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Game Lounge / How to fix WARNING: CL_FlushEntityPacket'
« on: July 25, 2011, 07:03:18 pm »
WARNING: CL_FlushEntityPacket'
I get this message every 10 minutes when playing in a server...it creates my ping to sky jump from 20 to 200ms then back to 25-35 in half a second creating a small freeze...which is annoying

Anyone know how to fix?
 I set the following rates in my config

rate 25000
cl_cmdrate 100
cl_updaterate 100
cl_netgraph 3

Ingame Resolution - 1024x768
CPU temp -  72 C & sometimes it was increasing up to 99 C which resulted a CPU OFF !!
Fps dropping.......no constant at anytime !

My internet connection is SLT ADSL Broadband connection (512kps)
Please help me soon.. :D

Problem Fixed...
i fixed my CPU temperature !!! now its
42 C
Ping decreased up to 17ms - 22ms
fps increased up to 100fps

Thank you very much Sourjah for the great help !!!!   :)  :)
Thumbs Up Sourjah  (Y)

Hardware / Peripherals / Ping Goes High Since fixed nvidia
« on: July 20, 2011, 04:03:19 pm »
Hellow Guys,

I need some big help from you all. my ping goes high since i fixed my new GT 520 Nvidia VGA. I dont know whats happening.....Please help me if anyone here know about it.
Quick replies needed.


Game Lounge / Steam Troubleshooting | steam isn't launching
« on: April 11, 2011, 05:28:22 pm »
Hellow guys, i want your help please...
             actually my steam isn't working.when i type my username & password there, then after some seconds it says
Then i restarted my  router & the pc but nothing happened...it gives the same warning...

**** So now what should i do machang***????? :( Do i want to uninstall the steam & reinstall it??? :(
Please help me ASAP !!!!!!!!

-------------------------------------------------------- THIS IS THE WARNING -----------------------------------------------------------

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