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GCCL / GCCL Season 11 [June 2018] - Registrations Closed!
« on: June 04, 2018, 02:10:53 pm »

Gamer.LK is pleased to announce Season 11 of the Gamer.LK Clans Counter Strike League (GCCL) tournament, the oldest gaming league in Sri Lanka. MSI is the Technology Partner and Red Bull is the Official Energy Drink for GCCL Season 11 - a ranked tournament, with matches being played on servers provided by Dialog Gaming. Taking part in such ranked tournaments would increase a team’s rank, however failure to show up after registration might lead to penalties in rank.

GCCL Season 11 kicks off in June 2018 and is open to all Sri Lankans living in and out of Sri Lanka. Banned players will not be allowed to take part in GCCL Season 11.

GCCL Season 11 would follow Gamer.LK Ranked | Counter Strike Competitive Rules.

All Steam profiles need to be registered using their Community Profile URL. All participants are kindly reminded to make their Steam profiles public during the period of the tournament. The profiles need to be made public from the time of registration since we will be verifying each account being used. This is mandatory for all players, irrespective of skill level or rank. Please go through the rules to find out more about player registration and VAC bans.

Registrations are FREE and open from 04 June till 20 June 2018.

Format of Play
Double Elimination Format

21 June 2018

Matches Commence
1 July 2018


If you are unable to see the Registration Form below, click here for the direct link.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="1000" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Loading...</iframe>

Competitive Tournament Rules / Gamer.LK Banned Players List
« on: June 03, 2018, 11:46:21 pm »
We as Gamer.LK consider that providing a level and fair competitive playing field is of utmost importance. In 2015, we announced our first steps towards this for Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) by tracking and maintaining player registrations at Gamer.LK Ranked CS:GO tournaments.

Today, we announce the release of the full list of players banned from all Gamer.LK Ranked tournaments. The list currently contains CS:GO players who have been caught cheating by the game publisher’s anti-cheat system (Valve Anti-Cheat).

The list of players banned from all Gamer.LK Ranked tournaments can be found at

This list will continue to be maintained and updated to reflect any future bans as well. The ban period specified will extend to all Gamer.LK Ranked tournaments both offline and online.

For updated Valve Anti-Cheat Ban rules please refer to the Gamer.LK Ranked Counter Strike:Global Offensive and Dota 2 rules.

Classifieds / Re: [NEED] NES classic console or replica.
« on: April 28, 2018, 08:40:02 pm »
Hi there. Play.LK has an NES up for sale:

PM me your contact details and we will get in touch with you.

Overwatch / Get nAiled 2018 Overwatch League Team Details
« on: April 18, 2018, 05:55:07 pm »

Overwatch / Get nAiled 2018 Overwatch League Schedule
« on: April 18, 2018, 05:52:42 pm »

We have re-opened applications with some new positions also. Please have a look at the details and apply if you think you got what it takes. We have a very exciting set of plans coming up over the next few months so we encourage anyone who has the passion and drive to help us with what we do, to join us on Team GLK!

Announcements / Re: Join the team that empowers eSports in Sri Lanka!
« on: April 12, 2018, 11:05:23 am »
Filled this the last time you guys posted it. What happned??
We have a limited number of applications we take each time. You are informed personally if you are accepted. :)

Fortnite / Fortnite Username List
« on: March 29, 2018, 12:48:42 am »
Hey guys,

Share your Epic Games or PSN or Xbox ID here so that you can add each other squad up! One of the mods will continue to keep this list updated. Good luck!

Leave it in the format of ID (Platform) so that its easy to identify. Let me start.  (Y)

rameshliyanage (PC)

At the end of 2017, the members of the Sri Lanka eSports Association (SLeSA) unanimously agreed to move to FIFA 18 as the official FIFA version starting from 2018. Alongside this decision, Clash Royale was included into the list of ranked titles in Sri Lanka in order to promote eSports across the mobile platform. SLeSA consists of representation from all major clans in the country with Gamer.LK’s leadership.

