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Title: Onboard Graphics Issue
Post by: Aveendra on November 14, 2020, 12:40:26 pm
Hi guys my graphics card got busted recently so I'm just running the onboard for the time being. I'm a photographer so I'm using photoshop Lightroom and denoise. This issue doesn't occur when using Lightroom but photoshop and denoise. the screen just go blank and comes back after two or three seconds (screen doesn't go to sleep mode green led light stays on) and there is like weird lines appears (like there's a loose connection in HDMI but I'm sure there is nothing like that because it should appear when not using those softwares I mentioned) and those weird lines and blank screens doesn't appear when I stop/close those softwares. What do you'll think the problem is? Could it be a driver issue or hardware issue? Please help Thanks a lot!!!