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Classifieds / [BUYING] RX 570 | RX 580
« on: February 26, 2021, 04:26:46 pm »
Hi guys,

As the title says, I'm looking for a mid range gaming VGA. Great if I can get a 570 (one was on sale here but I missed it  >:().

Not to mine!. Only to be used in light gaming sessions.

Let me know if there are any offers: 0778897757

Classifieds / [REQ:ADVICE] High End VGA or 2K Monitor?
« on: February 23, 2021, 12:33:22 pm »
Hi guys, I need bit of an advice.

I'm currently sourcing out parts to build a PC for one of my cousins. All except the VGA (surprise, surprise) and the Monitor is covered.

This rig will mostly be used to play simulation and arcade games, and most of these would be on driving.

The options I have before me are, since we cannot have the cake and eat it at the same time :\,

1. Spend on a very high end VGA (RX 6800 or a 3080) and continue gaming on the LED 32 Inch TV which he has been using all this time, or

2. set the expectation low on the VGA (maybe a 5700XT or a 2070 Super) and go for a 2K, 27 or 34 inch monitor.

I may have not had any trouble going with the 1st option, but after seeing how much of a difference a 2K display make over a 1080P (TV), I am not so sure now.

And insights, advise or comments- all appreciated  (Y)

Classifieds / [SOLD] Zotac RTX 3080 AMP HOLO
« on: February 10, 2021, 10:59:48 pm »
As the title says I'm selling my recently purchased Zotac RTX 3080. This is the AMP HOLO edition, which is their top range of cards.

Reason being I simply do not have the time to use the card to it's full potential. Also, a new member joined the family :) and I need to have my priorities checked.

I was intending to give the card away mid year (some of you who have met and done deals with me know the reason), but I think it's best I give it away now for someone who would put it to good use.

The card runs very cool. I have observed 32 - 36C at idle and 55 - 65C while gaming with the fans set to 65%. I have not tried it with a fan curve, as I do not care about the noise. Some reviews have complained about the thermals of this card, but honestly, I did not have any issue whatsoever.

Expecting 175K for the card. Can get it to Kadawatha or Colombo.

If interested drop a message/Whatsapp - 0778897757

Classifieds / [Buying] Ryzen 5 3600 or 3600X
« on: January 01, 2021, 05:34:33 pm »
As the topic says I'm looking for a Ryzen 5 3600 or a 3600X. It is available at Unity and several other shops but the price is a bit high :\

One shop in Maharagama had the 3600X for 42K and another shop at MC had the 3600 for 39K on their respective sites. Unfortunately, both had sold out.

Let me know if there are any offers :)

Classifieds / [SELLING] Parting with PC | Components on Sale for Cheap
« on: December 30, 2020, 02:18:16 am »
I'm parting with my current PC. I posted this a while back, but despite the offers I could not sell these as intended due to lock-downs.

At the moment only these parts are for sale. I will update the prices for other components on this thread.

Processor: Intel Core I5 9600K
Purchased from Gamestreet in July. Only 4 months used. Nearly full warranty remaining.
Expecting: 40K (W/O Cooler). I can toss in the current cooler that I am using, a CM Hyper 212 for an extra 2K.

Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix B365-F Gaming
Purchased with the processor on the same date. Nealy full warranty remaining.
Expecting: 20K

03 Corsair AF120 1200 RPM Blue LED Fans
Giving away each for Rs.1000

02 Cooler Master A12025 1200 RPM Black Fans
Giving away each for Rs.700

If anyone is interested in purchasing all 5 of these, I am willing to give them all away for 4K.

01/04/2020 - Adding some new items

Kingston D4 2444 Mhz Ram stick
Adata D4 2444 Mhz Ram stick

8G. Bought band new. But unfortunately I have lost the bills. You are welcome to test them on your own rig/setup before purchasing.

Expecting 7K for both.

Anyone interested please contact me on 0778897757. Items are located in Kadawatha and I can get them to Colombo and suburbs. I prefer not to get tangled with couriering :)


Classifieds / [SELLING] Corsair VS650 650W PSU [Price Amended: 7K]
« on: December 01, 2020, 07:26:24 pm »
A decent PSU for a rig. Bought from Techzone and has 9~8 months warranty remaining. Box and bill available.

Selling because I'm thinking of an upgrade :)

Expecting 9K 7K

Those interested message/WhatsApp: 0778897757

Unit is located in Kadawatha.

Classifieds / [SOLD] MSI GTX 1060 6G OC
« on: November 30, 2020, 08:09:22 pm »
As the topic says, I'm selling my GTX 1060 6G. Bought it brand new from Nanotek in 2018. So obviously, no warranty remaining.

Used it for occasional gaming for 2-3 hrs per day and that's about it. Never used for mining. Can handle almost all the recent 3A titles with game settings slightly adjusted at 1080P. I'm more of a sim gamer, so the games I mostly played (and still playing) on this are ETS and Forza Horizon.