Taking its first step into the competitive eSports industry in Sri Lanka, Mobitel in strategic partnership with Gamer.LK, launched the first ever X-station eSports League. Promising to be a grand event open to all gamers in the country, the Championship features FIFA 18 (PlayStation 4) and Clash Royale (Mobile). Boasting of a prizepool amounting to LKR 70,000, this will be the first-ever ranked eSports tournament for these titles in Sri Lanka.

Mobitel, the leading Mobile Service Provider in Sri Lanka aims to introduce new technology to the youth of Sri Lanka and plans through such engaging events. In strategic partnership with Gamer.LK, they have entered a new chapter, venturing into the continuously evolving and improving world of eSports.

X-station eSports Championship, will be happening at X-station, 409 R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo on the 3rd of March 2018.

To register for this event, please visit

For more details about X-station:

GCDL / Rescheduling of matches for GCDL Season 12
« on: February 22, 2018, 02:27:41 pm »
Seeing as there was a lot of community feedback based on the network instability experienced for a portion of users yesterday, we would like to address this issue and clarify our stance on this moving forward.

Gamer.LK works with all the telecommunication providers (telcos) in Sri Lanka and maintains an excellent working relationship with them. Based on this, we were able to reach out directly to the ISP in question and since then have worked with them to fix a routing path issue not only to the SEA servers we use for Dota 2 but in general for all the SEA hosted servers across multiple games. Additionally, in the hope of optimising routes across all telcos, we have also passed on these details to the other telcos as well.

We do this on a periodical basis or as and when we receive server updates most oftenly directly through the technical teams of game publishers and developers. Our commitment in this regard is for all the ranked game titles as well as popular game titles such as PUBG, Fortnite, Paladins, etc as we would like the gaming community in Sri Lanka to always benefit from the best latency ingame across all telcos. Utilising our unique position in the industry, we are in the best position to provide all the necessary technical and statistical information as well.

Coming to the issue of matches held yesterday, we would like to first mention that all our decisions were based on existing rules made public well before the tournament began. Things like “matches besides the semis/finals will not be rescheduled” were informed when the draw was posted as well on our website. It is based on these rules that our first decision of not rescheduling any matches, was taken. There was no consideration of what network ISP a player/team uses or even what team/player it is when we take a decision of this nature.

We are deeply passionate about the community we built over the past decade and taking everything into consideration, we have decided to annul the results of the matches played on 21 February 2018. These matches will be played once again from the 1st of March 2018. As such the following matches will be played again: Match 81, 82 and 83. The GCDL Season 12 schedule has been updated accordingly:

How we issue reschedules and how it is implemented across all our leagues is a complex discussion and will be something we hope to tackle actively through our upcoming events. While during third-party events with strict time schedules this is not possible, we may look at other alternatives as well. We welcome and value your feedback to help us improve on the overall eSports experience.


Hi everyone,

We checked on the connection issues that several teams experienced yesterday and were able to confirm it with our partner ISPs. In light of this, we are considering this an extraordinary situation which is eligible to overrule the ‘no re-schedules’ rule for the tournament. After discussion with staff and senior admins, we have decided to re-schedule all GCDL matches played yesterday. See new schedule below:

As always, thank you for voicing your concerns and constant feedback!

Announcements / Re: Gamer.LK Discord Server
« on: February 16, 2018, 11:35:39 pm »
We have done some more updates:
+ added more channels for some more games
+ added more bots that pushes notifications for Overwatch, League of Legends (game updates for now)
+ added a second Music bot that can be controlled by the #bot-chat channel.

In addition, we have been trying to use the GLK Discord server for the ongoing Gamer.LK Clans Dota 2 League (GCDL). If you were a participant and have any feedback on your experience of using Discord, please do let us know. We are looking at how we can integrate Discord more for future events as well.

Appreciate the constant feedback and suggestions.


The following are the game-specific rules for Gamer.LK Clash Royale Ranked tournaments. These rules must be followed in conjunction with the General Competitive Rules of Gamer.LK Ranked Tournaments.

The General Competitive Rules can be found here. The general rules listed there apply to all gaming titles and all teams/players who register for any Gamer.LK Ranked Competitive tournament are expected to follow them.


