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We at Motion Miracles are a team of highly passionate designers, programmers, and artists looking to produce video games for a global market. Currently we are looking to hire people for multiple roles.

Have a glimpse of what we do and if you are interested, reach out to us on how you'd like to be a part of the team!

Apply now - https://www.motionmiracles.com/careers

General / Flood Relief Operation for Gamers
« on: May 19, 2016, 10:31:28 pm »

We are in a crisis. It's not about winning a virtual mission today, it's about stepping out and being heroes in real life!

As we all know, Sri Lanka is facing a great disaster and many families have become unbelievably helpless. We don't want to sit down at such a time and game as gamers. We want you all to join us to help those who are in need and be the real heroes of the day.

Please provide us with any eligible supplies at one of the below collection points:

* No 5, Muhandhiram Lane, Dehiwela
* 93, Sri Dhamma Mawatha, Maradana

We also accept cash donations which we would use to buy eligible supplies and give.
Please join us and show the real nature of gamers by being the heroes not only in game but in real life as well!

General / MSI: Masters Gaming Arena Colombo 2015
« on: December 01, 2015, 12:30:47 am »

MSI Masters Gaming Arena (MGA) is a globally renowned eSports tournament formerly known as MSI Beat IT. As a follow up of the global sensational event, a Sri Lankan extension powered by MSI with the collaboration of FTW and wOw.LK is happening on the 5th of December at the wOw.lk head office.

MGA invites all competitive and casual gamers to take part in 5 titles approved by the Ranking system of Gamer.LK followed by more promotional events including some of the latest trending titles in the world.

The titles are as follows:

•   FIFA 15 (1v1) – Rs. 3000 cash prize
•   Mortal Kombat X (1v1) – Rs. 3000 cash prize
•   Need for Speed Most Wanted (1v1) – Rs. 3000 cash prize
•   TrackMania Nations Forever (1v1) – Rs. 3000 cash prize
•   Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (1v1) – Rs. 3000 cash prize

•   Call of Duty 4 (5v5, with 8 invited teams) – Rs. 10000 cash prize

•   Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (Xbox, free for all) – TBA

Call of Duty 4 will not be ranked as it is an invitation based event. 8 teams representing the top clans in Sri Lanka will be selected and announced soon.

Venue: wOw.lk head office at 176/1 Thimbirigasyaya Road Col 05
Date: 5th December 2015
Time: 8AM onward

Registrations for all titles are free!

Registrations and rules by Gamer.LK can be found here:

Join us and compete to prove that you’re worth of being the No. 01 In Gaming!

General / Fun-Net eSports League Powered by MSI
« on: October 05, 2015, 12:37:29 am »

Fun-Net Game Station powered by MSI & Phoenix GaminG brings you the first ever season of Fun-net eSports League, a competitive gaming tournament where the best of the best cyber-athletes and teams take part to decide who reigns at the utmost peak!

Tournament Titles:
  • DOTA 2 (5v5)
  • FIFA 15 (1v1)
  • Mortal Kombat X (1v1)
  • TrackMania Nations Forever (1v1)
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted (1v1)

Date: 17th October, 2015.
Time: 8AM onward
Venue: Fun-net Game Station, No 25, Galle Road, Dehiwala.

Registration Fees:
DOTA 2 - Rs. 2000 (per team)
Individual Titles - Rs. 500 (per game)

All registrations are opened!


Individual Titles

FeSL, Not just Fun, but Much More Game

Hardware / Peripherals / MSI: GAME BETTER with WINDOWS 10
« on: September 11, 2015, 08:05:47 pm »


More realistic visuals

Faster and more efficient than ever before, DirectX 12 brings games to new heights with richer environments, more objects and fully harnessing the power of your graphics hardware to deliver an experience unlike anything you’ve seen.

Cross platform gaming

Console and PC come together to broaden the scope of multiplayer gaming so you can enjoy games together with more players and your friends on PC or console.

Record, edit and share

Capture your best moments and share it with the community with GameDVR, a powerful new tool that empowers you to edit your recorded games and unleash it upon the world.

A classic re-imagined

Back and better than ever, Windows 10 delivers an experience that is familiar yet fresh with a host of new features and amazing performance.

For more information, visit: http://event.msi.com/nb/2015/windows10/en/

Jobs / Recruitment / iOS Developer Needed
« on: January 27, 2015, 06:08:06 pm »
Hey guys!

