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Game Lounge / Post your Win8 start screen customizations
« on: January 11, 2013, 08:26:20 pm »
The windows 8 start screen is one of the more annoying features of win8, but that doesn't mean we can't make the most of it, right? Has anyone done anything interesting with their start screens? Here's my attempt:

In case you're wondering, the program used to create icons is called OblyTile (google it) and some image manipulator to make icons (I use GIMP).

Right now my game collection is extremely small (new PC) but hopefully it'll look better once I get more games.

Hardware / Peripherals / Playstation 4 due next year?
« on: April 04, 2012, 10:13:55 am »
New rumours suggest the next generation Playstation, to be called the Playstation 4 (codename Orbis) will be out by the holiday season next year.

The story is that Sony might've bought MS' story about the Xbox 360 being good enough for several more years, only to realize that they were going full steam ahead to get the 720 out in 2013. Naturally their original plan to have the PS4 out by 2015 was torn to shreds, so lo and behold, the next PS4 is due next year.

Now the really interesting part is the hardware side of things (Hence I'm posting this to the Hardware section... I think). Apparently the new PS4 will feature AMD all around, including an AMD x64 processor and a Southern Islands GPU (7000 series). It will also use the DirectX API. So the PS4 will almost be a SFF gaming PC (So all you people who say consoles > PC, HA! Consoles are now becoming PCs! HA!).

On one hand, I'm happy because this will allow game devs to make good quality games instead of making dumbed down console port crap, since porting will be a lot easier as the new console with share the same CPU architecture and APIs. On the other hand, this means it'll show it's age very clearly the moment PC hardware moves on, and a 7+ year lifespan is out of the window. But I don't care, as long as they do away with the console port garbage on the PC.

Source (s).

No Game Zone / The art thread
« on: November 21, 2010, 05:58:00 pm »
One look at the forum games threads will tell you that there are plenty of creative people here. This thread is for anyone to post any artwork of theirs' of any sort (drawings, sketches, paintings, digital creations, etc). Please note, this is for YOUR creations. Internet copypasta can go to the rofl of the day thread.


Let's try to keep things clean, SFW, free of any religious and/or political material and possibly semi internet/game related. Forum rules apply.

I myself am not creative at all, and have the drawing skills of a 2 year old. But since SOMEONE has to start things off, here goes:

Just a quick sketch composed of game/webcomic characters/items. Kudos to whoever can identify the sources and characters (where applicable) first.

Let the floods begin.

No Game Zone / The new RAZER VENOM!
« on: April 01, 2010, 07:31:55 pm »
Razer's latest product!

Quoting from the site:


This is the future. This is Razer Venom.

Ever felt like you want to play on for hours but you can’t? “Just one more mission! One more round!” you say. Now you can go all night long (and longer) with the Razer Venom. Scientifically proven to boost your senses and take down any signs of fatigue, you will now be able to clock up to over 100 hours of gaming time in one sitting.

Now you don’t have to worry about things like “sleep” and “food”. With Razer Venom in your veins, our serum additives like oxymialterxin and doctixilin keep your body nourished to keep you as fit as a fiddle – the food of champions.

Razer Venom comes in an intravenous solution bag for personal consumption or a nebulizer which diffuses the Venom solution into a green mist to be inhaled – perfect for a week long LAN party with your clan mates.

Complete game achievements, farm for gold, slay some orcs, pillage villages. Nothing can stand in your way now that you’re on a 120 hour marathon of awesomeness. This is the future. This is Razer Venom.

Painless Solution
5 gold-plated various needle sizes for to suit your vein sizes.

Razer Venom Starter Pack (3 packs)

Product Features:
• Ambidextrous design for left- or right–arm use
• Venom solution bag
- Approximate size in mm: 350 x 400 mm
- Volume size of 300ml
• Gold-plated needle
• Always-On mode
• 5 various needle sizes for various vein sizes

Razer Venom Nebulizer Starter Pack
(Nebulizer with 2 Venom mist cartridges)

The Razer Venom Nebulizer will help you and your friends get in the fray of a week long adrenaline rush that will make a serial killer’s bloodlust look like a tea party.

