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Classifieds / Nintendo 3DS & Wii U Games Lot
« on: November 10, 2018, 01:14:27 pm »


(Pictures taken by a Xiaomi Mi 6, looks way better irl)

1080P Resolution (Two HDMI Ports, One Set of Composite RGB Ports)
40 Inches
Smart Hub Feature with WiFi capabilities to watch things like Netflix or Youtube
USB Feature for watching movies on a Pen Drive
Other Samsung Features

Used for two years, have a few months of warranty left. Works fine and no trouble from it at all. Everything about it is working, USB port included. The screen has almost never been touched, maybe the corners once or twice to scratch off some dust, but other than that, the screen was in the living room untouched but used as a TV.

I'd say it's in very good condition, apart from the slight dust that has collected on the back which I will take care of. :P

Looking to sell it for around 55K. Location in Wellawatte, no deliveries, you take it off my hands haha.

Price reduced to 45,000.

Classifieds / [BUYING] SMD Soldering Service
« on: July 11, 2018, 11:55:22 am »
Hi guys, my Nintendo Switch recently broke, it doesn't charge anymore. I'm looking for a guy who could help with removing a few chips off the motherboard and replacing it with the parts I give. I will have the motherboard separated and the parts all ready, just need someone who has a hot air station to remove and solder these on, with previous experience to make sure nothing goes wrong of course. I would do it myself but I don't have a hot air station, so I might also be asking to rent one of these out maybe?

UPDATE: I'm offering to modify the PSP as well.

Quote from: Introduction
Judging from the difficulty to modify the 3DS and the low popularity of the PS Vita, it seems no store here in Sri Lanka offers to modify the 3DS or the Vita. I've done it myself and I'm offering to do it to anyone's systems at an affordable price.

I don't want any arguments based on how expensive or cheap my prices are; the files and guides are all provided freely on the internet if you search well, so if you can do it yourself, please go ahead (google is your friend). These are my prices. :)

DISCLAIMER: Use my services at your own risk. Hacking your system always has a degree of risk, even if it is almost non-existent. I am a professional, so rest assured if anything happens I'll be doing the best I can to troubleshoot whatever goes wrong if it does (1% chance of it going wrong).


Now that's out of the way, rest assured, everything will go fine, this is just in case, y'know.  (Y) (Y)


-Please do not update your 3DS firmware before using my services! It is best you remove your internet connection settings (first turn wireless off), and then give me your system-

Quote from: 3DS/2DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL/NEW 3DS XL


Your Options:

1. Base Hack (Custom Firmware) - 3000/- RS | Required

2. Homebrew Apps - 500/- RS for the Essentials | Required
                            - 300/- for every additional (and cool)
                               10 Apps

3. Games


-Pick any three 3DS Titles


- 250/- RS Per GB of the Game (3DS Games are usually around 1-2 GB, the good ones that is)
- 150/- RS Per GB if you are ordering over 5 Games.


Quote from: PS Vita 1000/2000 (NOT THE NEW BLUE OR RED SLIM VERSION

3.60 Firmware or Below | REQUIRED AS OF NOW
Any New PS Vita unopened box, excluding the new Blue/Red Slim version, comes with a firmware below 3.60 or at 3.60. The firmware is required for my services to work.

A PS Vita Memory Card (8GB or More Preferably) | SEE BELOW FOR CHEAPER MEMORY CARD OPTIONS!!! NEW!!!

Your Options:

1/2. SD2VITA
The new thing in the vita scene, a micro sd card to Vita Game card adapter! I've got a few of these lying around, worth it af.

PRICE: 3000/- (No MicroSD Card, Class 10 Recommended, you must provide)

1. Base Hack - 1500/- | REQUIRED

2. Homebrew Apps - 400/- RS for the Essentials | Required
                            - 300/- for every additional (and cool) 10 Apps

3. Games


-Pick any PS Vita Game


- 250/- RS Per GB of the Game (3DS Games are usually around 1-2 GB, the good ones that is)
- 150/- RS Per GB if you are ordering over 5 Games.