I'm looking for a iOS developer/development company to create a time management app for a business owner.

If you are one or have any recommendations, please comment here or PM me :)

Thanks in advance!

Local Vendors / A Red Red Christmas With MSI!
« on: December 13, 2014, 05:17:03 pm »

Offer available from MSI vendors. Contact your trusted tech store or Electro Cheval Lanka for more information.

News / Gen-X 2014 Concludes Crowning First CS:GO Champions!
« on: December 10, 2014, 05:54:43 pm »
Gen-X, organized by SLIIT Colombo was held on the 21st & 22nd of November. It was the second year of Gen-X, and it was preceded by hype train that managed to bring some of the best names in Sri Lankan eSports to battle. The titles included COD4, DOTA 2, NFS Most Wanted, TrackMania, FIFA 11, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, along with Sri Lanka’s first Counter Strike GO tournament.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

COD4 stole most of the attention as usual with representatives of Sri Lanka’s top five clans taking part, along with not-so-heard names showing great performances. Nevertheless, teams from the tops clans were able to take 7/8 slots in the quarter-finals, leaving the standalone 5-man team: Team Guardians against fearsome foes. However, quarter-finals was the furthest they could reach as they were defeated to a 13-8 score against Sri Lanka’s current ranked 01 team: Maximum MeetYourMakers. The most decisive match was Team Maximum vs. PnX’s Lanka Lions which extended to two tie-breakers. Ultimately, it was once again a Maximum vs. Maximum finale at GenX.

Winner Maximum Team Maximum
Runner-up Maximum MeetYourMakers

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The first ranked CS:GO tournament debuted at GenX with the participation of 8 teams. Nostalgia filled the arena as we saw a lot of old faces back in action – still with sharp reflexes. Teams from n00b Alliance, Phoenix GaminG, and Xiphos eSports took part and came a long way. Encore; now under nA, managed to take the upper-bracket slot in the final. Ones to meet them there was not PnX’s main team and CS 1.6 champtions: Reservoir Dogs. It was their second team: Intel Gamers.

Winner nA | Encore
Runner-up PnX|Intel Gamers

Mortal Kombat 9

All the familiar faces from Phoenix Gaming and n00b Alliance were present in force. In a 8-slot-double-elimination draw, kucf, DeMon, GrimmJow, and Excalibur remained as the last to stand (as usual). There was a bit of vocal clan rivalries during the final, with cheers and trash-talk, and n00b Alliance emerged victorious.

Winner nA | kucf
Runner-up PnX|DeMon

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The 9 year-old undefeated champion of 2014: PnX|Turbo finally met his match, and his rival from the same clan took him down in the last round of a tight BO9 final!

Winner PnX|Striker
Runner-up PnX|Turbo

TrackMania Nations Forever

TrackMania stood out as the only title of GenX to have both male and female gamers (yes, gamer girls). Nevertheless, none of them were able to get the top spots – certainly not this time.

Winner PnX|Binura
Runner-up PnX|GrimmJow

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Once it was a title with over 200 registrations; today it’s a game without even 10 participants. The aging Most Wanted is seeing  a rapid decay among its playerbase – there is doubt on whether it will survive 2015. Members of Phoenix GaminG and another from Tech Morph kept the game alive, just to have the whole title end under 30mins. However, that half an hour marked the defeat of a defender and the victory of a new champion.

Winner PnX|Rider
Runner-up TM | Shaza


Unfortunately, FIFA 14 was switched back to 11 due to hardware incompatibilities, giving the oldies another chance to compete for a title. As usual for this title, the playerbase was made up almost entirely of Phoneix players duking it out among themselves.

Winner PnX|CB
Runner-up PnX|Heat


Sri Lanka is having a golden era of DOTA – the increasing number of teams proves it. Due to a clash with Game Edge’s Champion’s League, The Kade and Death Sentence had to leave this one out. However, a member of Death Sentence took part in Ensidia: the stand-alone team who made it to the final to face-off PnX’s Syfy.

Winner PnX|SyFy
Runner-up Ensidia

We saw some of the finest moments of eSports, a new title being in action, and old dogs doing new tricks. The weekend was surely entertaining to gamers - thanks to Gen-X.