Product Features:
• Razer Venom Nebulizer
-Approximate size in mm: 320mm(l) by 230mm(b) by 200mm(h)
• For use for up to 5 people at one time
• Always-On mode available
• 3 settings for mist concentration
- Morning breeze
- Smog machine
- Iron Lung

One Easy Step.

All you have to do is inject the needle into your veins and let Razer Venom do the rest. Razer Venom comes in a 300ml intravenous solution bag which will last you the duration of your week long gaming experience.

For those packing the nebulizer, just insert the cartridge into the machine, turn the switch up and let the green mist do all the work. Your LAN party will be illuminated in a menacing glow of green, the perfect sanctuary for the ultimate gamer in his own environment.

The Razer Venom Nebulizer will help you and your friends get in the fray of a week long adrenaline rush that will make a serial killer’s bloodlust look like a tea party.

Warning: Razer Venom might cause massive hysteria and “claw fist syndrome”.

Razer Venom usually kicks in for the average gamer 5 minutes after injection. At this point, users will ooze the confidence of a Paladin with reflexes like a cobra. Deadly and efficient. With special additives to enhance your periphery vision, no stone will be left unturned as you sweep the opposition off the maps.

48 hours. 2 days of pure unadulterated gaming. Rejoice! By this time you will be breaking records and taking pole position on leaderboards. Razer Venom reminds you that you are the mack daddy of gaming. No one pwns you. NO ONE.

96 hours. The gaming continues as you feel one with your avatar. Nothing can stop you now. At this point, your mind and body will still be operating like clockwork, enabling you to still make those kills with no fear. Guns? Nah, they’re for pansies. You go for the melee kills.

120-150 hours. The average Venom user might start getting a little thirsty at this point. A sip of water would be recommended to quench your thirst to fuel your insatiable hunger for more gaming.

In the case of a yawn, refuel.

Beta Testers Testimonial   
Share on Facebook Share

“If an energy drink gives you wings, then this gives you a scram-jet!”
Beta tester #45096-8913-12-A: Bernard H., Australia

“I never thought insomnia would be so much fun.”
Beta tester #99780-1257-04-P: Chris S., Korea

“It’s like Viagra for gamers! I can go on for days.“
Beta tester #71456-8475-95-R: Thomas B., Germany

“I drove from Lisbon to Moscow in one go. It really works!”
Beta tester #80534-6744-22-I: Yvonne B., Russia

“Now I can race 24 hours at LeMans in real time – without changing the driver.”
Beta tester #10901-2743-65-L: Benny S., France   
Hello, ladies, look at your man, and now back to me. Now back at your man, and now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me, but if he starts using Venom, he could look like he hasn’t slept in 130 hours, just like me.

Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a boat sailing to Kalimdor. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have a chest filled with beta codes to Starcraft 2 you know that game you love. Look at it again, the codes are now for the final product...I'm on a spectral tiger, that’s my mount in WOW. I’m a level 99 Paladin. I rock this joint. Like a level 30 hurricane.
Beta Tester # 1749836-4673-2-FL: Heathcliff H., United States of America

"The Razer Venom's just utterly amazing! I was able to power-level my toon for 52 hours straight and didn't lose my focus from my MMO game even when midway through my gaming session an alien mothership from the planet Tribo landed in my yard and attempted to abduct me for an experiment! Screw that! Game on!!!"
Beta Tester # 691857-9773-5-S: Jason U., Philippines

Note: Razer is not liable for any bodily damage or harm done to users of Venom. By joining the beta testing, testers have signed indemnity forms that voids any forms of responsibility on the part of Razer.

First Person Shooters / Gabe confirms Episode 3 has been cancelled :(
« on: March 31, 2010, 11:06:46 pm »
Read the topic and weep. We've waited so long for it and now its been canceled :( Duke Nuken 2.0? :( :( :(

Read it for yourself:



Not the Episode 3 you were thinking of? Happy April 1st

Forum Suggestions/Help / New post-count titles? [suggestion]
« on: November 06, 2009, 11:13:19 pm »
Before I begin, I would like to say that I am not a postw**** (at least not intentionally), I do not intend on being a postw****, and I am against the practice of postw***ing. That said, post-count based titles can make a forum a lot more interesting. Sadly, I feel that GLK's current system has many shortcomings.