Unfortunately the card do not have its box. It had become a victim of a house cleaning process while I was away a while back  :\

Expecting 25K

Item is located in Kadawatha.

anyone interested drop a message/Whatsapp: 0778897757

Admin Please lock or delete this thread. Despite the offers made I'm not in a position to sell these parts due to the lockdown and the fact that I am not at home for the time being. Since it is still uncertain when I'll be able to reach home and call it a deal, it will be better to close/delete this thread at this moment. Do apologize for the inconvenience.

Hey Guys,

I'm looking to sell my very recently purchased I5 9600K and Asus B365-F Gaming (ROG STRIX version) for 70K

Both items were purchased from game street and are with boxes and all other items included with them. Warranty for both extends up to July 2023.

9600K does not come with a stock cooler and I'm currently using a Cooler Master Hyper 212. I'm throwing it in for the same price.

I'm considering an AMD rig, hence the reason for the sale. Not willing to sell them separately.

Due to lack of offers, I thought of selling them separately.

I5 9600K - 43K (40K without the cooler)
Asus B365-F - 18K

Also, not in a position to provide pics for I'm currently outstations and cannot reach home due to the curfew. But for anyone interested, I'll be happy to provide more details :)

Drop a message first: 0778897757

Classifieds / [SOLD] 7th Gen PC Parts + 700W 80+ Silverstone PSU
« on: July 13, 2020, 06:12:44 pm »
Hi Guys,

I'm giving away these parts which I personally used.

Silverstone Strider Essential 700W 80+ PSU - Rs.8000.00 (1 Month warranty remaining)
Asus B250 Expedition 6-7th Gen MB - Rs.6000.00 (no warranty)
Core i3 7100 - Rs.12,000.00 (1 Month warranty remaining)

I also have a defective Gigabyte H110M board which also have one month warranty remaining if someone like to hassle. Price for this is Rs.2000.00

Looking for a quick sale. Items are located at Kadawatha.

If interested please drop me a message - 0778897757

Classifieds / [BUYING] I7 7700K
« on: July 03, 2020, 03:33:59 pm »
Topic says it all. Looking for a 7700K at a reasonable price.

Hi Guys,

I'm giving away my MB as mentioned. This one I purchased quite recently, 2019 June to be exact.
Full list of specifications - https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/Z270-GAMING-M5.html

Warranty remaining for nearly 1.8 years from winsoft (see bill attached)

MB is with box and the set of accessories that comes with it, EXCEPT for one single SATA cable, which I seem to have misplaced.

And for those who are keen to know why I'm giving this away, it's because I got a 8700K for cheap, and now currently sourcing parts for a new rig.

Asking price is Rs.18,000.00 (slightly negotiable)

Those interested please contact me via SMS on 0757312475


As the title states I am looking for a Gaming Wheel. Gave away two I had owned (a MOMO and a G27) to GLK members couple of months back for I was facing some difficulties but now I'm trying to get back in the game. Offers are welcome. :)

Selling my three monitors which have been in use in a triple screen gaming rig. All monitors are LED Panels and supports full 1080P.

Models - 22 Inch

Models - 21 Inch

For all three monitors I am expecting only 15k. Separately, I am compelled to give one away at a price of 7k each.

One 22 Inch monitor has a slight crack on its frame. However the screen is in perfect condition. See attachments.

If interested drop a message to 0778897757 or 0757312475.

Looking for a quick sale.

Classifieds / [SOLD] Logitech G27 and Logitech MoMo - Going Cheap
« on: November 19, 2018, 01:11:02 pm »
Compelled to sell my beloved Logitech G27 and Logitech MoMo wheels bought from fellow Gamer,lk members few months back.

G27 is with Pedals and Shifter. Both wheels work flawlessly.

Price for the G27 is 15k and for the MoMo 5k.

Drop a message to 0757312475 or 0778897757

Looking for a quick sale. Can be purchased even today.

Items have been sold. Please lock the thread.

Classifieds / Selling: GTX 1060 3G / DDR4 8G [SOLD]
« on: July 05, 2018, 09:12:17 pm »
With a heavy heart I have decided to part away with my rig due to a dire financial need which I must comply on next Monday itself. I am currently on the move so will not be able to arrange for you to test the components listed below, but rest assured all are working and under Warranty.

1. MSI GTX 1060 3G - Purchased from Nanotec for Rs.40,000.00 last April and nearly 2 years Warranty Remaining. Asking price Rs. 30,000.00
2. Adata DDR4 8G 2400 Mhz - Purchased from Unity Systems 2 weeks ago for Rs. 14,500.00. Asking price Rs. 12,000.00

Anyone interested please drop me a text (only a text) on 0757312475.

Thank you.

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