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RTS / TBS / Re: GLK Heroes of Newerth Beta giveaway
« on: August 15, 2009, 11:54:33 pm »
Off topic but... http://www.blizzard.com/us/misc/contests/twitter/sc2.html

500 Starcraft 2 keys!!!!

RTS / TBS / Re: Heroes of Newerth (DOTA 2.0)
« on: August 12, 2009, 12:19:52 pm »
Played more. Magmar (Sandking like) Predator (N'aix like) and Madman have a few lethal OP combos. Others do too but these are the ones I've tried with success.

Magmar's Surge (Impale like) and Eruption makes anyone run, and unlike with Sandking it's pretty hard to block as there's almost no gap between stun and ulti. If you have good movespeed on him you can easily take about 3 kills alone. Very few heroes who can counter this effectively. Should be nerfed.

Madman's stalk (Shukuchi like) helps you get close to victim and deliver some minor damage, then use his ulti Berserk (exactly what it sounds like) and finish anyone off. Also pretty handy on towers. Madman also has mean crits which help of course.

Predator has a 'Venomous Leap' which deals damage, slows and blink-strikes. Very handy for use on ranged heroes harassing you. His ulti's 'Terror' which reduces armor. So with good attack speed works out to be an amazing combo.

As for random stuff, Patrol command doesn't work all the time. And NO CUSSING, as I found out when I was touring the forest looking at neuts and ran into Magmar who pwned me, the filter's always on. Everything appears like this 'What the ****?'. But since the Garena crowd's abuse of choice is in Sinhala I guess this won't be a problem.

What heroes are others playing? Any other mean ass combos?

RTS / TBS / Re: Heroes of Newerth (DOTA 2.0)
« on: August 12, 2009, 08:12:16 am »
Played it 8 hours straight and must say I am very impressed. The Leshrac-like Torturer in HoN is a lot of fun and requires some getting used to.

One of the problems I had though is that in a big showdown involving more than 4 heroes there're a lot of explosions and earth-shattering and whatnot and it's all over far too quickly, and one is never really sure of what happened. The graphics are nice, but it would be nice to actually see what the hell was going on.

Right now even with fairly balanced teams after about 5 or 6 kills it's very hard to turn the tide. I guess this has to do with how the heroes need more work.

I admit I rather like the cliche country music that starts playing whenever there's a chase, for now. Could get sick of it pretty fast.

Hero AI has little issues like not taking the shortest route and not understanding 'attack-move' properly, but I guess that's why they're testing.

The look actually reminds me of the SC and Diablo3 trailers we've seen.

On an off-topic, but significantly more interesting note it's been fun to see how freakishly quickly hierarchies are forming. Everyone's new to the game but there's already a lot of chest-thumping and such stuff going on.

RTS / TBS / Re: Heroes of Newerth (DOTA 2.0)
« on: August 11, 2009, 07:08:40 pm »
Not really a major dota player, but trying this anyway  :)


2008 / Re: SLCG Starcraft: Brood war predictions
« on: August 08, 2008, 02:36:00 am »
Onca you haven't seen me play in a long time. zero skills now. just playing for fun.

my money's on Sub :D He's whopped my ass with style on several occasions.

Dude the Creep Colonies + Lurkers opening works fine if you time it right.

It's harder against Terrans than against Protoss. You can screw the Protoss with three Lurkers. Even if the timing's a little off and they've had time to setup some Photon Cannons in the base you just have to take the hits and take the Lurkers beyond the range of the Cannons into the camp. You will of course lose one ot two Lurkers, and be left with about three. But once their inside, and out of the range of the Cannons they're generally within range of the Nexus and/or the minerals. With even one Lurker their the game's yours.

When going against terrans they've invariably built a Comsat by that time. You have to send in one Lurker who'll start hitting one of the outlying Bunkers. They Scan it and kill it. But then the Comsat's generally out of energy. So you go in and burrow and the game's yours.

By the end of the AI's first rush you've gotta have your Evolution Chamber up and upgraded the Lurkers Armor even once.

Either ways you gotta lose about half your Lurkers, but lose a few battles yet win the war or what eh? I've done this without building a single other attack unit. Only Overlords and Hydralisk/Lurkers.

I wonder if anyone's noticed that Lurkers also have mobility issues like Seige Tanks. They just don't bloody go where you ask them to if there's even a hint of traffic. What I do is send the Hydralisks right upto the suburbs of their camp and then mutate them. Not before. Sometimes a Marine or Zealot wonders out and tries to hit it but this is generally ineffective because he's not got backup (you've already killed their main assault force who rushed you).

Funnies / Funny Gamer Pseudo-Documentary
« on: March 14, 2007, 03:09:25 pm »

The Zerg way to take out AI (one on one) early game is to build Lurkers. Forget the Evolution Chamber and Zerglings. Just build a Spawning Pool first and upgrade your Hatchery. Then Hydralisk Den. At around this point you start building Creep Colonies because you know the first rush is coming. By the time the first assault comes you should have about 5 Creep Colonies and about 2 or 3 Hydralisks. If you time it right you evolve Lurker ability right as the first rush is ending, so you mutate your Hydralisks and take them over to the other camp and finish it.

This is the safest way I know of to finish AI early game when you're playing Zerg. It's amazing how much you have to change strategy against AI when you're playing against more than one of them.

But then, the whole point in playing against AI is to not finish them off early game so you can have some sadistic fun with them :)

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