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Classifieds / Jailbroken PS3 for sale
« on: July 28, 2015, 01:07:29 am »
Jailbroken PS3 selling in a hurry. Bought a Ps4 that's why. With a lot of backups and the box and full set and can play online also as a extra CID and steps will be given. 2 blurays will also be given.
Extras can be purchased - a steering wheel for racing games and 2 controllers( one red and one black). This is not a downgraded one. I was lucky enough to find a CECH - 2503B model on 3.55 so I got it jailbroken without downgrading. Sticker intact can check.

I don't mind letting it go for 35K. No negotiations. Selling it in a hurry.

No Game Zone / Anyone who can get something down for me from the USA
« on: October 23, 2014, 01:09:30 am »
Hi guys,
I want to get a phone down from the USA. Is there anyone who can help me get it by asking someone to bring it down or bringing it down themselves. I will pay and send the phone to their house and I will need them to bring it down for me that's all and it's not a heavy thing it's just a phone.
Thank You Guys

No Game Zone / Dialog Star points and club vision card
« on: October 12, 2014, 06:47:37 pm »
Hi guys,
I am looking to purchase the I phone 5S 32GB from Dialog. There is an offer at Dialog which needs 2000 star points and any club vision card. Is there any soul who has 2100 star points or more who is willing to allow me to use his 2000 star points and his club vision card to purchase the phone. It will be highly appreciated and maybe I can give him a small appreciation token.
Thank You Guys

PS3 / Ps3 E3 flash?
« on: August 21, 2014, 03:20:19 pm »
I have a ps3 that needs to be jailbroken using E3 flasher.
It's running on 4.31 and the model CECH-2503B
So it can be modded using the normal e3 and the ode pro isn't needed.

Classifieds / Jailbroken PS3 320GB with Move Starter Pack
« on: July 08, 2014, 04:44:53 pm »
Hey Guys
I thought of selling my PS3 320GB jailbroken with a few new games and old games.
This is running on latest CFW 4.55 Rogero V 1.00
I am selling the ps3 with a box and all the accessories that came with the box and also there are 3 controllers which is 1 red controller and 2 black controllers.
Also including a move starter pack and a game for that (The Shoot) Bluray Disc.

PS3 320GB Jailbroken with box and all that comes in the box
2 extra controllers (1 black and 1 red)
Move Starter Pack
3 Blu rays (Battlefield Bad Company 1, The Shoot and Socom USA Navy Seals)

Reason - Planning to upgrade to PC or PS4
Give me your offers. Can sell accessories separately.
Contact - 0777318160 (Please text me and don't call)

So Utorrent isn't giving me the speeds it should with my 4g router. It gets to around 200 - 300 very rarely. The triangle is green saying no incoming connections. It gave me good speeds when i started to download the Don Bradman 14 for ps3 but then now it has slowed down btw it gives me good upload speeds on and off but I need now download speeds. Also when i do the auto setup it gives me a error saying Neither Nat PMP or UPnP is enabled. Please check your preferences but I checked and UPnP is enabled. Please check the screenshot.
With my SLT i use to get 60kBps so why this and SLT the arrow use to always be green.

Communal Assistance / (Help)Dialog Platinum card club vision member
« on: June 26, 2014, 02:52:57 pm »
I need to purchase a phone from Dialog using a Platinum club vision card because they give an unbelievable discount and I need it so that I can get the discount if anyone has please let me know.
Thank You

Communal Assistance / Which Internet package should I go for?
« on: April 24, 2014, 06:21:03 pm »
So which Internet should I go for?
Currently using SLT's 512Kbp's package paying 1600Rs per month and using only around 8 - 12 GB per month. So now finally after so much of pleading my father was like let's get a Dialog 4G. I don't download anything as connection is too slow so I will get only the 1500Rs. package in either SLT or Dialog 4G. I am thinking which one to go for if I go for SLT my father can save 7K but he is also getting annoyed by SLT. Are there any other connections out there until 2K that I can get. Is wavecom out? When is SLT's Fibre Optic 100Mbps connection going to come. So please help which connection should I go for and why?