News / A Maximum Season of GCWL Concludes
« on: October 27, 2014, 02:16:42 pm »
The sixth season of Gamer.LK Clans Warfare League online Call of Duty 4 tournament kicked-off on the 23rd of August bringing 54 teams around the country to a single battlefield.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen Death Company (now Xiphos e-Sports) and n00b Alliance leading the war. It was always the most anticipated final. But present SLCG champions, Team Maximum along with the rest of Maximum e-Sports wanted otherwise. They vowed to make a change – and so they did.

GCWL is powered by Dialog

The already introduced x3’s iPwn, nA aurora, and Team Maximum were favorites of this season. Up to the challenge, arose Maximum’s second team: MeetYourMakers, who ultimately managed to reach the final undefeated.

The tournament was in Double-Elimination format which gave even the just-born newbies a second-chance to show their colors. Despite being underdogs, the remaining 50 teams did not hesitate to try their best even against all the odds. There were utterly-close matches between intermediate teams such as team-MACHAN vs. Ganja Boyz as well. 

MeetYourMakers making their way to the final was surprising enough. It not only made a part of Maximum’s vow complete, but also presented a shocking situation of both Team Maximum and nA aurora being defeated to a secondary team.

The action shifted to the lower-bracket where we had Team Maximum, nA aurora, and Team iPwn trying to make a comeback. This was not the season for both x3 and nA; Team Maximum was able to defeat both to meet their fellow clan-mates in the final battle for victory.

MeetYourMakers started with a one map lead in the BO3 as they were from the upper-bracket. Team Maximum wasn’t ready to give-up just yet, and thus, the second map was taken by them for 13-11. In the last decisive showdown, Team Maximum was able to MeetTheirMakers. 13-11 to MeetYourMakers was the score!

Winner Maximum MeetYourMakers
Runner-up Maximum Team Maximum

Dethroning Team Maximum, MeetYourMakers of the same clan emerged as the new champions of COD4 in Sri Lanka. With that, MeetYourMakers and Team Maximum obtained the Gamer.LK country ranks of 1st and 2nd respectively.

We are in a Maximum era. Stay tuned with Gamer.LK to find out how long they would rule!

Article by Binura

News / Bend it like Gigabyte Crowns New FIFA Champions
« on: August 24, 2014, 01:47:45 pm »
Bend it Like Gigabyte – a FIFA 14 tournament organised by Redline Technologies (with the power of Gigabyte) kicked off their preliminary rounds on the 28th of July. It went on to ultimately fill the lobby of Majestic City with some fierce football rivalry on the 2nd of August, being the first SLeSA-sanctioned ‘ranked’ FIFA 14 tournament in Sri Lanka.

"Our game of choice was FIFA 14, because it was the latest available in the series. We looked past the initial costs and proceeded to setup Origin accounts with original games so that it would promote competition at the highest level, and it turned out to be a wise move. One of the main areas we wanted to address with the tournament was the organising. There were a few minor hiccups along the way, but overall, I'd say things went quite smoothly, and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did."
Kushan Dodanwala - Director, Redline Technologies

Despite FIFA 14 being relatively new to Sri Lanka, matches were filled with new faces and old veterans including SLCG 13’s runner-up, Sharpshooter, from Phoenix Gaming. Preliminaries escalated quickly, with 8 qualifying players headed for the finals.

Phoenix Gaming dominated the finals, with three members from the same clan – occupying the top three slots. Ironic to see an MSI-powered team dominating a Gigabyte-powered tournament, but we’ve seen stranger in the world of eSports.

"FIFA has always been special to Phoenix GaminG. It's one reason for our clan to succeed. For all the years, FIFA 11 was well occupied by our members leaving me no doubt about victory. FIFA 14, at a glance, seemed like a new challenge; with slight doubts of course. But at Bend it like Gigabyte, I saw both our old and new members play beautifully. My doubts were again erased, I knew for sure that FIFA would be ours. Redline Technologies did an excellent job by spreading FIFA 14 in Sri Lanka. It's time we move forward in eSports, FIFA 14 is definitely the first step of a long journey."
Abith Latiff - Chairman, Phoenix GaminG

Winner PnX | Sharpshooter
Runner-up PnX | Moin
Second runner-up PnX | Heat

News / Kings of LAN Returns & Ranks Released
« on: July 31, 2014, 07:46:58 pm »
Kings of LAN – the enthronement of legends organized by Gamer.LK has returned after a long pause of 2 years powered exclusively by Dialog Axiata PLC. To kick-off the action, the crowd’s favorite – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare overtook all PCs of the returned gamers’ hub – Venus Gaming Café, Mt. Lavinia on 26th & 27th of July to promise none other split-second trigger pulls to create and enlighten a cyber-battlefield.

