if one thread is out of place please move it to the relevant area- these are the problems facing someone new to GLK as well as someone new to general forum posting. If not can a player can have his/her own single thread to post all his/her vids where users can rate them? It could be something more for the entire gaming community.

Good job Mystique the clip is great!
Agree !

Gameplay Videos / Re: [email protected]
« on: July 13, 2011, 10:29:53 pm »
im finding it hard to believe that its a girl whose playing. there's no real proof in the video since the player is not shown...i hate to be a downer in this case, but i'm just being completely honest on my view. hasn't this crossed anyone else's mind? or am i the only one.

if this is a girl, then well done, and i hope ur video encourages other girls to show off their gaming talent (coz i kno a few that are too shy to come out into the open, for their fear of being misjudged)
This video was from a LAN tourny. I'm sure there are people who can confirm that she's a girl? And that she's the one who's playing. lol

Datz my sister.  . .  o.0
Lol that's my girl ;)
haha Damage XD  ;)

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