Classifieds / Selling Ps3 Joystick (SixAxis) (Dualshock 3)
« on: April 05, 2014, 10:09:56 pm »
I just got a Red Ps3 Joystick as a gift from my friend, so I am selling my black one. Which is used for about a year now without any problems. Looking for a quick and painless sale. It's used for about a year now. No marks or anything. Almost new condition. It's the original Sony Six Axis DualShock 3.
Expected Price - 4K
Contact - 0772669292

Classifieds / (Proof) Microsoft Operating Systems and Softwares
« on: March 30, 2014, 12:38:51 am »
Hey Gamer.lk
I am selling Microsoft Operating System and Softwares.
 Operating System -
Windows 8.1 Enterprise - 3500
 Windows 8.1 Professional - 2000
Windows 8.1 - 1750
Windows 8 Professional - 1500
Windows 8 - 1250
Windows 7 anything - 1000
Windows XP - 750
Office 2013 Pro Plus - 1500
Visio 2013 - 3500
Mac Office 2011 - 1500
Payment - PayPal, Cash, Payoneer, eZ cash
Any other Microsoft software or operating system available including old office, Framework or any other Microsoft software for cheapest.

Hey Gamer.lk
So lot of guys have been asking me on how to make PayPal accounts with reciving capabilities and how to withdraw the money so today i thought of posting a guide.
First of all you create a PayPal account of 1 of these countries Malaysia, Singapore, UK and Canada.
You create it with all the fake information excluding your name and your nationality.
Incase you get limited you can submit your Sri Lankan passport if you put Sri Lanka as your nationality. If you are underage then you will need some photoshop skills.

Fake Address - If you get limited you can still make a fake utility bill using Photoshop Skills.

Create a Premier account. Your PayPal account is ready after you follow these steps.

Now how to withdraw and get verified?
Register for Payoneer Card - http://share.payoneer-affiliates.com/a/clk/QwNRk
Benefits of registering with my link - If you get 100$ in payments then both of us get $25 each.
Use all your real info for Payoneer excluding the age.(Photoshop once again if you are underage)
 You need to put your proper Sri Lankan address as well as you need to receive the card.
after your card gets approved then you will have an option of registering for US Payment Service - register for that, you have to submit your Passport, NIC or Driving License for that.
Then you will be able to receive payments from companies like PayPal, Amazon and more with this card. How?
When you register for US Payment service you get a USA Bank account  which you can add to any PayPal account and when you have money in your account and you withdraw within 3 -4 days you will have the payment in your card.
Adding the USA Bank account makes your PayPal verified. Then you can also add the Payoneer card or any other debit or credit card which supports online payments. Can be a Sampath Web Card also for eg - even a Singapore Billing Address it will be accepted. (I did it).
What you have at the end - Verified PayPal account with receiving capabilities and a way to withdraw.

Register from my link for Payoneer - If you get $100 in payments then both of will get $25 for free.

If i helped you guys then please give me a +1..
And also be tuned for my $5 PayPal giveaway which i s going to start soon.

Communal Assistance / Excel File Corrupted!
« on: March 19, 2014, 03:29:12 pm »
One of my dad's important excel file is corrupted!
I need to get it recovered somehow! Tried my best but couldn't! Help me!
I am ready to pay also!

So my ps3 controller was dead so i tried resetting and today i disassembled it and then i couldn't fix the R2, L2 L1,R1 buttons. I need help fixing them and i bought a battery of eBay so it will be here in 2 - 3 weeks. So i need help fixing the battery and fixing the 4 triggers so i can start using this controller again!

Hardware / Peripherals / external hard disk errors!
« on: February 16, 2014, 04:24:38 pm »
My external Hitachi Touro Mobile 3.0 isn't working and it's giving me errors.
The errors are G:/ is not accessible and to use it again i have to format it.
It was on Fat 32 format all my ps3 games were on it. I can't format it and loose all my games. The health is good but it has changed to RAW and when i used Recuva to check if it can scan and recover date it finds dat around 365 GB, i think it finds everything but my internal hard disk is of 500GB and there is no enough space that i can recover everything.
My dad has lost the bill so i don't think i can go to them and tell them to give me a new hard disk and recover all my data for me. I also tried to go to cmd and type chkdsk but i get errors over there saying g is not a vaild perimeter.
Someone please help me all my games are in this!! Please help!! Please!!

PS3 / (PS3) Fifa 14 Online Players
« on: February 11, 2014, 02:27:57 pm »
Hey Gamer.LK
Add me on psn DangerousBroSL
So Guys i am on cfw (jailbroken ps3) and i badly wanted to play online and after a bit of research i have decided to play online so from friday until today without any problems i have being playing Fifa 14 and i want to play with a few Sri Lankan's so add me. I suck at it but wanna play and i want some players to join my new pro club Sri Lanka 11. Anyone on CFW wants to play online contact me for info on how to play online on CFW. Join my club Sri Lanka 11 and lets show the world what we can do.
PSN - DangerousBroSL
Will start playing COD Ghosts and more in a few days.

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