This is my 2250th post, and quite frankly, "immortal" has become quite boring. I would like to propose 2 changes (hopefully at least one will be considered):
• Awarding of new titles should continue past 1000 posts.
• The titles themselves should be more creative.

I know pushing the last title further back could lead to more aggressive post-w***ing, but AFAIK/IIRC, there are now around 7 people with 2k+ post counts (Rav, Lion-Kolla, Onca, Fragztor, Kaynine, XearonSklavesky and myself). Thats 7 people who have over double the score needed to get the final title. And if you consider immortals, you'll find that there are tons of them (seasoned veterans like archangel, fatality, Viktor - whom I suspect of foul play :P as well as newcomers like Shde). Meh. <--sorry if I forgot anyone.. Its late >_>

So what am I suggesting? Nothing directly. I'm not entirely sure how this works. If 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 are some kind of preset permanenet standard, them I guess I'll forget about it. Otherwise, I suggest creating new titles at, say, 2500, 5000 and 10000 (so we dont run into this again any time soon). If theres a limit to the number of titles, then I suggest respacing them so that the gaps increase sharply, resulting in the last title being at 10000.

The next suggestion is making them more colourful. While Noob, Trained noob, pwnage, uberpwnage and immortal aew fine for a gaming forum, I cant say they're as imaginative as they could be. These titles should give forum users a unique umage. For example, techreport.com's forum members refer to themselves as "gerbils", and their titles go:

0 - 9 - Gerbil in Training
10 - 99 - Gerbil
100 - 199 - Gerbil First Class
200 - 299 - Gerbil Team Leader
300 - 499 - Gerbil XP
500 - 999 - Gerbil Elite
1000-1499 - Graphmaster Gerbil
1500-1999 - Gerbil Jedi
2000-2999 - Minister of Gerbil Affairs
3000-3999 - Grand Gerbil Poohbah
4000-4999 - Maximum Gerbil
5000-5999 - Gerbil Elder
6000-7499- Emperor Gerbilius I
7500+ - Gerbil God

Now THAT'S original. Being gamers, I think we have an abundance of names to use. Perhaps you could hold a contest where people could submit their suggestions and the forum staff would pick the best one? (Note: being as old as TR is, there are people with 10k+ posts, which is why I suggested having up titles at least up to 10k. Having up to 25k would ensure people won't have to make requests like this for umm at least a few decades xD).

Anyways, I think having something original like that would make posting here a lot more fun. Seeing something like that instad of plain old "posters" or "gamers' or "forum-users" in all the announcement would make things a lot more fun.

So, I hope our mighty leaders will take this suggestion seriously.

P.S.: Plzdunnukemypostcountkthnxbb.

Ogame / Ogame: NAP with FoR
« on: May 03, 2009, 11:15:23 am »
Recently, many players have expressed their desire to attack members of FoR, with whom we have an NAP. In true democratic style, this poll is being held to decide whether we should drop the NAP and farm em.

Remember that FoR arent completely helpless; they do have some high ranked players themselves. Also, NaSocPa might drop their NAP with us to defend FoR.

Let the voting begin (GLK Ogame players only, please).

Call of Duty 4 (COD4) / COD4 time trial scores!
« on: January 18, 2009, 07:42:52 pm »
Ok... Finally fixed the problem.. All of us were close, but none of us were spot on...

First, I got a copy of COD4 from a friend (PiXEL), but that also said that COD4 was already installed (the autorun had the "unisnstall" option instead of the uninstall option from the first go).

So, I installed it and uninstalled it, but nothing happened. Then I installed it and uninstalled, removing the registry files first (first with a program specific cleaner, and then reinstalled and tried doing it manually), but that didnt work either...

So I decided to go rambo, and at the risk of destroying the registry, went on a manhunt to find all entries which had any link to COD4 (COD4/Activision/call of duty 4/etc in their name, or signed by activision). Im sure I found everything (some were in places i'd never have thought of), I separated the ones which werent related to COD4 (had E464HJL09CODILH4OL.... in their name, etc) and then the ones related to COD5.

The remaining ones included registry entries from the patch, and the regular COD4 entries, but in completely wrong locations (which is why the registry cleaners didnt help). It seems that the copy I used earlier made incorrect registry entries, so the patches didnt install properly.

