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Classifieds / [BUYING] 24-32" Monitor(s)
« on: September 14, 2020, 08:41:48 am »
What the topic says. Either 2 identical 1080p ones, or a single 1440p / 4K one. MUST be 24" at least.

Not looking for high refresh rate panels as this is purely for productivity. IPS or VA preferred. Flexible on pricing depending on what you've got. Text or Whatsapp at +94778122002. I'll check here periodically too but I'd prefer if you text.

« on: January 04, 2019, 12:55:05 pm »
Looking for a basic server, like an HP ML or Dell T-series.

Canít be too old, looking preferably for something one gen behind. Oldest I can accept is a Xeon 1220 (or higher) based system. No Hard drives required.

Trying to keep it under 150K. Iím out of the country so PM if youíve got something.

Classifieds / [SELLING] RX 480, MECH KB and IN WIN 805
« on: July 17, 2018, 02:18:24 am »
Various PC Parts that I've got left. Selling because Iím leaving the country for uni.

BeQuiet! Pure Rock CPU Cooler (Includes mounting hardware) - 4K

Gigabyte RX 480 4GB - 32K

ASUS Strix Tactic Pro (Cherry MX Blacks) - 7K

In Win 805 Tempered Glass (Includes 4 NZXT Fans) - 16K

1x8GB Corsair Vengeance 1866MHz DDR3 - 7K

Call or text on 0778122002

« on: May 24, 2018, 01:34:26 pm »
Selling off my rig since Iíll be leaving the country for uni. Everything listed (Except the Dominator RAM and monitor) was bought new from the US at most two and a half years ago.

i5 4590 + MSI B85-G43 ATX Motherboard  - 16K (Selling only as a set unless I get buyers for both)

BeQuiet! Pure Rock CPU Cooler (Includes mounting hardware) - 6K

20GB of 1866MHz DDR3 RAM (2x4GB Corsair Dominator Platinum, 1x8GB Corsair Vengeance, 1x4GB Crucial)

2x4GB Dominator - 8K
1x8GB Vengeance - 7K
1x4GB Crucial - 5K

120GB Samsung 850 SSD - 7K (Free 500GB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM HDD

NZXT 3x140mm / 1x120mm fans - 1.5K each

ASUS Strix Tactic Pro (Cherry MX Blacks) - 9K

Logitech G502 (Braiding on cable removed) - 4K

Gigabyte RX 480 4GB - 45K

Dell S2216H 1080p 22.5Ē Monitor - 16K (Free 19Ē 900p HP Monitor)

Case will be sold later on once everything else is gone (IN WIN 805 Tempered Glass Midtower). Anyone interested send me your offer.

Call or text on 0778122002

Classifieds / [BUYING] 4th Gen LGA 1150 B85 H/Z97/87 Motherboard
« on: August 28, 2017, 10:42:58 pm »
Topic says it all. Absolutely no H81 boards please; I've had enough of that with my current fried one. Warranty and Brand are not major considerations. Ideally looking for something that is as black as possible, and ATX.

Contact me on 0778122002 if you have one!

Hardware / Peripherals / Crappy Dialog Speeds? Read this!
« on: July 18, 2017, 05:16:53 pm »
Posted this as a comment first but I think it merits it's own post now. @Aaashraffaa has also been successful in getting an external antenna without ClubVision.

Been complaining to Dialog for a year or so about crappy signal and speeds. Usaully on a good day I'd get 2-4Mbps and ping not even worth mentioning. On a bad day I'd have the router constantly lose cell signal, and speeds slower than Rajagiriya at 5pm. I've had routers replaced, field techs come out to see signal strength, etc. Finally they agreed to fix an external antenna. With that (And a Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR Access Point; I haven't tested with the WiFi from the router they provide) I get an average of 31Mbps during the day with 10ms ping. Here's how you can get that too:

a) ClubVision. The higher, the better. I have silver. Things become significantly easier to get if they think you spend a bunch of money with them. The trick here to to get all of your dialog stuff under one account. DTV, Dongles, 4G Mobile and Home, Landlines doesn't matter, if it says Dialog on the bill move it to one account. Get em all under one account and the points will rack up fast. UPDATE: It is not necessary to have ClubVision, but no doubt makes it easier.

b) If you've had field techs come out to check the connection strength before, mention that when you call to request an external antenna, and emphasize on how you've had multiple people come out and check and yet nothing has changed.

c) Mentioning that you would upgrade to a reasonably big package (100/100) if speeds were better. In my case I am actually doing so ;D but it was interesting how they at once became much more agreeable once I said so.