Time Span of Service:

My skills allow me to do all 3 of the options provided within a day. But as life is unpredictable, the maximum amount of time that I could take is 3 days. After that, with your permission and my details of the situation I am currently in, we can negotiate a custom time span.


For my sake I am not going to provide it here, but in our PM's I will provide you the full details. It's an easy to find location.
Within Colombo :P

Post here so I can PM you!

This is that COMFAST WiFi Repeater that's hot on ebay right now, I've used this for a month, bought it at around this February if I can recall correctly.

It works as advertised; you can take a WiFi access point you know the user and password to, and extend the signal easily, all with a simple scanning of a QR Code or hitting the WPS button on your router with this button. Nothing too complex to set up, very user friendly (the instructions are on the box).

It is dual band, supports 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ connection extensions. Speed is definitely over 130Mbps, I can't say if it's 750, but in Sri Lanka you'd never go that far.

PRICE: 4000/- (Not Negotiable, fixed.)

Classifieds / [SELLING] MEGA SALE | Jiehfeng's Stuff
« on: August 16, 2017, 11:49:13 pm »
List of Goods:

1. Avermedia Live Gamer Portable (Capture Card)
2. A Wii U Pro Controller
3. Wii U and 3DS Original Games [US]
4. Kingston 120GB SSD
5. A D-Link Router
6. WiFi Signal Extender!,34899.0.html
7. USB Bluetooth Receiver

All the products here were used by me, so go ahead and ask me how I've maintained any of them for details if you're unsure.

Quote from: I
Avermedia Live Gamer Portable

It can take in an HDMI input and send out the same input as an output back to the monitor, recording any gameplay or whatever that goes through it. If you want to go big on the YouTubing scene, or want to record your PC gameplay or consoles without running any taxing PC programs, this is the solution for you. It can also record without the need of a PC, just pop an SD card and flick a switch and you're set!

Comes with the box, one cable I didn't touch, some xplit free trial thing never used, and the device itself. Doesn't need to be charged, but you'll need a Mini USB Cable to use it.

PRICE: 15,000/-

Quote from: II
Nintendo Stuff (Games and Controller)

Note that the controller can be used for PC if you've got bluetooth and some time to set things up! Brilliant battery life, lasts for 40 hours after a single charge. It's an original from Japan, not a counterfeit from ebay. Highly recommend the controller.

Some cases may not be in pristine condition, but the games inside of them are.
 Wii U discs are untouched, like how rarely ever a politician is honest, is how rarely I've touched those discs (only when inserting into the console). Great games btw.
 This is to be sold as a bundle only. The controller I might think about it if you really want only that.

PRICE: 35,000/- (Very Slightly Negotiable)
[Controller Only] PRICE: 3,800/- (Don't even think about it...)

Quote from: III
Kingston 120GB SSD

It has only been used to play GTA V and AC: Unity, and in total, the hours played for those games come under 200 hours. Other than that, the SSD has never been used to Read or Write, it was only plugged into my SATA port for about half a year.

It's a bit rusty on a few places on the metal, but it's 100% working and the transfer speeds are really freakin good.

PRICE: 6500/-

Quote from: IV
D-Link DSL-2730U Router

Barely ever used, working perfectly fine.

PRICE: 3000/- (Like new, great deal!)

Quote from: V
USB Bluetooth Receiver (Great for Controllers)

This generic badboy helped me a ton in my gaming life. I could hook up a PS4 controller, Wii Remote, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, you name it; this thing did the Bluetooth receiving part flawlessly. If you've got Windows 10, you don't even have to install drivers, plug this in, wait, and you're ready to go with the built in Bluetooth settings!

PRICE: 500/-

More stuff coming soon!

Classifieds / [BUYING] PS Vita
« on: August 16, 2017, 10:53:48 pm »
I'd go with any model at this point, as long as the firmware is either 3.60 or below. Should have minimum scratches, well maintained. :)

Classifieds / [BUYING] DDR3 RAM
« on: June 20, 2017, 01:44:31 pm »
A single 8GB stick or maybe a 4GB stick if the price is good enough, should be 1600mhz or above. Also, it would be great if you could come over to my place to sell, I'll pay a few hundred or so extra for it.