Kings of LAN is powered by Dialog

In a draw of 36, Team Maximum from Maximum eSports – the defending champions of SLCG, aurora from n00b Alliance and Team Phoenix from Phoenix GaminG highlighted themselves as top contenders to snatch the title. However, the path was not made easy to them by the likes of minors such as IIG and Wolfgang.

In a repetitive manner, both Tech Morph & Xiphos eSports failed to take part this time as well leaving their spots wide-open for runner-ups and underdogs to gain a handicap.

Despite the absence of Outlaws and iPwn, Team Maximum along with Maximum MeetYourMakers crafted their slots in both semis. Against the forces of Maximum, Team Phoenix & nA aurora arose.

To everyone’s surprise, Team Phoenix challenged Team Maximum with a returning score of 11-11. Nevertheless, it was not enough to take down Team Maximum. Meanwhile, nA aurora, without giving any heart-attacks, took the best of MeetYourMakers to enter the final against Team Maximum.

In a BO3 to take the throne, Team Maximum and nA aurora went head-to-head giving no openings to each other leading to a decisive tie-breaker. 4-2; tears of n00b Alliance fell as cheers for Maximum roared the halls! Alas! Team Maximum emerged victorious as the Kings of LAN!

Winner Maximum Team Maximum
Runner-up nA | aurora

Alongside, the long-awaited Gamer.LK Rankings for Call of Duty 4 is out! Under those who participated in ‘Ranked’ tournaments, the following teams have successfully managed to claim the Top 10 ranks in Sri Lanka.

All ranks were calculated on performance. Participating in ‘Ranked’ tournaments would increase a team’s rank. The above results are inclusive of King of LAN: July.

Such as that, a weekend filled with bullets ended in harmony. Congratulations to Team Maximum and nA aurora for their victories and TM OutLaws for topping the ladder! With the Rankings released, expect to see more devastating battles up ahead. Don’t leave just yet… Feeling bored after The International 4? Then get excited and join us next month with Kings of LAN: Aug – DOTA 2! Until then, stay tuned with Gamer.LK to exclusively grasp what’s new in local eSports.

Article by Binura


"Paris 1789. The darkest days of history are upon us. While the masses struggle for survival, the upper class continues to ignore them, but the people have reached their breaking point, and they must take destiny into their own hands. In this time of chaos, Arno, a young man wounded by loss, embarks on a deadly path of redemption. But when freedom is at stake, and the oppression becomes unbearable, the revolution cannot rest on the shoulders of one hero. It relies on all of us."

So guys, Ubisoft is calling you to be creative and make your own assassins! Check out mine and vote if you like :D Also create your own and post links here (Y)

News / A Settlement of Rivalries – Get nAiled ‘14
« on: May 17, 2014, 06:47:57 pm »
A month has passed with the sound of firecrackers and taste of kavum enriching the Avurudu season giving all gamers a well-deserved break after the heavy rush of March.

Last we experienced GamerFest; an event consisting of 8 titles with 5 going to the hands of the organizers themselves – Phoenix Gaming. Few of the moments to remember were Team Maximum meeting nA | aurora in the finals of Call of Duty, Rider and SilentKnight from PnX taking Shaza and Knight from TM’ positions in Need for Speed and the absence of Kucf again from Mortal Kombat. Fortunately or unfortunately, we were this far able to take and brag about few facts related to the presence and absence of individuals and teams. But that brag has come to its climax... Yes, the rivalries have finally settled!

Get nAiled (Getnailed.n00balliance.lk) – a tournament organized by n00b Alliance, one of the oldest and most respected clans in Sri Lanka – was held on the 03rd and 4th of May at Majestic City. It consisted of three main titles – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Mortal Kombat 9, followed by a crowd requested Tekken Tag Tournament 2.. Just as how the crowd was able to witness this new gaming experience, the gamers themselves were fortunate to witness an arena where cheers of encouragement flew from three fully-packed floors.