Anyway, after nuking those registry entries, I reinstalled COD4 and patched it without any problems.

In memory of the long weeks I was confined to single player (campaign on hardened, then veteran), I have these 2 screenies:

That was before I got the new copy... It took a lot of practice to achieve that! To get a 3 second accuracy bonus, every one of your shots has to hit... You cant believe how pissed I was that I didnt complete it 0.1 seconds faster... I think 15.1 seconds is the fastest possible time you can get with 100% accuracy...

And I finally got this after installing COD4 properly (since the server was down, I decided to get used to the controls). If you're wondering how I got this and why I missed a shot (hence the reduced accuracy bonus), I shot the last 2 targets differently... The missed shot is because it takes 2 shots to bring down a target through a wall.

I love how Price says he's "seen better"... Really??? Where? Apparently the "best time" was 15.1!

P.S: If anyone got a better score, please tell me... I love this course!

Funnies / CS-Shit happens...
« on: January 05, 2009, 01:40:54 am »
The attached video was captured using fraps earlier today. 5v5 pug... Look at what happened.

I wont spoil it... Watch it for yourselves. 100% Real..
(.wmv V9 codec)

And note that this was during a "serious" round.

00:16 blink and you'll miss it!

Season 1 / GCDL - Round 1 - WDF vs. F.E.A.R [match review]
« on: October 07, 2008, 10:34:50 pm »
GCDL - Round 1
WDF vs F.E.A.R
Match review

Another match was completed last night: WDF vs. F.E.A.R. As both teams featured some big names, this match promised to be a thriller. The final score read 39-9 in favor of WDF after around 43 minutes of hard fighting. The score wasnt really a good summary of the game, as it was much closer than the score suggests.

Mimi         : Centaur Warchief
Niro          : Demon Witch
Skillz         : Medusa
Hawk        : Faceless Void
isuru666    : Moon Rider

Tin-Man           : Witch Doctor
Breakerrox       : Shadow Fiend
OMGitsRyan      : Dwarven Sniper
Rockpunkguy    : Magnataur
hellz|satan       : Dragon Knight

Top/left lane
WDF: Centaur Warchief & Moon Rider
F.E.A.R: Dragon Knight & Shadow Fiend

Mid Lane
WDF: Demon Witch
F.E.A.R: Dwarven Sniper

Bottom/Right Lane
WDF: Medusa & Faceless Void
F.E.A.R: Magnataur & Witch doctor

In this clash of titans, a few nerves made themselves apparent. OMGitsRyan, undoubtably itching to sight his enemies, planted a ward a little too close to the sentinel's first tower. After this though, the nerves subsided for the most part, and both teams suddenly became very complex and proffessional -- attributes they carried right through until the end of the game.

The first sign was when WDF began pulling their creeps on the bottom path. The second sign was F.E.A.R's swift counter: a well placed ward at the creep spawn point (planted by tin-man).

First blood (7:37):
The fact that first blood was drawn as late as the 7th minute is a clear indicator of the level of proffessionalism shown by both teams. First blood was drawn by Moon Rider with the help of Centaur Warchief -- on Shadow fiend and Dragon knight. Yes, a first in the GCDL: First blood double kill.

It all started of in a seemingly regular harrasing move by WDF. Moon Rider and Centaur warchief rushed past the last 2 creeps of the scourge creep wave and began attacking Shadow Fiend. Shadow Fiend, who was caught off guard, became the victim off a well timed hoof stomp. After coming back to his sences, his escape was further hindered by a lucent beam. The ministun allowed Moon Rider and Centaur Warchief to get a few more hits on him. Moon Rider finished him off with a second Lucent beam to claim first blood.

As Cetaur Warchief was in front of Dragon knight, the 2 sentinel heroes, sensing opportunity, turned to him and began attacking him. DK, sensing opportunity himself, used Dragon tail on Centaur and proceeded to reduce him to red HP. Luckily, luna was around to fire another Lucent beam, killing DK and clinching a double kill.

This picture was taken less than a second before Luna's fatal Lucent beam was fired. Centaurs HP shows that DK didnt make a stupid decision, but rather, was outsmarted or outplayed by his WDF counterparts.

