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Gamer.LK Counter Strike 1.6 Server / MUSIC IN COUNTERSTRIKE !!!
« on: July 22, 2008, 09:32:10 pm »
Heyy ill let you all know bout this....  o.0
(try downloading all the following s/w before proceeding)

But this is a huge process... (coz i use the hard way)
there might be better ways....
but believe me... i've tired hard and this works...
you'll must have heard when DJ coldheart spin dat..  :) :) :) >:( >:( >:(

HLSS.... eww  (N)

First, Download this. This is the complete build of the HLDJ.
And extract (install)


Then, Download this. This is the updated version.
And extract (replace the above mentioned HLDJ exe with the newly extracted)


Then download DBpoweramp(easy conversions from MP3 to WAVE with batch processing)

(install and remember to add a shortcut to the shell(right click) menu)

Last, but not the least, Download GoldWave (to correct BASS levels)
otherwise your voice quality will be like u knw... eww...


Now the process.....

1. HLDJ installed(mentioned above)
2. HLDJ updated(mentioned above)
3. DBpoweramp installed(mentioned above)
4. GoldWave installed(mentioned above)
5. Get sum MP3 into a folder
6. Select all and right click, Select Convert to (this will only appear if u install DBpoweramp properly)

These are the settings;
Converting to - WAVE
Uncompressed - 16 bit (CD) / 8 KHz
Channels - 1 MONO
Output Location - Original Folder

When done, exact copies of the MP3 will be converted and saved as WAV in the actual folder.

7. Now copy those WAV files into the HLDJ\Audio\ folder
8. Go to GoldWave
8. Select Menu Effect > Filter > Equalizer
9. Reduce the Master(dB) accordingly

-6 (for Rock and Techno Club beats and high volume and BASS levels)
-5/4 (Slow rock and classics (basically slow songs with low volume levels)
hope you all got what i meant  :stupid:

10. Enter Preset name as "1111" (you can use whatever you like)
11. Select OK
12. Select File, and then Batch Processing
13. Select Add Folder (and specify the HLDJ\Audio\ folder location), then the files will be added
14. Select Process from the TABS below
15. Select Add Effect
16. Expand GoldWave, Expand Equalizer, Select Your Preset (1111)
17. Apply and OK

Configuring HLDJ  ;D ;D ;D

18. Open HLDJ
19. Select "YES" for the message (run setup)
20. Select "YES" for the "add all games message"
21. Enter Game Name as "CS"
22. Select Engine - HalfLife
23. Select Play Audio Key - F5 (you can use anything)
24. Select Game Directory (Specify Counterstrike folder)
25. Select Audio Directory - Might be specified default (Specify HLDJ\Audio\ directory)
26. Select Ok
27. Select Ok again if the Setup Menu Appears
28. Select Game Profile as "CS"
29. Click Play button

then automatically your CS will start
(but if you have steam installed without the STEAM CS game like me.. he he)
exit STEAM.... and run counterstrike manually.... otherwise... there is no problem (Y)

30. To play music, Press F5 within the game
31. To change the song, type 'la' in the console and press enter
32. Then a list of songs will be displayed with the Song Number indicated
33. Then type the Song Number ex- '34' and press enter
34. Strop the currently playing song and replay the new song by pressing F5 twice

Believe me... it took me like an hour to figure this thing out perfectly...
but heyy.... it worked!!!
Cheers.. have fun... but dont abuse it...
USE IT WISELY!!!! cz sometimes its annoying...
 :D :D :D :D :D

P.S. to do this... the admins should set the codecs right ;)

therefore you will need these console commands as well

sv_voicequality 5
sv_voicecodec voice_speex

« on: June 25, 2008, 09:06:58 pm »
heyy guys im leaving this clan due to some personal reasons...

 :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye:

u guys are a great team... so have fun!!!

sorry again... ;D ;D ;D :bye2: :bye2: :bye2:

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