Classifieds / [SELLING] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
« on: March 14, 2017, 11:00:37 am »
For the Nintendo Switch, 9k physical copy unopened.
I doubt anyone has a Switch but it's worth a shot. (this is my extra copy, no way in my right mind I would be selling this beautiful game :P)

Classifieds / [SELLING] Nintendo Wii U
« on: February 15, 2017, 08:02:40 pm »
Region: USA

Kept for almost 2 years, haven't used it much. If I have to estimate, I think I used it for around 600 hours max.
It's great if you want to play the Nintendo exclusives, I highly recommend zelda and smash brothers. It's also easily hackable, I might provide help with that if necessary.

It also can play Wii games, backwards compatible with Wii Game discs. The wii mode is also hackable.

Included (White Console):
-Wii U Console (U) [Basic 8GB Internal]
-Wii U Gamepad
-Power Cables
-Sensor Bar
-Third Party Pro Controller
-Free Game: Assassin's Creed IV/BatmanCity/LEGOCity

PRICE: 20,000

I have 7 orignal game discs if wanted, 2000 each, if you want to buy the console with all the game discs, I can give it for 30,000.
If a single game or two is wanted, name your price.

-Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD
-Super Smash Bros. 4
-Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
-Batman Arkham City
-Batman Arkham Origins
-LEGO City Undercover
-LEGO Marvel Superheroes

Classifieds / [SELLING] Intel Core i5-4670 Used
« on: December 21, 2016, 02:40:03 pm »
Bought in 2014 around April and used it since, temperatures were always around and below 60C, while rarely ever going near 70 (used a 212 cooler and still do).
This isn't the K version so it can't be overclocked, unless you modify the BIOS or some weird shit, I'm not sure.
No Warranty, CPU's last many many years so it's not much of a deal. I took care of the CPU re-applying thermal paste when temperatures began to get weird, and it was always in the mobo (only had to take it out and put it in another mobo once or twice immediately).

Price: 20,000 (not negotiable)

LGA1150 socket for those who don't know or are too lazy to google. :P

I could buy them on ebay but I'm too impatient for that, I saw on chelsey's website it's 5900 which is insane. Anyone have some for sale or maybe know where I can get some for a cheaper price? (PS, not the regular controllers, the ones with the motion plus thing).

EDIT: Even those chinese knockoffs would do.

Classifieds / [SELLING] 500W Power Supply (Armageddon Voltron Gold)
« on: July 08, 2016, 08:39:50 pm »
Used a bit, for a month. Almost new, working perfectly (like new; nothing damaged). Selling it for RS.4500/- without warranty (can't find it!!! :()

Still has the new metal scent if you know what I mean.  8)

Classifieds / [SELLING] Damaged/For Parts Graphics Card (x2)
« on: July 08, 2016, 08:32:38 pm »

I've got two graphics cards (mini atx) suffering the same problem and willing to sell them for these prices:

- GeForce GTX 650 MSI OC v1 1GB Edition :  RS.3000/-
- GeForce GTX 750 Ti EVGA 2GB Edition : RS.4000/-

As for the problems, they suffer some heavy artifacting due a damaged VRAM. Buy it if you can fix it, or if you want the other parts like the cooler or w/e.

Classifieds / [SELLING] ASUS GTX 970 STRIX [4GB] (RS. 33,000)
« on: July 02, 2016, 10:31:43 am »
I've got an ad up ikman already so check that out for pictures:

And a few pics from a few days ago showing it's working:

It's all fine and dandy, I've used it for around 6 months with no problems, haven't OC'd it yet tho. Played most new games on ultra, including the unoptimized Arkham Knight. It's a pretty good card.

Ask any questions here, and if you're interested, text me at the phone number in the ad.

EDIT: Oh and I'm in Wellawatte. (almost forgot to mention...)
EDIT 2: No warranty, but it will obviously last a few years.

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