This can be considered a turning point of the game, because after this, WDF always had control over the top/left lane.

Only 3 minutes later, Demon Witch joined Centaur and Luna to gank Shadow Fiend and Dragon knight. Demon witch succeeded in killing DK while Luna pawned the head of Shadow Fiend, achieving the firth killing spree of the match.

That move sparked a torrent of ganks. Heroes frequently left their lanes in search of kills. It seemed that both teams fell behind in farming. WDF, who semmed to be farming more poorly than F.E.A.R, managed to gain a substancial lead in kills. The success of their ganks was only a sign of things to come, and the sustained pressure lead to F.E.A.R's eventual demise.

Demon witch in particlar was a definite agent of chaos, running around the map collecting runes and creating ganks. Also, his wards were a common sight in the sentinel forests, and he and Witch Doctor were often seen destroying the other's wards after planting his own.

Restless heroes and wards were a dangerous mixture and several games of "cat and mouse" emerged. Then, in the 25th minute, 1 game kept growing bigger and the teams drew closer, until it erupted into a 3v3 battle in the sentinel woods.

Later on in the battle, Dwarven Sniper killed Lion while Luna killed Shadow fiend to extend her streak to "dominating" status.

After that loss, F.E.A.R. committed all 5 heroes onto the middle path in a sudden push. Centaur was killed early on. As they pushed on, they realized that they were susceptible to a gank as WDF had the power to surprise them (especially with heroes like Lion and Faceless Void and Luna). To avoid this, they went through the fores, along the mid path to gank WDF at the second tower.

WDF reacted fast. Luna rushed towards the 5 oncoming heroes, but unfortunately was stunned and killed before she could unleash her ulti. Sniper also managed to pawn Gorgon's head. Lion replied by killing Witch doctor and escaping with a dozen HP.

Luckily for WDF, F.E.A.R. were forced to stop their push at this point, before they could destroy the second tower. F.E.A.R. were never able to control the game after this.

WDF made their bold reply only 2 minutes later on the top path. Despite being outnumbered 3-4, WDF got an advantage thanks to Centaurs tanking and Luna's ulti. The other 2 WDF players quickly TPed to the scene, further strengthening WDF.

During the chase, Luna picked off the head of Dwarven Sniper with a Lucent beam. Witch Doctor, left behind by his faster allies, tried to stealthily double take back. Unfortunately for him, a vigilant centaur warchief spotted him and he soon found himself at the mercyy of the entire sentinel team. Needless to say, despite his best efforts (ulti and all), he did not last very long. His teammates, probably confused and regretful for leaving their comrade behind, returned, only to gift another kill to the sentinel.

It was all downhill from there for F.E.A.R, who went on to clinch only one more kill (as opposed to WDF's 21!).

The biggest gainer in the pwnage that followed was Luna, who clinched 3 triple kills and 6 double kills (including the ones scored bfore), to reach beyond godlike status.

F.E.A.R could not match WDF; with the damage output of luna, faceless and gorgon, the spells and disables of lion and the tanking capabilities of centaur, they became seemingly invincible.

Its such a shame that a clan as good as F.E.A.R. were eliminated so early in the tournament. However, we must also apprecate this little loophole in the draw because it gave us a round 1 game worthy of a semi (or perhaps a final, but thats not for me to decide).

GG to both teams. Well played!

Season 1 / GCDL Round 1 - GOBBAYAS vs. Reigning repulsion[match review]
« on: October 07, 2008, 01:49:14 am »
GCDL Round 1
Match Review

Gobbayas won the toss and picked first.

Bans: Troll Warlord, Omniknight, Tidehunter, Treant Protector, Magnataur, Nerubian Assassin, Moon Rider and Beastmaster.

Another GCDL Round 1 match has been concluded - GOBBAYAS vs. Reigning Repulsion. It was a close match, but RR eventually gained a slight advantage, and from then on, the match was theirs. They won the match 40 kills to 21.

