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want to build this new PC, new parts cost the prices given;
GTX 1650 super: https://ikman.lk/en/ad/msi-gtx-1650-super-ventus-xs-for-sale-colombo 48500
Intel core i5 10400f: https://www.nanotek.lk/product/1436 30000
B460 wifi: https://www.nanotek.lk/product/1563  24500
2666mhz RAM(need one with heat spreader): https://www.redlinetech.lk/store/corsair-vengeance-lpx-2666/  x2 14000
Case(I want this specific case): https://www.barclays.lk/itemdesc.asp?ic=CASC3078&eq=&Tp= 9900
80+ Bronze Certified PSU: https://www.nanotek.lk/product/1295 8500

I am going to buy these with storage within the next 8 days from the stores given, if anyone here knows a cheaper place or sells these parts second hand(with warranty remaining) let me know. Also I am willing to buy a second hand GTX 1060 6 GB depending on the price if anyone is selling.

GTX 1650 super: https://www.barclays.lk/itemdesc.asp?ic=VGAG0456&eq=&Tp= 49500
Case: https://www.nanotek.lk/product/1293 12000

Classifieds / [BUYING] GPU:1060 6GB,1650 Super or similar
« on: March 17, 2021, 03:12:28 pm »
I want to buy a new or used Graphic card: 1060 6GB, or a 1650 super, so far I have found a new 1650 super for 48500, prefer a GPU with warranty remaining if used, are there better deals out there? Anyone here selling or know any where else that does?

Classifieds / [BUYING]24" 1080p 75Hz IPS monitor
« on: March 01, 2021, 08:46:58 pm »
I want a used or new IPS monitor which should be at least 24 Inch,1080p resolution, 75Hz and a variable refresh rate. So far the lowest priced monitor I looked for is 29000 brand new, are there any good deals out there for used ones?

Anybody here selling the stuff mentioned above? If so reply so I can pm you with contact details, or just directly pm me

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