The days took less prominence as the appearance of our mysteriously missing SLCG ’13 winner – Encore ‘kucf changing colors to yellow and black
As Mortal Kombat took the privilege of being the first title to conclude in the tournament. The days took less prominence as the appearance of our mysteriously missing SLCG ’13 winner – Encore ‘kucf changing colors to yellow and black. That is correct, kucf has joined the organizers of Get nAiled and the present winners of League of Legends – n00b Alliance on his own preference. Rising to the challenge: Demon, Excalibur and GrimmJow from Phoenix Gaming entered the draw along with kucf and made their way as the top four – with Demon and kucf being in the top and GrimmJow and Excalibur struggling in the Loser Bracket.

Cheers from PnX gamers echoed throughout the Majestic City lobby as Demon was able to defeat kucf in the Winners Bracket final. Meanwhile in the Loser Bracket, GrimmJow once again faced-off against Excalibur to decide who would get another chance to take a shot at the title. As intense their battles always go, Excalibur was fortunate this time to get the upper hand and to challenge the last person to enter the Loser Bracket – kucf. This gave kucf yet another shot at the title – being very economical with his moved, he defeated Excalibur to move on to the finals again against his ultimate rival – Demon. A fierce second showdown saw kucf emerge as the winner.

PCs all prepared for action

Kucf’s trusted teammate Gangster (who also moved from Encore to nA) stated that kucf is restrictraining himself from continuing his proper combos. Could it be true that kucf could be more deadly than he is now? If so, could it be that even Demon is in a lower level than him? Or could it be just rumors made to bring fear upon his opponents? Time will reveal that: for now, we witnessed this rivalry laid to rest and kucf emerge the undisputed king of Mortal Kombat.

Winner nA | kucf
Runner-up PnX | DeMoN

May the draw have been against them; Shaza had to face Knight in the Semis whereas Striker had to face against SilentKnight
Need for Speed: Most Wanted – usually the title with most number of wild registrations, took a turn with having the least number of participants. However, small numbers it had no effect on the event’s enthusiasm – simply because Shaza and Knight representing Tech Morph were included in the small draw along with Rider, Striker and SilentKnight from Phoenix Gaming. May the draw have been against them; Shaza had to face Knight in the Semis whereas Striker had to face against SilentKnight. Moving on to the finals, Knight took his chance from TM while Striker representing PnX was given a shot at the title. Could this lack of racers be crucial for the future of NFS? Could it be taking the same faith of TrackMania? In hopes for more racers in the next event, NFS concluded with the following results,

Winner TM | Knight
Runner-up PnX | Striker

Mortal Kombat final attracting a huge audience

Hopes of x3 shattered with Team Maximum beating iPwn in a very decisive match
The crowd’s favorite title, Call of Duty took prominence once again at Get nAiled with 46 5-man (and woman) teams shooting their way for victory. There were no reasons make excuses or to avoid the action as iPwn, OutLaws, aurora and Team Maximum were there to leave their marks. Time flew with the sounds of bullets, cheers and epic shouts, but none of them were loud enough to match the tension of the two nail-biting semis where the two mostly anticipated teams; iPwn representing Xiphos e-Sports challenged Team Maximum from Maximum e-Sports and Tech Morph OutLaws faced-off against the organizers’ main team – nA | aurora. Hopes of x3 shattered with Team Maximum beating iPwn in a very decisive match.

While the shouts of x3 and Maximum for their match was loud and lusty, the aurora vs. OutLaws match went beyond to a different level of tension altogether, as a pin-drop silence haunted the venue. After going into 3 tie-breakers, OutLaws was able to restrict nA from moving on to the finals. A finals of OutLaws against Team Maximum was built and the whole crowd was filling the staircase and any spot they could find to catch the action live.

Call of Duty taking the highlight

Unfortunately for everyone, the finals had to postpone as MC took down the power at 9pm. With both teams agreeing to settle their battle online, the final showdown took place on 23rd May. Team Maximum took the upper hand by winning the first map in a difficult challenge leaving Outlaws under pressure. Making quick progression in the second map to a score of 13-6, Team Maximum outlawed the Outlaws to prove that they are the best.

Winner Maximum Team Maximum
Runner-up TM | Outlaws

With the completion of Mortal Kombat on the first day and having a gap to fill, Tekken was hosted at the crowd’s request
Unexpectedly, nearly all the well-known Tekken faces appeared at Get nAiled on the second day. With the completion of Mortal Kombat on the first day and having a gap to fill, Tekken was hosted at the crowd’s request. Representing PnX; their young champion – Turbo, Rascal, Rider and SilentKnight faced against more known faces like Gangster representing nA. Thought not much prominence was given to Tekken, the event moved smoothly as it should be. Turbo walked away with the win.