RR|. :
RR|. Eye             : Earthshaker
RR|. SlayeR        : Demon Witch
RR|. DooM          : Lightning Revenant
RR|. PhoBIA        : Juggernaut
RR|. Red_ACES   : Lich

GOBBAYAKA        : Dragon Knight
GOBBALOLLA       : Bounty Hunter
GOBBABLACKY     : Venomancer
GOBBANAYA         : Gorgon


Top/Left lane:
RR|.Eye (Earthshaker) + RR|.SlayeR (Demon Witch)
GOBBAPOSHEM (Viper) + GOBBALOLLA (Bounty Hunter)

Mid lane:
RR|.DooM (Razor)

Bottom/Right lane:
RR|.Red_ACES (Lich) + RR|.RR|.PhoBIA (Juggernaut)
GOBBAYAKKA (Dragon knight) + GOBBABLACKY (Venomancer)

First Blood (4.40):
Juggernaut, upon reaching level 3 (and upgrading to level 2 blade fury), decides to attack. Seeing his aproach and undoubtably realizing his intentions, Dragon knight and venomancer begin to retreat. However, a well timed frost nova from lich prevents venomancer from escaping, and he quickly succumbs to the seemingly never ending blade fury.

However, GOBBAYAS managed to equalize and then capture the lead. The next few battles involved multiple heroes and usually lead to the death of heroes on both sides. Due to this, the scores were never far from level.

Both teams played conservatively, not wanting to lose the lead. Thus the first 10 minutes saw only 2 kills. RR were so reluctant to give away kills that Lich denied his teammate, juggernaut, at one point.

RR made good use of wards. They used them both to see Bounty hunter as well as to observe the middle rivr. This proved to be quite useful.

GOBBAYAS also played very well. They played with a solid defence, not succumbing to early game heroes like juggernaut, lich and lion. In some cases they even teleported to attempt to save allies from ganks.

Then, things started to speed up at the 20 minute mark. Both GOBBANAYA and PhoBIA  reached killing spree status within the 20th minute. The 21st minute saw GOBBANAYA take the first double kill on the match to extend his status to mega kill.

Then, with things still looking like a stalemate, RR|. decided to change tactics. They commited four (and later the fifth) heroes to the middle path to push. This must have caught the GOBBAYAS off guard because they managed to kill 4 of the 5 GOBBAYAS in the ensuring battle. It was after this that the pendulum seemed to swing in RR's favor.

The image shows 3 of the GOBBAYAS being killed.

There was no clearly visible advantage though. Even though RR kept a slight lead in kills, GOBBAYAS scored at regular intervals.

The match definitely did not lack highlights. One of the most important points of the game, the moment at which the GOBBAYAS base was first breached (mid path), was also one of the most exciting points. The determination of RR to bring the tower down collided with the GOBBAYAS' determination to defend it. The ensuring 5v5 battle lasted for what seemed like forever, and saw 8 deaths (5 GOBBAYAS and 3 RRs).

The above 4 pictures squeeze in all the details..

Juggernauts triple kill was the only one of the match. He went on to make a 11 kill beyond godlike streak.

After breaking the mid tower and barracks, RR played spontaneously and aggressively. They did die a few times due to this, but they gained 13 kills in a span of 10 minutes before ending the game.

Congrats to team RR. Well played both teams.

Season 1 / GCDL Round 1 - G|Hut vs. AudaciA [match review]
« on: October 05, 2008, 08:49:31 am »
GCDL Round 1 - 1 Match 1
G|HuT vs AudaciA
Match review

G|Hut won the toss and decided to pick 1st.
Hero bans were; Juggernaut, Omniknight, Shadow Fiend, Tidehunter, Magnus, Troll warlord, Mortred and TP

The first match of the GCDL, G|HuT vs AudaciA was concluded yesterday. In the end, it proved to be a somewhat one-sided affair, with G|HuT winning comfortably by 50 kills to 16 in just over 45 minutes.


