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No Game Zone / Be a fan of Sri Lankan Cricket team!
« on: September 26, 2009, 10:48:09 pm »
Use your yahoo ID and be a fan of Sri Lankan Cricket team on www.cricket.yahoo.com  :)

         Follow the link bellow,


   Soo simple . . . . .


H2O / H2O Private Clan server
« on: September 24, 2009, 08:18:22 pm »

   H2O  Clan server is now up   :yes:

   Default password is water

   Cheers!  :)

H2O / H2O Ready to fire!!!!
« on: August 15, 2009, 01:13:39 am »
   We H2O, successfully completed our 2nd clan recruitment and it's stable right now (and the 1st H2O clan)

      As requested we thought to build our H2O 3rd clan NH3 (Amonia). So If anyone interested please PM me ASAP.  

   This is our Roster for the 1st, 2nd and for the 3rd clan.      

H2O | exon (leader)
H2O | nextdraklord
H2O | Rambari
H2O | D.I.J
H2O | Freiherr

H2O (2) CO2 | Sword (leader)
H2O (2) CO2 | simba
H2O (2) CO2 | cdr*
H2O (2) CO2 | jubba
H2O (2) CO2 | Roadie.sl

H2O (3) NH3 |  makuna (leader)
H20 (3) NH3 |   Killer^Leon
H2O (3) NH3 |  S3r!0us (Tibet C+)
H2O (3) NH3 |  chuti puka (oending)
H2O (3) NH3 | .::PrOnEs$::.LK

    Cheers!  :)

H2O / Recruiting 2 more players to H2O 2nd clan CO2!
« on: August 09, 2009, 10:42:10 pm »
We are recruiting 2 players to our 2nd H2O clan CO2 (name of the 2nd H2O). If you guys interested PM me ASAP. noob (non-experienced) guys well come to our 2nd clan. We have a bit time to practice and perform.  Hope to play to GCCL3. So hurry up! 

  We have a server and a good coach  :yes: 

  Our first clan . .    H2O | exon
                            H2O | Killer-Leon
                            H2O | nextdarklord
                            H2O | freiherr
                            H2O | Aj-rOx

 2nd clan              CO2 | makuna
                           CO2 | Sword
                           CO2 | D.I.J
                           CO2 | ?
                           CO2 | ?? 

Game Lounge / Counter-Strike match Critics.
« on: June 07, 2009, 01:24:58 am »
             This is the place dedicated to gamers who like to share their view, critics of a perticular counter strike match. It would be a Local or else a International match.

             I think you guys know the meaning of "Critic"..

             So please include these details,

                  * The tournament name (Optional)
                  * The teams ( Team A vs Team B)
                  *  Date and the time(no matter when it was held).
                  *  map/maps.
                  *  Players names (optional)
                  *  Final results (Highlight who won it)
                  *  And specially the link to download the demo (no matter with the demo if you watch it on hltv)
                  * And a summery of the match.
                                   Please mention here,
                                      * Which player/players performed well.
                                      * Winning team - what was the reason to their win.
                                      * Lost team - what was the reason to their lose.
                                      * The turning point.
                                      * And anything regarding the match you desired to tell.

                                       * etc . . .  (just a small description would be glad if you can give a brief)

        Mention here about the upcoming Local and international matches/touraments too.

        Please Don't spam the thread.  

       After someone upload the link of the demo and post his view then after anyone can post their point of view of the particular match (whether your agreeing the critic or not after watching the demo, etc)                


H2O / H2O registered on GLK
« on: June 05, 2009, 12:11:54 pm »
Our Clan H2O was registered on GLK.

         Thanks Rav to registering our clan.

This is our current roster,

         H2O l Sword
         H2O l Killer-LeoN

         H2O l n3xtDaRkLorD
         H2O l eXoN

         H2O l makuna

         Substitute -

         H2O l King Julian

Clans / Introducing New clan [H2O]
« on: May 28, 2009, 12:24:33 pm »
Here we go!  (Y)

           We are introducing our new clan H2O to the Sri Lankan gaming community. We guys playing Counter Strike. And this is our clan members,

           H2O l D3c3pTicOn
           H2O l KiLLer^Leon

           H2O | N3xtD4rkL0rd

           H2O l eXoN

           H2O l KinG JuliaN


           H2O l makuna
           Introducing our new clan member,

           H2O l Sword           



            It was awesome game specially the match in de_dust2 (The way mTw play last 7 rounds as Tera was so great) I just want to know from you guys why did fnatic win over mTw in de_dust2???
           What was fnatic's strats to beat mTw? Why they get trap [mTw (sexy zonic)]?

           I posted the link to the demo.  (Y)

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