The tournament bracket used will be handled by the game itself.


2.1. - By submitting a registration for a Gamer.LK Ranked Clash Royale tournament, all players acknowledge without limitation to comply with the rules set herein and especially with the decisions made by the Gamer.LK Staff.

2.2. - All competitors are expected to know and understand all the rules described here. Not knowing that a rule existed or that it was in place will not be considered as an acceptable reason for breaking said rule.

2.3. - A player’s name, icon, profile picture or logo may not contain any of the following: profanities, obscene language, gang affiliation, drugs, sexual material, offensive material, slander of Gamer.LK or it’s administration, partners or sponsors.


3.1. - Player accounts must be level 8 or higher to participate.

3.2. - Sharing accounts during the tournament is strictly forbidden. The player who registers for the tournament must remain the sole controller of their account throughout all tournament gameplay.

3.3. - Players are only allowed to enter using a single account, and must use only that account throughout the duration of tournament gameplay.


4.1. - A Game is a single round of Clash Royale. Each game is played as a Friendly Battle.

4.2. - A match is played as a "Best of 3", unless stated otherwise.

4.3. - A bracket is the series of matches that are played in order to determine a tournament winner.


5.1. - Card Restrictions
5.1.1. - There are no card restrictions for Bracket Play and Elimination phases of the tournament.
5.1.2. - Players may choose any combination of cards and decks throughout their scheduled games and matches and alter their deck any time prior to each scheduled game.
5.1.3. - Finals phases of the tournament, cards are restricted by Double Blind Ban Rules (Double Blind Ban Rules). Otherwise, there are no additional card restrictions.

5.2. - Card Levels
5.2.1. - Cards and King Level are set at certain caps. Players whose King level or
card levels are higher than the caps will have their levels reduced to the
cap. (If the King level or card levels are lower than the cap, they will be
unaffected, which does not use Friendly Rules, described below.)
5.2.2. - King Level is capped at level 9.
5.2.3. - Common Cards are capped at level 9.
5.2.4. - Rare Cards are capped at level 7.
5.2.5. - Epic Cards are capped at level 4.
5.2.6. - Legendary Cards are capped at level 1.
5.2.7. - In addition, the length of overtime will be 3 minutes instead of 1 minute.

5.3. - Friendly Rules
In Bracket Play, Elimination, Semi and Finals, players will battle using Friendly Battles. In Friendly Battles, the Tournament Rules above apply.
Additionally, Friendly Rules apply. With Friendly Rules, all King and Card levels
are set to match the level cap, even if the player's King or Cards are below the

5.4.1. - The player who ends each individual game by destroying the greatest amount of their enemy towers is awarded one “win”.
5.4.2. - Game wins awarded are not influenced by the number of towers destroyed. For example, a winning player destroys 3 enemy towers and their opponent destroys 0 towers, the winning player will only receive 1 win towards their overall match score.
5.4.3. - In the event that an equal amount of enemy towers are destroyed (or no
towers are destroyed), the game is considered a draw and no win is awarded to
either player for that game.
5.4.4. - The first player to win 2 games in the best-of-three series is declared the winner of the match.
5.4.5. - If after three games neither player receives 2 wins, or if the first two consecutive matches in a series are draws, a final game is immediately played with Tiebreaker Rules (Tiebreaker Rules).
5.4.6. - The winner of the final game played with Tiebreaker Rules is declared winner of the match

5.5.1. - When a game is played with Tiebreaker Rules, the player who destroys the
greatest amount of their enemy towers is awarded the win.
5.5.2. - At the end of the game, in the event that an equal amount of enemy towers are destroyed (or no towers are destroyed), the player with the lowest health on any of the individual remaining towers will lose the match, and their opponent will be awarded the win.
5.5.3. - Only the status of the lowest-health individual tower is considered, not the cumulative health across all of a player’s towers.