-G|HuT- Wado        : Lich
-G|HuT- Ozora        : Axe
-G|HuT- GRIM         : Drow Ranger
-G|HuT- LollipOp     : Earthshaker
-G|HuT- June          : Nerubian Assassin

Budvin                    : Skeleton King
JuicEWeaseL           : Moon Rider
=DawN=                 : Priestess Of The Moon
^JOKER                  : Vengeful Spirit
OMGitsRoveN          : Prophet


Top/Left lane:
G|HuT Ozora (Axe) and G|HuT Wado (Lich)
Budvin (Skeleton King) and JuicEWeaseL (Moon Rider)

Mid lane:
G|HuT GRIM (Drow ranger)
=DawN= (Priestess Of The Moon)

Bottom/right lane:
G|HuT June and G|HuT LollipOp
OMGitsRoveN  (Prophet) and ^JOKER (Vengeful Spirit)

First Blood (3:48):
G|HuT Drew first blood very early in the game.
G|HuT Wado (Lich), with the help of G|HuT Ozora (Axe) drew first blood on JuicEWeaseL (Moon Rider).

A combination of Lich's frost nova and Axe's berserker's call was too much for the low HP'ed agility hero. Afterwards, AudaciA and G|HuT traded blows a few times.

AudaciA were well organized as a team, and attempted to carry out a few early ganks. However, The G|HuT Players' individual skill proved to be too much for Audacia, and G|HuT pulled ahead, maintaing double their opponents' score. Within the 25 minute mark, G|HuT Ozora completed a godlike spree, including a double kill. This proved to be one of the most decisive acts of the game.

However, good things always come to an end. The image shows a strong 3 man gank ending his streak

G|HuT managed to gain a lead in terms of level and gold in this period. Unfortunately, AudaciA were never able to catch up. While G|HuT adopted the more usual 2-1-2 lane strategy, AudaciA were forced to use 3 or 4 heroes to push a single lane at a time. This allowed the G|HuT players to push and farm unchallenged. G|HuT gradgually increaed their lead as AudaciA saw long dry spells.

AudaciA definitely did not go down without a fight. They attempted to use one of their strong points (and possibly one of G|HuT's weak points), teamplay, to even out the score. However G|HuT, with their superior individual skills, managed to survive most ganks and often counter ganked.

A typical counter gank:

Axe runs around vengeful spirit and priestess of the moon, through the scourge forest, and into the center river.

Within moments, Earthshaker is on the scene. The perfect fissure trapped Vengeful Spirit and made her see stars while Earthshaker showed no mercy in slaying her.

Later on, with heroes like earthshaker and axe equiped with blink daggers, G|HuT were able to attack with lightning speed. Also, the DPS of of G|HuT's 2 agility heroes and the great support offered by Lich posed a challenge that AudaciA were simply unable to overcome. G|HuT seemed to be killing and pushing at will and were never really challenged throughout the rest of the game.

The last moment worth mentioning was in the dying moments of the game, when G|HuT GRIM completed a triple kill (the only one of the match) to complete a 10 kill beyond godlike spree (the longest of the match).

Result: G|HuT win 50-16 in 45 minutes.

It was a decent match overall, GG all.


mumble and dsrt_eagle of the Gamer.lk eSports coverage team.
All information in the above article is confirmed to be factual.

No Game Zone / Macs kill you. Seriously.
« on: October 04, 2008, 10:20:39 pm »
After posting some wierd topics like doping among gamers, conspiracies with the LHC and floating data centres, the time has come for a fourth installment. This is the most serious one so far.

Your Mac may be killing you

This being a gaming site, Im sure many Mac users have received comments like this (or variations like "I'll kill you and you mac" or "death to Macs" or "Macs kill your soul"). However, this is a bit more serious and the heading is to be taken a bit more literally.

Many people credit the precision and attention to detail of Apple products, ranging from OS X to Mac Airbooks and Mac Pros. However, recent rumours suggest that their engineers and/or quality checkers have been spending too much time ensuring that everything is polished to a shine, and thus too little time looking for things like, oh say, poisonous, cancer-causing gas emissions.

Apparently, some Mac user started getting a horrible smell from his Mac Pro. He gave it in to Mac product care, but when he got the replacement, the smell persisted. Apparently the user, who also happened to be a molecular biologist started a survey on the internet and found that his was not an isolated problem.

Strong smelling Mac pros have been documented eleswhere, and finding some examples requires little more than a search on Apple forums.

...Stinks to high heaven. It's a plastic-burning type smell, seems almost toxic, the smell coming out the back fan. I have to shut it down and leave the room every few hours to air it out, it's that bad. I've heard about the "new mac smell" and had a tiny taste of it with a new macbook last summer, but this is different -- it's intense, nauseating, and makes you feel funny. Friends and neighbors have agreed: this can't be good....

