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Game Dev / Any GLSL shader programmer here?
« on: January 27, 2020, 06:39:51 pm »
Hi guys,

Looking for an experienced OpenGL GLSL programmer. The product is an iOS app, not really a gaming-oriented but heavy use of game dev nuts and bolts with image processing.
You can read more from

At the moment it's a personal project and I am the only developer. The product was released on 1st Jan and already hit ~1500 download count + positive feedbacks. Going to develop the Android version too, and this is the only place in which I may able to find the right person for GLSL developments.

If anyone interested pm me pls. The business model we can discuss.

Demo Videos


No Game Zone / Photo editor for iOS - developed in SL
« on: January 25, 2020, 08:35:45 pm »
Hi guys,

After sometime  :), I believe this is the correct forum for this topic. If not, admins pls put this under the right umbrella.

Sometime back I have been active here, especially in game dev topics. Now do the same but little different. What I am doing now is make use of game dev nut and bolts with image processing. This is a quite new and very famous tech among image/video processing people, which enables the use of the power of graphics cards to run number crunching image processing algorithms.

With this tech recently I have developed a photo editing app(currently iOS only) with OpenGL ES/Shaders. It's free and all features unlocked.

If you have time pls have a look and help me to spread this among Srilankans.
This is a one-man work, so I believe you would consider that fact when you compare this with other photo editors  ;D

Link to app

App video



Game Dev / Anyone Interested in Joining a game engine development project?
« on: December 31, 2012, 08:02:02 pm »
Hi all,

This is the project url


Let me know if anyone interested.

Windows Demo video

Ubuntu Demo video


course is conducted by the Modelling & Simulation Group

Core I7 2630QM 2.0 GHz
8GB Ram
2GB GForce GT540M
4x BLU-Ray
14 inch LED Display
International Warranty 3 Yrs
Asus K34S Laptop

If I buy this from srilanka.could u pls tell me what would be the price?


Project name:

It is bit advance than it is in the post

Target aim:
Doing just for fun. Planning to make this open source.

No payment at this point.

Talent needed:
I'm trying to find 3 programmers and 2 2D/3D artists who want to partner up with me.
For programmers no need of knowing domain knowledge but C++ knowledge is required.
For artist knowing 3DMax or Maya or Blender and Photoshop or Gimp is required.
You can work on this when you have free time. No plan of setting dead lines.

About me:
i am a Research Engineer from NUS

Thanks for reading the post

If you interested please put a PM or reply here.

Invitation is open until the project is active

Game Lounge / Looking for Rise of Argonauts type game
« on: April 27, 2011, 12:01:26 am »
Hi people,

Do you know Rise of Argonauts type game?  Playing ROA  was awesome and looking for similar kind of one.


No Game Zone / Looking for Free CMS
« on: December 08, 2010, 11:11:35 pm »

I am looking for a free CMS. I have tried joomla and drupal. But they requires significant time to getting familiarize.
so what else left?



Game Dev / Game AI Work (pathfinding and navigation implemented)
« on: November 11, 2010, 12:39:40 pm »
Hi friends,
i started developing a non player character navigation and pathfinding (Not using any AI library)  for one of my project. Here I am going to post what i ve done so far.

Each time application loads, the boxes(here they are the obstacles in the environment) place randomly. Initially ninja start travels to the goal that he has found through the algorithm.  You can change the goal position to a random place by pressing left mouse button. Then the algorithm finds the new path to the goal and ninja start travels through the new direction. If the goal is not reachable(goal is fully covered by the obstacles) ninja stops.

Here is the video

You can download the executable files of above from (5 MB)

Exe is located in Test/bin/release/Test.exe

About Development,

Pathfinding is implemented with A Star algorithm.
Ogre3d graphics were used for rendering.
C++ for coding.

Please note that, all the models which were used here came with the ogre3d engine (free to use).

Thank you

Forum Suggestions/Help / Reuqiesting a Forum Category
« on: October 28, 2010, 09:10:43 am »
This is a suggestion. I am seeing a missing forum category in gamer.lk. And that is recruitment. If I further explain It's like a place for employers, project leaders etc to post if they are looking for people to assist with an Game/Graphics Programming, development, 3D/2D Modeling, Animation, etc related projects. I think gamer.lk achieved enough reputation for this.
Even individual developers/designers/animators etc can ask for work.
So what do you think?

RPG / MMO / some question about World of War Craft
« on: September 22, 2010, 08:48:28 am »
The warcraft 3 was one of my favorite all the time. But after that WOW released. As I have heard it could only play online as a multi player game (which I am not interested in). So let me ask my question are their any campaign missions in WOW (as it was in Warcraft 3)?

Game Dev / lua based Sound bind library for ogre3d users (developed in SL)
« on: September 19, 2010, 11:15:45 pm »
Posting this here bcoz i see ogre3d users around.

For one of my project I have made a library to bind ogre oggsound c++ code to lua scripts. I am glad to share the library (with source).

Currently Supported Bindings
Al.h Directives
Ogre Classes Radian, Degree, Vector3, Quaternion . (constructors and public variables(const and instance) only)

Download latest(svn trunk)

Download stable build(svn)

Additionally I have created two small examples(VC8).Both examples are written on top of ExampleApplicationframework (Ogre 1.6).
Please find the scripts located in \bin\release\Lua\ Test1.lua and Test2.lua.

Example 1 :
OgreOggSound code used in both c++ and Lua.
Example 2:
kept all OgreOggSound code in scripts (No C++ code were used, whole code is in lua scripts)

Download example source (svn)


I have bought the game and  It was 2 DVD's.
When I started to install it tells me that "At Least 37 Gigabyte of free disk space is required". Then I had selected a disk with that capacity and continued.
Setup continued fine, but end of the setup it started to extract.

But here I have noticed that instead of the disk that I have selected the disk space of drive "C" continuously dropping until it reach the lowest. I had 10 GB free space in drive C. Then machine was stucked for a while and prompt a message saying setup is successfully completed.

But it is not. Only few files were left in the installed location.

Does any one faced this kind of problem before?

Hardware / Peripherals / Monitor Samsun vs Acer
« on: September 06, 2010, 10:07:06 am »
I am planning to buy a 24" monitor. Currently I have two options.




But seems Acer one is with many options and features (In built speakers, web cam) And it is cheaper.

So Could you please tell me why Samsung is expensive? Because of the brand name?


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