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The Untouchable Eccentric Slayers / New Clan - TuEs
« on: June 29, 2008, 11:36:17 pm »
Ok Guys..
 I know what u all are thinking about this...
No No No.. This is not just another mushroom :D ok

Well we started playing Games when we were kids (Do I have to tell that?)... I still remember how we played PAC Man, Doom and all those Dos games (OK...Now please don’t laugh at us, it was more than ten years ago).

Our gang was extremely interested in Strategy games and first person shooting games, and still we are. IGI ONE is one of the best games which made us stick to gaming world. We compelled to buy new computers to play these games. Strategy games by Electronic Arts’ such as Command & Conquer series and especially War Craft are still our favorites.

When we were going for classes @ Nugegoda, each and every day UJ was not in the class but was in a place call “C&C”. We were pretty inquisitive about this place and we visited once, Ohh...Man…Guys were playing the game call “Counter Strike”.  We have played the game before but its graphics were not good enough to draw our attention. We asked from UJ,” what the hell is this boring thing..? Let’s go…!”, but UJ wanted us to play this damn game. “OK OK...  Let’s play just for 15 minutes...”. That was our first experience playing on a LAN with lot of people. We used to play WarPath and Nox (any1 played Nox..? Oh man I love it) @ my place, but we only had 2 PCs. So this place and the playing were exciting.
“Ohh man…that’s cool…” everybody started screaming…we enjoyed more than three hours until everybody got empty pocket. That was the first step to multiplayer Counter Strike, thanks to UJ we still play.

We didn’t know about playing CS online until I was introduced to GLK by one of my friend.  So this is where we are now...
Recently we decided to create a Clan so we can play as a team rather than counting kills alone.
Our Clan name is The Untouchable Eccentric Slayers

  and our members as follows..
  • Hero
  • Jammm
  • JX
  • KaZsa
  • Kid
  • OptimuZ
  • Sack
  • UJ

Currently we play Counter Strike 1.6 No Steam (24/7 ;D) and War Craft and we are hoping to play COD4 very soon.(KasZa is already playing COD online)

We are looking forward to participate in GCCL and have some competitive CS experience.
So hope you guyz are ready for us… U better be...  ;)


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