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WCG Sri Lanka / Re: WCG Asian Championship 2010
« on: June 15, 2010, 11:23:24 am »
@Admin/moderator : Pls close this thread or delete it. As of this moment LANKA ESPORTS have ended all affliations we had with this with Gamer.lk and its administrators.

WCG Sri Lanka / Re: WCG SL 2010 - Are you ready ?
« on: June 15, 2010, 11:17:35 am »
@ onca : seriously ?? You said that ?? Epic.
@Admin/moderator : Pls close this thread or delete it. As of this moment LANKA ESPORTS have ended all affliations we had with this with Gamer.lk and its administrators.

WCG Sri Lanka / WCG Asian Championship 2010
« on: June 15, 2010, 06:59:12 am »

Featured Games

DoTA (5 v 5)

FIFA 2010 (1 v 1)

Forza Motor Sports 3 (1 v 1)

Stay tuned for more updates.  :)

Muksith playing BFBC2 ? :D Awesome

WCG Sri Lanka / Re: WCG SL 2010 - Are you ready ?
« on: June 07, 2010, 09:16:50 pm »
16? dude theres bearly 16 for shift? on PC or even for FIFA? all Im sayin is Forza 3 is an official title.. why not have it instead of an unnofficial title like shift?

Same reason we are not having Warcraft 3 TFT and Starcraft. Not enough players in SL. :/

WCG Sri Lanka / Re: WCG SL 2010 - Are you ready ?
« on: June 07, 2010, 08:52:18 pm »
so why not make it popular.. Im sure alot of people have Forza 3 dude.. cos its GT for the xbox lol.. plus its gonna be around for along time.. so might as well get everyone ready for it ? anyways heard its in WCG ASIA qualifiers right? atleast thats something :)

If you can get me 16 players I will have a Forza 3 event for Xbox360. :)

WCG Sri Lanka / Re: WCG SL 2010 - Are you ready ?
« on: June 07, 2010, 08:37:43 pm »
shift for console? xbox360? y not have Forza 3 instead? since its a WCG game...


cos isnt the point of this tourney to get people in the groove for such events? even though you dont plan on sending anyone who wins the racing events...?

Forza 3 is not popular in SL and only few gamers would have even played it. On the other hand NFS Shift is a game everyone can play :)

It will be on PC. Halo3 will be the only title for Xbox360.

Nice interview.  :)

We all know about your epic use of media for your tourney.
Remember that without the WCG partnership title, youre nothing.

Exactly. I have it. you don't.  I believe that is the crux of this pointless thread :)

Considering every single tournament youve had has been advertised here. Also, read back to your earlier posts, Im sure youd find your call for help.
BTW, you seem to be following the WCG way in style, not caring about players and going for profit.

Call for help ? Advertising or Informing the community =/= Call for help. I think you missed something there as usual. :D

GLK is just another forum or medium we post to inform the gamers about our events. Nothing more...


Good, call people rage monkeys, youre already popular as it is.
Also, if you dont want to explain yourselves to the members of this forum, stop expecting support from this forum's admin, or people to come to your tourneys (of course the only reason that will happen is because of WCG).

LIke GLK 'supported' us since the beginning lol..

Miracles not needed. Maybe timely organising. The CS team was informed of the SACGC less than a month before the actual tournament start date. May 5th to be precise - that is two weeks to do the following:

- Discuss with parents
- Find funding
- Figure out who can go and who can't due to permission / funding problems
- Confirm roster with the players who can go (this is why the entirety of Liquid didn't go)
- Again, find funding - it was hard with just two weeks notice, whereas sponsors may take upto a month to reply to this kind of funding
- Prepare visa and other documents

And this is from a organisational side - I haven't even mentioned the practice that a new team like this should put in before an international tournament -_-.

I'm just saying. I really don't like replying to this thread anymore because it's become really sour for everyone in the community, but the arrogance and "we don't care what anyone else thinks" attitude in your posts is off-putting.

Why thank you Rav. Your wisdom always prevails We will take into consideration your words.

Thats what you have to say? No one forced any cs players to take part and burden themselves? all the players tried so hard to make this happen. you should be thankful to that without throwing dumb comments at them.

its not luck thats needed, yall should be more organized. If ur going to do anything do it right, without wasting peoples time and money, otherwise dont bother. It was a good chance to enter the international arena, sad to see it go wasted.

Ok before you jump the band wagon of the rage monkeys listen what happened. We informed all the players to submit Visa applications on Thursday. All 7 who submitted that day received it on Monday morning.

Some LL players didn't have their passports ready and they only got their passports on Friday evening. By that time it was too late for any of them to submit visa applications and it was submitted only on Monday. According to the travel agent 5 more visas were submitted along with players applications.

5th DoTA player suddenly backed out on Monday saying he cannot attend. WDF found another player and he submitted his Visa application on Monday as well. Indian Embassy put all 7 passports on hold (6 CS players + DoTa player) and released the other 5 I mentioned earlier. As I said in my previous post Indian visa approval for Muslims is very strict and for a reason unknown to any of us they have called all of the players for interviews. If anyone is feeling discriminated please take it up with the foreign ministry. I am just relaying you word to word what I have been told by the Embassy official.

@ Manutd : Why don't you verify these facts with the concerned parties? What I can gather from your post is that you can perform miracles suddenly. I think These players need one right now.  

As organizers we are NOT obliged to provide any kind of support towards the players but we arranged the transport to the airport and arranged a travel agent to apply for Visa  because we felt we need to help the players to get to their destination. Just because some shit happened due to the policy of a embassy we cannot take responsibility for it.

@ CS Team : We truly are disappointed and sad over the fact that we couldn't send the CS team. We know you guys would have won this and would have brought glory to SL. But what happened is beyond our control and hope you guys realize that fact. Lets hope we have some better luck next time.

anyway ur friend blades reply shows everything Lanka Esports dont give a shit..just the money in the pocket..

Yes we keep whatever we earn because we are not a charity. But I wonder if any of you saints have any idea what kind of cost we had to bear sending these players. But we are not cheap enough to go and post it on a forum to make ourselves look good  & earn community respect like others are doing.

We simply don't have to explain ourselves to anyone. Certainly not in this forum..

as usual epicfail

Go tell it to the Indian Embassy who held their visas on security grounds. If you think you can do something about it go ahead and show what you can do. Otherwise just keep on posting to show what kind of a retarded immature kid you are.

I spoke with a higher up in embassy and what she told me was that due to increased security proceedures Visa approval is very strict when it comes to Muslims. After Mumbai attacks this is in effect it seems.

There is absolutly no way to influence the Visa granting in anyway. We tried everything there is to do but some things are beyond our control. So before you post something to show your IQ level get the facts straight.


Here's a thought - why not make an effort to avoid drama by having fair selections ;) ?
We always do. But everyone loves to have their fun anyway ;)

Coming back to topic, team who left day before arrived at the hotel safely. 

Fair enough. Its not a case of making everyone happy. But nevermind, I accept that reply because its teh most honest thing youve said. Youll cant please everybody. But make sure you make the right people happy. What I say represents the cod4 community only if you choose to it to. I speak as a member of the community.

I have good idea who and who are the right people . Thank you for your suggestion though.

This alleged controversy is not something new to us. It happened before and it will happen in future as well. I think its safe to bet that there will be a bigger thread for WCG ASIA with more drama ;)

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