Another user says:

It takes longer now to produce the problem, but after running about 2 hours the Mac Pro stinks like he did before. It is so intense that you can't stay in the room.

And another user says:
...I recently purchased the new 8-core and it emits a very musty odor when powered up. My entire room soon smells bad and I have had to resort to a few air fresheners just to be able to work on it...

Anyway, that molecular biologist, a CNRS researcher who remains anonymous, took the matter to greenpeace. Greenpeace carried it on to Analytica and then Inéris, France's national institute covering the industrial environment.

The finding says that smell is because Mac Pros emit a burnt plastic odor caused partly by benzene fumes (Benzene is a known carcinogen). This gas is carcinogenic and, in sensitive users, may cause leukaemias in 2 months of daily exposure. Uh-oh. That cant be good, right?

The only reply I've heard from apple is this message from an apple spokesman to macworld:

We have not found anything that supports this claim, but continue to investigate it for the customer

So my advice is to avoid Macs.

EDIT: More on benzene:

Inhalation: Causes respiratory tract irritation. May cause drowsiness, unconsciousness, and central nervous system depression. Exposure may lead to irreversible bone marrow injury. Exposure may lead to aplastic anemia. Potential symptoms of overexposure by inhalation are dizziness, headache, vomiting, visual disturbances, staggering gait, hilarity, fatigue, and other symptoms of CNS depression.

Chronic: May cause bone marrow abnormalities with damage to blood forming tissues. May cause anemia and other blood cell abnormalities. Chronic exposure to benzene has been associated with an increased incidence of leukemia and multiple myeloma (tumor composed of cells of the type normally found in the bone marrow). Immunodepressive effects have been reported. This substance has caused adverse reproductive and fetal effects in laboratory animals.

[sarcasm]Apparently, its nothing to worry about. Its just the new apple iFumes and iCancer. "Apple: Stink different."[/sarcasm][/b]
This article was written by me. Sources include an article from french paper Libération, an article from British paper Guardian, Mac forums, Apple forums and Macworld. All information here was from one or more of those sources. Thus, I am not responsible if any statement in the post is false or inaccurate.

Death to Apple!

No Game Zone / Google files patent for floating data centre!
« on: September 16, 2008, 08:12:59 pm »
Google have filed a patent for a floating dta centre. Yes. Thats right, a floating data centre. Apparently, it can lie 5-7 miles offshore and in 50-70 metres of water.

Obviously, building one would bypass things like property taxes, etc. However, there are a few issues like security and danger form bad weather that may affect plans to build one. The one most difficult to prevnt is probably corrosion. All that humid, salty air would probably make short work of all the hardware.

There are a few notable benefits too, though. Sea water and winds could facilitate a gigantic liquid cooling system. Also, wave turbines and windmills may help, but I highly doubt that they can match a data centre's 40MV requirement.

You can read the patent application here:

And a more in depth article here:

No Game Zone / Large Hadron Collider (LHC) -- The end of the world?
« on: September 13, 2008, 10:45:20 pm »
...SO who here thinks the LHC is going to create a black hole thats going to swallow the earth?

For those of you who dont know, the LHC is a $8 billion, 27km circuit that will get beams of protons to accelerate to 99.9998% of the speed of light by sending them through superconductors (cooled to 1.9K, just a bit above absolute zero), and make them collide with each other.

Hopefully, test results will help us find the origin of matter, the cause of the presence of things other than antimatter, what dark matter is, etc.

If there are dimensions other than space and time, predictions state that the LHC will create black holes, although many speculate that the chances of the black holes doing damage is tiny as they will release radiation and thus destroy themselves in very little time.

----------------------Serious part - OVER---------------------------------------------------------------------

Well... Reading the articles about this reminded me of this line from Half-life:
Besides, the likelihood of a resonance cascade is so small...

And we all know what actually happened  ;D

Anyway, it looks like Im not the only one who thought about this, and furthermore, I may be onto something. I found this link, which features a photo of a part of the LHC, with some very disturbing evidence:

Maybe in a few days time we'll be fighting off headcrabs with crow bars. Goodbye world.


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