Winner PnX | Turbo
Runner-up PnX | Rascal

League of Legends
With their joint effort, it was truly a spectacular match to see as they were very tactical from beginning to end
Apart from the main titles, an exhibition League of Legends match was held with the current winners – nA | The Troll Brothers facing against a very special community picked All-Star team consisting of members from three teams. The members were Rune Satyr from Please Let Us Surrender, RaidenflyMidX from Team Deiyo along with DeathFalcon, Shadowblace and PartyPants from PnX | Insomniac Gaming Alliance. With their joint effort, it was truly a spectacular match to see as they were very tactical from beginning to end. Though TTB had an upper hand in kills against the All-Stars, proper planning, taking advantage of every moment and combined strategies led All-Stars to victory against TTB in a way like no other.

n00b Alliance

The weekend was filled with intense action and the crowd was enormous; Get nAiled organized by n00b Alliance concluded giving all gamers and the public an experience unlike anything they have witnessed before. Rivalries were settled whereas new rivalries may have been formed as well. However, apart from all the gaming action, it was an event where all enjoyed gaming as it should be. Guaranteeing to bring you the best of local e-Sports similar to Get nAiled, stay tuned with GLK for the latest news and updates.

Article by Binura

Classifieds / [Selling] Broken Pokedex with Action Figures
« on: May 16, 2014, 10:34:06 pm »
I happen to have this Pokedex which I didn't use for quite awhile now.. Today I turned it on and found out that its not working anymore. Could be a slight problem with battery detection but thought I'd give it to a bigger fan than I am.

Item: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimension Ultimate Sinnoh Pokedex (Includes Darkrai, Palkia and DIalga Figures)

Condition: Pokedex not turning on (AKA broken) but no physical damage to item or figures. Packing opened but still in great condition.

Includes: 1 x Pokedex, 3 x Action Figures (Darkrai, Palkia and DIalga)

Price: Rs. 4,000 negotiable ^^

Comment or message me if anyone is interested ^^

News / GamerFest '14 - Powered & Dominated by Phoenix Gaming
« on: April 30, 2014, 02:40:33 pm »
Only a week has passed after the most unpredictable events which happened at IICG that shocked the community in many titles. Looking back at the some-say-expected or most-say-unexpected results, Asia’s largest clan: Tech Morph challenged head-to-head against the currently said to be dominating: Phoenix Gaming with a tie of titles. The victorious return of Team iPwn made their resurrected impact clearly upon the Call of Duty community under the new name of Xiphos e-Sports. As always, questions were left for the following week to answer. Let’s see whether more tables are remained for us to flip.

Powered by one of the five leading clans in Sri Lanka; Phoenix Gaming collaborated with Saegis Campus hosted GamerFest ’14 at the campus' premises on the 22nd and 23rd of March offering 7 titles namely; Need for Speed Most Wanted, FIFA 11, Mortal Kombat 9, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, TrackMania Nations Forever, DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike 1.6 followed by that late announcement of 2 additional titles namely the locally favored - Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and globally favored - League of Legends making it a complete of 9 titles available to compete. Opening the gates to the newly opened large campus in Nugegoda, GamerFest debuted Saegis to the gaming community showing a large and fresh venue which followed many positive comments taking away the gaming part.

Consisting a set of split-second decisive rounds and matches which made the audience go silent, GrimmJow once again secured his seat in the finals against Excalibur
Going first to the deadly game of combat, Mortal Kombat 9 started early as always having a decent amount of participants including new names. Going from runner-up to first-defeat, PnX | GrimmJow who went head-to-head against Demon in IICG MK9 finals took the sarcastic-prestige of playing the first match against a newcomer and securing his seat in the first slot of the losers-bracket. With other matches going steadily, Demon and Excalibur remained in the top-bracket knocking down all who were in their way. Demon under the same circumstances, Excalibur was the last to enter the losers-bracket. In the meantime, GrimmJow forced his way in the losers-bracket till the confrontation of him against his equally moving rival: Excalibur. Consisting a set of split-second decisive rounds and matches which made the audience go silent, GrimmJow once again secured his seat in the finals against Excalibur. With all PnX action going in the area, strange rumors of a return of previous SLCG winner Kcuf at SLCG 14 filled all ears. More rumors added that Kcuf has mastered 80-100% combos which he plans to debut later this year. Could that truly be the opponent Demon is looking for? Would GrimmJow or Excalibur replace Demon’s spot to face these rumors? Could these rumors really be possible? The only way to find out is to wait and walk with us in our Path-To-SLCG 14. Final results of Mortal Kombat 9 at GamerFest are as follows,