With a bit of luck they should give you one! Also keep in mind those speeds I quoted are in Bellanwila, not like in the middle of Colombo or anything. As soon as you move the Rx/Tx unit inside concrete/brick walls it kills the speeds. The bandwidth is there, but for Dialog it's probably more cost effective and easier to manage overall usage with slower all-in-one units.

Good Luck!

Classifieds / [SELLING] Download Bandwidth (Rs 10 per GB)
« on: July 17, 2017, 10:10:54 pm »
Have a friend in Korea with 3TB of HDDs ;D. I've finished getting my stuff, and there's about 2TB remaining. Therefore selling it off to whoever wants mass downloads :). Minimum order is 50GB of space, fill it with whatever you want to. Send me the magnet links and I'll get them downloaded (Don't worry about not having enough time; 1TB took all of 4 days to do!).

Non-negotiable rate of Rs. 10 per GB, minimum of 50GB. 250GB going at Rs. 9 per GB, 500GB at Rs. 8.

Contact on 0778122002 if interested!

Classifieds / [BUYING] CHEAP SSD
« on: July 12, 2017, 08:55:51 pm »
Looking for a cheap used 64/120GB SSD. No warranty or anything necessary, doesn't matter how long you've used it. The cheaper the better!

Contact me on +94778122002.

General / Gaming Tournament for Charity?
« on: July 10, 2017, 04:30:41 pm »
This is an idea that I've had for a while now. How many people would be interested in a tournament in which all proceeds got towards a charitable cause? It would be an event open to all to register regardless of skill level, clan, etc (though there may be a certain session or so for pro/ clan level matches if it can be arranged).

What do you guys think? A lot of the details have to be finalized of course but I'd appreciate some feedback from the community!

Classifieds / iPad Air for Sale with Special Versacover
« on: July 06, 2017, 10:01:19 am »
I have an iPad Air with a origami Versacover designed by Moshi for sale.

The details of the model are that it is a 16 GB Space-Grey model with WiFi & Cellular Data (capable of 4G LTE) capabilities, it posseses an A7 processor alongside an M8 Graphics card with 1GB of dedicated RAM. The original Apple iPad box, charging brick and cable is available with the iPad. The condition is really good, has no faulty buttons nor switches and there are no damages whatsoever to the screen or the back.

It comes with a Moshi Versacover included (which costs $60 initially). Therefore, accounting for the pristine condition and original box plus added accessories, the price I want to sell this is 42,000/= rupees (negotiable).

Classifieds / [SELLING] GIGABYTE RX 480 4GB (25.3MH/s for ETH)
« on: June 13, 2017, 02:35:46 am »
Selling my 480 for quite obvious reasons ;D. It's a G1 Gaming so temps are good, around 40C even in my stuffy case and 60℅ fan under load.
It's less than a month old. Brought down from the states in mid-May. Tested with Ethereum, mined at 25.3MH/s on average at stock speeds. Pics to follow soon.

Selling for 60K. PM or contact on +94778122002 if interested.

« on: May 25, 2017, 09:58:56 am »
Title says it all. Been used only for a couple months, imported it from Germany. It's literally almost brand new.

Selling because I need money quick. Going for 45K, or 40K if you can pick it up from Colpetty today or within the next two days.

Message me on +94778122002 for more details.

« on: May 03, 2017, 06:03:31 pm »
As the topic reads. Brought from the US and used for about 6 months very occasionally. Both controller and skin are in top shape, been used with a skin for nearly it's entire life. Comes with the 10 foot microUSB wire.

Price is only 5.5K since I need to sell this fast. Contact via PM or +94778122002 (SMS only during work hours).

Classifieds / [SELLING] ASUS Strix GTX 960 2GB
« on: April 10, 2017, 09:08:19 pm »
Topic says it all.

It's an ASUS Strix Edition 960 with 2GB of vRAM which I brought down from the US (So no warranty unfortunately). Been powered by a 550W EVGA G2 PSU, so no issues there. I've used it for just over a year. Selling cause I'm upgrading.
I'm not going to tell you how it performs because it's exactly the same as the benchmarks you can find on the web. Comes with everything it cames with, all packed in the original box.

Price is 16K. Message me on 0778122002 if interested.

« on: March 07, 2017, 06:13:28 pm »
As the topic reads. Received as a gift, used about 5 times then put in storage. In pretty much brand new condition, as it has been used in a soft silicone case and stored in a hard clamshell case (Both included). Has FIFA 14 on it, and comes with a 4GB Memory card worth 5K (Proprietary interfaces FTW). No scratches, dents or imperfections whatsoever.

ChelseyLK is selling this for 28K, and 5K for the Memory Card.

My Price: 15K for everything (The console, charging adapter + cable, 2 cases (soft and hard), FIFA 14 and the 4GB memory card).

PM or drop me a text on +94778122002 with your offers!

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