5.6.1. - Before the first game of a match, both players will be able to
declare one card banned, resulting in up to 2 cards banned.
5.6.2. - Neither player will be informed of the card their opponent has banned until after they have decided which card they will ban.
5.6.3. - If both players choose the same card to ban, only one card will be banned for the remainder of the match, instead of two cards.
5.6.4. - Players will inform a tournament admin of the card they will ban in advance of the first game of a scheduled match. Once confirmed privately, the tournament
admin will then inform both players of the cards that have been banned, and they
will be able to prepare their deck for their first game.
5.6.5 - After the initial banning phase, no more cards will be banned for the remainder of the match. The banned cards will remain banned for the remainder of the match, including during any matches played with BEST OF 3 FORMAT - TIE-BREAKER RULES.
5.6.6. - Players may not play any of their scheduled games with a
deck containing any card that has been banned by either player at the beginning
of the match, whether the player in question has used the banned card or not
used the card during actual gameplay.
5.6.7. - If a deck is played with a banned card and is not discovered until the match is complete, that player will lose the match, regardless of previously recorded results. If the deck is played with a banned card and it is discovered before the match is complete, the game where the banned deck was used will become a loss for the player in violation of this rule.

5.7.1. - Players may not be assisted by any other party during their matches. Sharing accounts during the tournament is strictly forbidden.
5.7.2. - The player who enters the tournament must remain the sole controller of
their account throughout all tournament gameplay.
5.7.3. - Collusion is strictly forbidden. Players may not be coached in any way while tournament gameplay is in progress.
5.7.4. - Competitors are not allowed to receive anyoutside messages related to tournament gameplay from another party while they are playing.
5.7.5. - Players may not spectate their matches from another device during any of their scheduled tournament matches.

5.8.1. - Players must leave their current clan before they can request to join the
tournament clan.
5.8.2. - Players can begin joining clans 15 minutes before the
tournament start time.
5.8.3. - Players who do not join their clan within 30 minutes of the
tournament start time will not be allowed to participate.
5.8.4. - Players will be direction by tournament admins to leave and join certain clans as they advance through the tournament.
5.8.5. - Players must follow admin directions to advance through the tournament.

5.9.1. - The player on either the left or top side of their scheduled match should request a Friendly Battle within their clan.
5.9.2. - Requests should include the opposing player’s name in the message box. 5.9.3. - Players who accept matches outside of their scheduled games may be removed from the tournament at an admin’s discretion.

5.10.1 - Match results in this phase are reported by players.
5.10.2. - After each game, one player selects the winner in the moderate tab of their match.
5.10.3. - The other player will then choose to either confirm or dispute the game result.
5.10.4. - If one player disputes a game result, the opponent is given the opportunity to correct the score or further dispute it.
5.10.5. - If players are unable to resolve the dispute on their own, they can additionally select “Request a Moderator” to call for admin assistance.
5.10.6. - Admins will review the match results. If both players agree that the wrong score was inputted, the Admin will change it to reflect the correct score.
5.10.7. - If both players disagree about the score, players are required to upload a screenshot of the match result.
5.10.8. - This can be done by clicking the “View/Upload Images” button
under the relevant game.
5.10.9. - Admins will then declare the winner based on the screenshot evidence.
5.10.10. - Players who consistently report the incorrect score, whether intentionally or unintentionally, may be subject to disqualification at the Admin’s discretion.
5.10.11. - Players who tamper with their match result screenshots will be disqualified after careful review of the evidence.


GCDL / Re: GCDL Season 12 Draw & Schedule
« on: January 30, 2018, 05:59:02 pm »
The schedule has been updated and included in the first post. A list of tournament staff will be posted shortly along with the team profile list.

GCDL / Re: GCDL Season 12 [February 2018] - Registrations Now Open!
« on: January 29, 2018, 02:12:33 am »
The draw will be out later today. Apologies on the date error.

Announcements / Re: Join the team that empowers eSports in Sri Lanka!
« on: January 26, 2018, 09:49:24 am »
Just wanted to know this since it's not mentioned. Does the applicants get paid to do their job once they are selected? Is this like a full time job?

Most of these positions are paid or have payment models that are specific to the position/work involved while some such as Forum Moderation is a volunteer-based operation. We are not looking for full time positions with any of these.

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