Winner PnX | Demon
Runner-up PnX | GrimmJow

Audience came into thrill with the arrival of former-SLCG winner: Maximum FlashBullet into the arena
So many questions remained in-doubt at IICG regarding FIFA with the defeat of CB by the victory of PaLLu. Today we have answers which are in a very satisfactory level compared to rivalries. Again a majority of PnX members were seen in the draw playing their most favored game. Curiosity arose in the area with the presence of Maximum e-Sports making a slight return to their also favored title. With a number of tensed matches within the first few rounds, PnX was once again able to clear all outsiders to make a draw filled only with red and black jerseys. Returning with a match of 11-0 score recorded as the highest score and making the way towards the finals, the crowd’s favorite: CB faced-off against the present winner: PaLLu where their ultimate rivalry was settled. Audience came into thrill with the arrival of former-SLCG winner: Maximum FlashBullet into the arena. In a live interview with him instantly at the hall by the shoutcaster, FlashBullet stated that he has officially moved to FIFA 14 but would look to play 11 again at SLCG 14. Would FlashBullet be the Kcuf of FIFA? Is this a new trend of winners to play only at SLCG? And would Maximum make a comeback against PnX with FlashBullet? For now, FIFA remains in the hands of PnX and the results are as follows,

Winner PnX | CB
Runner-up PnX | PaLLu

Participants getting ready for their matches

Hearts stopped with Shaza’s crash in the middle of the tournament which made him to leave the draw in early games
Need for Speed took a turn at GamerFest with an unexpected result. Racing after the title, current winner and the largest clan: Tech Morph was represented only by a single member whereas quite a number of members from the chasers: PnX was represented. Being the racer with much expectations on the shoulders; TM | Shaza drove-off against the usually largest individual draw. Hearts stopped with Shaza’s crash in the middle of the tournament which made him to leave the draw in early games. Complains arose as a slight lag was running through all the PCs yet being the gentlemen and the honored gamer he is, Shaza admitted that his crash is of his own fault and not others to blame for. For the first time, a final of Most Wanted was driven by 4 PnX participants speeding head-to-head towards the finish line. The absence of the other TM contender: Knight was highly mentioned. Could he have made a change against PnX? Could he have faced the same faith as Shaza? Or could this be the return of PnX to Most Wanted? So far, the finish line was crossed by follows.

Winner PnX | Rider
Runner-up PnX | SilentKnight

With Diyo out of the equation, the crowd was thrilled to witness what would happen with this child randomly pressing buttons
Being the first event for the year, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was also presented at GamerFest for martial art experts to see who wields the strongest belt. As PnX had a streak of Tekken with their star Diyo, his absence made the crowd wonder whether this could be the end of that streak. But rising for the challenge, young or youngest member of PnX; Turbo who is still at the age of 9 without any boasting fought his way towards a triangular finals round. With Diyo out of the equation, the crowd was thrilled to witness what would happen with this child randomly pressing buttons. No questions to be asked, those were definitely not random button smashes and the following results will confirm it further,

Winner PnX | Turbo
Runner-up PnX | Hunk

Crowd's favorite title in action

Though the game goes on with few participants, the question is, why would people continue to play this game?
A title unknown to many but valuable to those few who play; TrackMania Nations Forever was once again seen in an event other than SLCG with a few racers with fast senses racing off to the checkpoints. With the return of PnX | Binura to the tracks at previous SLCG, another start to this passive title was seen. With the absence of familiar names such as Zer0, LOD and Thunder from renamed Xiphos e-Sports did not give the same atmosphere the crowd favored like in the past. Yet so, the arrival of the so-heard Mortal Kombat runner-up: GrimmJow to TrackMania and him racing well in the finals was seen as a turning point in the game. Though the game goes on with few participants, the question is, why would people continue to play this game? Or better yet, why NOT the people of Sri Lanka play this globally recognized e-Sport? May the tracks be confusing or may the tracks be childish, the ones who were able to finish them are as follows,

