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Clans / Introducing Tech Morph on GLK - Please Register our clan
« on: August 27, 2009, 09:40:00 am »


Hey Gamers,
      We have formed our Call of Duty 4 Clan. Up to now we have 8 members including the Founders. the players are listed below. We have launched our clan on 1st of September 2009. Lot of experienced players have joined us. We are mainly looking for experienced and skilled players, Anyone like to join our clan can contact either one of the Admins. All new people will undergo a recruiting process of our caln.
for more information log on to http://www.xfire.com/communities/tekmorph

Founders / Admins - Kavinda - TM| President    (1kavee28 - xfire ID)
                              Rico      - TM| PhrozenBot       (rikkrox     - xfire ID)                   e-mail - [email protected]
   TM| Hitler
   TM| Hawkeye
   TM| Longbow
   TM| Somapala
   TM| ScrimWhiner
   TM| RazorX

* we are happy be a part of Sri Lanka's gaming community, so please register our clan Rav

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