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Thank you very much for your information..i am searching for gaming headset with very good bass and very good sounds,,and with 7.1 virtual.. Do you guys have revolver?

We currently don't have the Revolver but Redline has and they charge the same price we do.

For you personally I would suggest to buy the Cloud Revolver S. It has better performance as well as 7.1 surround sound.

For the Revolver S we're currently out of stock. Leave us your number and we'll contact you immediately when we restock

The Cloud 2 has 7.1 surround sound card. It gives a virtual surround sound but requires you to connect to 3.0 USB port

The Cloud Alpha has a dual chamber technology where the highs and the mids come out of 2 different chambers as opposed to the normal 1 chamber. This gives rise to higher clarity and overall better sound, especially if you are using the Cloud 2 without the sound card.

The difference in bass is negligible but if you want a quality headset purely for bass, i would suggest the Cloud Revolver


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