Winner PnX | Binura
Runner-up PnX | GrimmJow

Fortunately or unfortunately, the crowd was able to witness a rare final of nA vs. MAX shooting for the title
Looking into the later announced crowd’s favorite title Call of Duty 4, a minority of participation due to the lack of priority given was seen within it. Being numbered to a draw of 20 odd slots, still the thrilling atmosphere was presented when main teams from leading clans took their turns. Unlikely, COD was able to wrap-up before needing extra time for once. With Maximum e-Sports and n00b Alliance making quick progress towards the finals, the absence of Tech Morph and iPwn from Xiphos e-Sports was felt heavily. Fortunately or unfortunately, the crowd was able to witness a rare final of nA vs. MAX shooting for the title. Last gunfire was heard with the following results,

Winner Maximum Team Maximum
Runner-up nA | aurora

GrimmJow vs Demon taking in the finals

Giving heart-attacks to almost all the spectators, the second match took a very long, silent and unpredictable position in the whole event with exceeding to nearly 80mins
Taking COD’s role, DOTA 2 took the privilege of reaching extra time with the rivalry of IICG winner Death Sentence from Tech Morph going head-to-head with SLCG winner The Kade from Phoenix Gaming. Making progress towards the finals, LAWL from PnX was once again able to have an honorable defeat against Death Sentence giving a sharp fight. A BO3 final started at the edge of concluding time between Death Sentence and The Kade in hopes of a team winning without going for a tie breaker. Hopes arose within PnX members with The Kade taking a clear but well-earned victory in the first match. Giving heart-attacks to almost all the spectators, the second match took a very long, silent and unpredictable position in the whole event with exceeding to nearly 80mins. Cyber-athletes who were exhausted by that time with 2 heavy days of gaming took a deep sigh with Death Sentence winning the second match to make a tie. With the agreement of both teams, the final tie-breaker match was rescheduled as time was against them. Tie-breaker of Death Sentence vs. The Kade was held on the 30th of March resulting Death Sentence to continue their streak further in this year.

Winner TM | Death Sentence
Runner-up PnX | The Kade

Turning out to be a newly formed destined-battle; nA | TTB vs PLUS faced against each other in a BO3 finals
As referred to in the interview with captain of present League of Legends champion: Please Let Us Surrender (PLUS), Hades; latency or commonly known as ping stroke the event at GamerFest. With the agreement of organizers and participants, the title was switched to online.
The online switch of the title ended on the 20th of April in a double-elimination format with the participation of well-known local Summoners. In a similar scenario just as in SLCG '13, n00b Alliance | The Troll Brothers (TTB) and Please Let Us Surrender (PLUS) pulled-off a spectacular performance throughout the tournament. Insomniac Gaming Alliance representing Phoenix Gaming on the other-hand had to face another unfortunate defeat before making it to the finals. Turning out to be a newly formed destined-battle; nA | TTB vs PLUS faced against each other in a BO3 finals. A changed was made this time in the finals unlike at previous SLCG where nA gained a moral boost being undefeated till the final showdown. With a magnificent 2-0 streak, nA returned their name on a title like in the days of yore. Final results are as follows,

Winner nA | The Troll Brothers
Runner-up Please Let Us Surrender

The unofficial Omi tournament hosted by Death Sentence parallel to GamerFest

Counter-Strike 1.6 was once again cancelled for the third consecutive time in local events
The public rumor may have been confirmed; Counter-Strike 1.6 was once again cancelled for the third consecutive time in local events. With technical issues matching up with a heavy lack of teams, most or considerably all gamers including participants agreed that the one most crowded game is fully and finally dead. Could GamerFest truly be the last try for 1.6? Would the newly improved Counter-Strike Global Offensive replace the role like in every other country? Answers may be anything yet a change would definitely come to the community this year.   

Summarizing the event with most titles seen so far for this year, GamerFest ’14 concluded with few remaining matches to be played. Few special moments to mention are PnX |GrimmJow winning 2 runner-up positions followed by PnX | CB making a return with a victory along with two 3rd places in both racing games. With a domination by the organized clan themselves, Phoenix Gaming showed a fine performance in a fresh environment. In hopes of going for a peaceful New Year season with the involvement of fewer tournaments, we invite you all to join us at the next dated event: Kings of LAN on the 26th of April. Till then, stay tuned with GLK for the latest updates on the local scene and the world.

Article by Binura
Photography by PnX Photography

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